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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is an exciting time for children to dress up in fun costumes with friends and go trick-or-treating but it can be very stressful for parents. With so many people out in public to celebrate the holiday, there is potential for unfortunate accidents and events to occur. Help make your children’s Halloween experience fun and stress free with these safety tips!

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.23.17 AM

Credit: TheFind, Growing a Green Family, Stun-ning Sales

-       Reflective Tape: Neighborhood sidewalks tend to get busy with so many trick-or-treaters walking from door to door. Choosing costumes that are bright and reflective will help keep your children visible to vehicles. Reflective tape is a good option for children who may not be dressed in bright costumes. Applying a piece to their costume will make them easy to spot from the road.

-       Flashlights: As the night gets darker, it may be difficult to keep a close eye on your kids. Make sure to bring a flashlight to help guide your path. Provide your children with flashlights too so if they get lost they can still lead themselves. Flashlights will definitely help everyone trick or treat safely.

-       Face Paint/Make-Up: Substituting a facemask with face paint or make-up is a great option for everyone as masks can block your child’s peripheral vision. Using these products is a great alternative to a mask and will not impede their vision.

This Week on TheFind Blog: Do It Yourself Costumes for Children, The Latest Fit Wear, How to Shop TheFind for Eco-Friendly Beauty Products and DIY Mason Jar Projects

  • posted September 28th, 2014
  • Fashion

Didn’t get a chance to read TheFind blogs this week? Catch up on what you missed here:

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.43.21 AM (2)

Credit: Coolest Homemade Costumes, eWeek, TheFind Mobile App

-       Easy Halloween Costumes: Shopping for Halloween on a budget can be tricky, especially if you have multiple children. Get creative and craft easy to do Halloween costumes. Crafting costumes is great because you can customize pieces to exactly fit your child’s size.

-       Fit Wear: With so many technological innovations being made, picking certain gadgets can be difficult because there are so many in each category to pick from. Check out the latest fit wear on the market and see which features best suit your needs.

-       Eco-Friendly Beauty Products: Learn how to navigate TheFind and narrow down your search categories when shopping for eco-friendly beauty products.

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Credit: Wedgewood Banquet, Texas Farmer’s Daughter

 -       DIY Mason Jar Projects: Mason jars are super trendy in home décor. Check out these different crafting projects to transform mason jars into great decoration pieces for your home or catered for themed events.

DIY Mason Jar Projects

  • posted September 27th, 2014
  • Home

Mason jars have become a super trendy home décor item. From rustic to super chic, there are so many different themes that they can be catered to. Here are some do-it-yourself crafting projects you can use mason jars for.

 Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.05.51 AM

Credit: Wedgewood Banquet, Texas Farmer’s Daughter

- Vases: Mason jars can be easily transformed into vases. You can keep them clear and dress them up with vibrant ribbons and flowers or paint them any color you’d like. There is so much room to play with colors. Since mason jars are clear, you can pretty much design them in any way to match different themes of rooms or events.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.06.12 AM

Credit: Green Moxie

-       Beverages: There are many ways that mason jars can be used for beverages. You can purchase some chalk paint from a local craft or paint store and paint one side of the jar. Tie ribbon or any kind of string around the top of the jar and securing a piece of chalk with it allows people to write their names on the jar. Also, you can make or order vinyl stickers and label jars to make them look customized for the owner of the mug.  You can choose to use a lid and poke a hole in it for a straw, which is great for spills, or to leave the lid off.

 Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.06.36 AM

Credit: All Women Stalk, Etsy

- Lights: Transforming mason jars into lights is a very popular crafting project. From candles to bulbs, you can craft them to place indoors or outdoors. Adding items like lace or spray-painting designs are creative ways to add stencil features that make light shine in different ways.

For more ideas on mason jar projects, check out DIY Ready.

How I Got 50% off My Kid’s Halloween Costume

  • posted September 26th, 2014
  • Fashion

Welcome to our first of a new blog series to show how our app can be applicable to both everyday and special occasion shopping. TheFind’s Head of Marketing, Francie Strong, recently used TheFind to look for her daughter’s Halloween costume and was really happy with the results! Read on:

“The annual tradition of scouring Halloween catalogs and websites to find just the right costume is upon us. My daughter is in 4th grade – this is the year that we’ve gone from cute costumes to “something scary.”

After ruling out “tween” costumes that are so skimpy that they “wouldn’t keep her warm” (at least that’s the story I’m sticking to), we finally found something that will work. My sweet daughter wants to be the Grim Reaper for Halloween…sigh.

So we began our search for a costume and found the perfect one for $44.99, plus tax and shipping…ouch!

Full disclosure: I work for TheFind so I already knew I could find a better deal. However, I was blown away that I could end up saving 50%! This inspired me to share how to do this with other parents facing the same challenge.

Here’s how I did it:

Step 1:

My daughter paged through some Halloween catalogs to get inspired.  Enter the Grim Reaper at $44.99, plus tax and shipping. She had to have it! So I knew my next step would be to go to TheFind to comparison shop, because I knew they would have every costume that is available online, seriously.  And you can always find the best deal on any item.

Step 2:

I went to the actual website: Note: I could have used the iPad app or mobile app just as easily, my laptop was just close by. I searched for “Miss Reaper Tween Costume” and clicked on the filters for “Coupons” and “Shipping Deals.” I found 34 options at 22 stores for the exact costume I was looking for. Yay!


Step 3:

Once I found a store that I trusted that had also had great price, I clicked on the coupons tab on TheFind for that product to see if I could do even better. Yes, I could.



Step 4:

I just clicked through to the store from TheFind, picked the coupon that gets me the best deal (it works!) and then noticed that this site was a ShopRunner site (I get this free with my Amex card), which gives me free 2-day shipping and returns.

There it is.

blog post image with logo


The exact costume for 50% of what I would have paid had I gotten it (with 2-day shipping) from the original site.

Follow these steps and you could luck out like me – Happy Halloween shopping!”

If you have a similar shopping success story, let us know on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear about it!

How to Shop TheFind for Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Shopping for eco-friendly beauty products can be tricky sometimes. There are so many different types of beauty products on the market which makes it difficult to find what you are looking for. Here are some tips on how to navigate TheFind for purchasing your beauty products.

thefind_Web Logo Assets_color_RGB_logo_webpagecomp

TheFind mobile app is a very useful tool when shopping for products, especially on the go. You can download it from the app store onto your smart phone and then create an account. Since there is such a wide variety of eco-friendly products, it helps to narrow down your search by thinking of what type of beauty product you are searching for. For example, when typing “eco-friendly beauty products” into the search bar at the top of the screen, the page loads and offers you to choose from: Walls, Bath Brushes, Loofahs and Mitts, Air Freshener Sprays, Liquid Hand Soap and Computers. Searching for the term “eco-friendly beauty products” clearly allows too broad of a spectrum to look through. Therefore, it helps to think about more specific types of products.


We will use the image below as our shopping example for makeup products. Within makeup there are also numerous categories of items: eye shadow, foundation, brushes, lipstick, etc. It is important to identify which category you are interested in. At the top of the screen, type in “eco-friendly makeup brushes” to better specify your item. By doing so, you will be able to eliminate other categories and find only makeup brushes.


Whether it be makeup, hair care or skin care, identifying what categories you can narrow down in each type of product can help you find what you are looking for much quicker. Specifying categories like shampoo, eye shadow, face wash or moisturizer are some tips to help you pinpoint good search terms to type into the search bar. As usual, using TheFind location feature will allow you to shop at nearby stores and in an eco-friendly manner.

Halloween 2014 Q&A:’s Kimberly Vetrano

There’s no better way to celebrate the beginning of fall than talking about everyone’s favorite spooky holiday. That’s right, we got in touch with Kimberly from SheScribes to bring you more advice on what to expect this Halloween. Check it out!


What costumes do you anticipate will be trendy this Halloween?

- Anything and everything related to Disney’s Frozen, especially Elsa and Ana. I would love to see an Olaf costume.

What are some of the ideas on your kids’ Halloween costume list?

- Sadly my 15 year old son doesn’t have any interest in Halloween this year. My 17 year old daughter is still trying to decide what she wants to wear. As a senior in high school this year they are allowed the wear costumes to school (the 9th, 10th and 11th graders are not allowed to wear costumes to school – only the seniors). She was toying with the idea of a Police Officer.

What suggestions do you have for parents shopping for hard-to-find items?

- Get creative. See if you can make the item yourself rather than drive yourself crazy going all over town looking for it. Making the items yourself is also a fun activity you can do with your family.

One year my son went Trick-or-Treating as a dog. I wanted him to have a Trick-or-Treat bag that looked like dog food or dog treats. I couldn’t find anything so I made one. I took a large box of dog biscuits and glued a tote bag inside the box so that all you saw were the handles. It was the perfect accessory for his adorable costume and people gave me a lot of compliments for my creativity.

How early should parents start shopping / looking for costume additions for their kids? How late can they wait?

- We would start asking our kids when they went back to school in September what they wanted to be for Halloween – or what ideas they had – this way would could start looking around for a costume and/or have plenty of time to make it (or the accessories). I would recommend getting started as soon as you can and give yourself a few weeks, unless it’s a costume that is readily available every Halloween like a witch, Fireman or Policeman. Don’t wait too long for popular costumes because they might sell out.  The very latest we’d go costume shopping would be two weeks before Halloween.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for saving money on Halloween costumes?

- If we had Halloween costumes that were in great condition after Halloween we would hold on to them for younger siblings or we’d trade old costumes with family and friends, that way no one had to spend a dime on a new costume.

I think it’s a lot of fun to create your own costume. You can re-purpose items from around your home. If you can sew (or know someone who can) even better! Why spend upwards of $50+ for a costume that will be worn for just a few hours when you can make your own costumes with items you already have for free or just a few dollars.There

Do you have any tips for parents who are chaperoning older kids while trick or treating?

- Always have your child go Trick-or-Treating with a large group of children.

- Depending on the age of the child/children there should be an adult chaperone – even if it’s an older sibling – who follows closely behind but without being a part of the group.

- Make sure the costumes are safe to wear (the child can easily see and won’t trip) and is wearing reflective tape and carrying a flashlight.

- Set ground rules and go over safety rules such as don’t eat any candy until an adult inspects it, look both ways before crossing the road, if they feel uncomfortable in a situation to run and get help…

- Have the child check in with you via a phone call or text.

- Know what roads or neighborhoods the child is going to and make sure they stick to those areas.

Any tips for parents who have very young trick or treaters?

- Don’t overdo it with little ones. They tire easily and the whole idea of Trick-or-Treating can be overwhelming.

- For the very young (toddler) I would recommend only a few houses – ideally neighbors or people they know so they are not scared by strangers. Not only that, toddlers don’t really need a lot of candy.

-  Go Trick-or-Treating early in the evening when it’s still light outside with little ones. As it gets dark the older children with scary costumes come out and that could frighten little ones.

- Make sure young children are well rested and well fed before heading out. A tired and/or hungry Trick-or-Treater can ruin an evening.

- If the young child is able to comprehend it I would explain to them what Trick-or-Treating is all about so that they are not scared.

- Allow your child to help you give out candy to other Trick-or-Treaters when they come to your door. Let your child remain in his/her costume too.

-  Stay away from houses that are decorated in a scary way or if there is a possibility of someone dressed in a scary costume to pop out at them. We had that happen not once but twice over the years where someone dressed up in a scary way jumped out at my kids. I think that might be why our son was never overly keen about going out Trick-or-Treating.

Do you have safety tips (any and all) for parents / trick or treaters?

- Make sure children (young and old) go Trick-or-Treating in known neighborhoods.

- Make sure the neighborhood is well lit (street lights) if not make sure your child has a flashlight and is wearing reflective tape.

- Don’t let little ones go Trick-or-Treating by themselves. They should have an adult chaperone at all times.

- Older children should go Trick-or-Treating in large groups.

- Always abide by the traffic rules and look both ways when crossing the street.

-  Make sure your child’s vision is not compromised in the costume and that that the can walk freely without anything dangling down that could trip them.

- Give older children a curfew and have them check in with you regularly via a phone call or text. Ask the older child to let you know what streets/neighborhoods they plan on visiting.

- Inspect ALL candy before allowing your child to eat it.

- Make sure your child knows to NEVER go inside someone’s home to get candy.  Sometimes people make you wait for candy because they are not prepared. If that is the case WAIT OUTSIDE. Do not wait inside the house even if the person tells you to.

-  Don’t let children have sharp or dangerous items as costume accessories to avoid accidents.


Kimberly and her family, along with her “mini-zoo,” reside in the suburbs of New York City. On her blog, She Scribes, she loves to cover a variety of topics. Her tag line is “A little bit of this, a little bit of that.” When she’s not blogging Kimberly can usually be found spending time with her family, watching movies or simply hanging out at a local park. For more updates from Kimberly, follow her on TwitterInstagram or Pinterest or like She Scribes on Facebook.


The Latest Fit Wear

Fitness trackers have emerged as the new trendy tech gadgets. Companies like Nike, Samsung, Fitbit and Jawbone are all competing to develop innovative tools for tracking activities. Now, devices are not only tracking your fitness but also many other components of your activity throughout the day. Here are a few fitness-tracking wearables featured on eWeek.

 Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.40.23 PM

Credit: eWeek

-       Jawbone Up: The Jawbone Up is a stylish bracelet that comes in many colors. It measures distance traveled, sleep quality and has many other features as well. There are two versions. The first one sells for $80 and allows you to retrieve your fitness information that has been logged onto the bracelet by plugging it into the computer. The other version sells for $150 because instead of connecting it to your computer, the bracelet connects via Blluetooth.

-       Samsung Gear Fit: Unlike the Jawbone Up, the Samsung Gear Fit displays tracking information on your wristband. It is also water-resistant, which is very beneficial to swimmers. Connected to a Samsung handset, the Gear Fit allows users to access notifications like text messages and calendar updates.

-       Moto 360: For individuals who are not as serious about tracking their every move, the Moto 360 is a great alternative to fitness trackers. Its design is geared more toward style with its watch appearance and function. However, the Moto 360 still provides fitness tracking with a pedometer and optical heart rate monitor. You can track your activity through health apps built onto Android Wear.

DripDrop: Hydration for Fall Sports

Credit: Metamorfit

Credit: Metamorfit

Fall sports practices have already started which means kids are practicing in full heat of summer.  They probably need something a little more powerful than water to stay hydrated. DripDrop is a medical grade hydration powder that delivers 2-3 times the electrolytes of typical sports drinks and 25% more than pediatric products made for hydration during illness in kids.  DripDrop’s patented clinical formula was designed to treat and prevent dehydration from illness or strenuous physical activities and is currently being used by leading hospitals, physicians and even US Special Forces! It comes in a box of 4 packets that are pre-measured to add to a standard 16.9 oz bottle of water to make one serving.  It is available in natural Berry and Lemon flavors and retails for about $10 a box.  Make sure your kids are staying hydrated out there in the heat!


Do It Yourself Costumes for Children

Halloween costumes can be pretty expensive to buy for parents, especially if you have multiple children. Many parents have resorted to crafting one of-a-kind costumes to avoid the financial burden. This is an innovative and affordable way to make sure kids are able to celebrate Halloween to the fullest! Here are some costume ideas from Winston View that you can make yourself with simple supplies, which you probably already have lying around your home.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.35.52 AM

Credit: Costume Works, Coolest Homemade Costumes, Pinterest

-       Jelly Belly Beans: With a clear trash bag and assorted balloons, you can turn your child into a bag of Jelly Belly beans.  Simply cut holes for their head, arms, legs, fill the bag with colored balloons, then tie the bag closed at the top. Last, print out a Jelly Belly logo on regular printer paper and tape it to the front of the bag.

-       Frankenstein: If your kids want to be Frankenstein, you can use a gallon milk jug container to craft a boxy head. You can find instructions on how to cut the milk jug from Coolest Homemade Costumes. Make sure to paint their faces with washable green paint and then dress them up in torn up clothes.

-       Barbie Doll: Turn your child into a Barbie doll with a large cardboard box and some paint. Cut out a square in the front of the cardboard box then paint it pink. You can print out a “Barbie” logo and any other images that you would like to glue onto the exterior of the box. Dress your child up in any doll themed outfit they want and then slip the box over them.

This Week on TheFind Blog: Teaching Kids About Money, Get Started on Your Spooky Halloween Decorations, Fall Shoe Trends and Celebrating Rosh Hashanah

  • posted September 21st, 2014
  • TheFind

Did you miss TheFind blog posts this week? Don’t worry, you can catch up on everything here:

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.40.22 AM

Credit: The Stir, NBC News, HD Fashion Style, About Religion

-       Teaching Kids About Money: Getting children to understand different aspects of money is not easy. Many parents find it difficult to explain that money has value, it has to be earned, and it should not be taken advantage of. Here are some tips that will help you teach kids about the concept of money.

-       Halloween Gadgets: Holidays always bring out decorating contests amongst neighbors. Make your home the spookiest one on the street with these terrifying gadgets!

-       Fall Footwear: Boot season is here! Good thing there are so many casual and dressy styles to pick from so you’re not stuck wearing one pair for all your different outfits.

Rosh Hashanah: Celebrate Rosh Hashanah with a nice dinner party. These table decorations will make your food presentation a success.

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