1. I believe in Make A Wish. My 16 year old cousin, Deanna Wallin, was granted her wish to meet Johnny Depp before she died of cancer. She and her Mother went to Vancouver where he was filming 21 Jump Street. It meant the world to her. I think Make A Wish is a wonderful organization that gives children and their families hope and joy.
    If I won the $100 gift card, I would use the money to buy Christmas gifts for my niece & nephew. I have no children of my own. I’m a single disabled lady, age 52, barely making ends meet on Social Security Disability. I’m in a financial situation where I have to decide between my prescriptions and food. I have no money to spend on Christmas gifts.
    There is a saying ♥ ♡ ♥ If you have much, give of your wealth, If you have little, give of your heart ♥ ♡ ♥ I’ll be giving from my ♡ heart ♡ this Christmas.
    If I were to receive your gift card, it would make my Christmas to be able to buy a few gifts for the children I love so much. They’ve had a tough year too.

  2. Amber

    I became a fan on Facebook (Amber Hodge). This would be amazing to win, lots of fantastic goodies. I adore Macy’s. It’s a store that will always remind me of Christmas. As a kid, I loved the movie Miracle on 34th Street, and Macy’s played a big part in that film. I also love that Macy’s is involved with helping and giving back, makes me want to shop there even more. With this $100 I would buy my mom a nice cashmere sweater, then go to the MAC cosmetic counter in Macy’s and pick up some makeup for my sister. Why do I believe in the magic of the holiday? I can just feel it all around me. It’s the time of year when I notice how much everyone helps one another, it’s a warm time for loving and caring and taking care of each other. So many dreams and wishes are made during the holidays, it just always feels so magical. Thanks!!

  3. Nadine L

    I am a fan on FB (eyzofblu63) and I believe because I see what the holidays do for people. They become more caring, more giving and more loving during the holidays. I would buy my niece the Trilogi Baby Girl Wool Coat with Leopard-Print Faux Fur Trim and the First Impressions Baby Girl Cheetah Shoes with Bow.

  4. Apple

    Hi, I’m a fan in FB! I believe because it’s such a happy feeling to have hope in my life, with other people and in this world. :) Estee Lauder Holiday Brush Set is definitely in my list!


    I became a Facebook fan. I believe in helping others I feel so bad about the homeless having to live out in this very cold weather if I won I would use it to buy either warm clothes or blankets for the homeless.I believe there is good in people because people have helped my family when we needed it.

  6. Carol

    I am now a Facebook fan Carol P Dziuba and I believe I would buy warm pajamas and slippers for myself and for my kids.

  7. anna

    I am your fan on FB and I believe that the best will happen to everyone who tries hard enough! That thought keeps me going :)
    I would love to spend 100$ at Macy’s Chanel counter- i need a new perfume!

  8. Peter

    I am a fan on Facebook. I would buy towels to replace my worn out ones. Hoping everyone has a great Holiday season.

  9. Anne G

    I am a facebook fan (Anne Jolly). If I won I’d use the card to get something special for me, probably new boots.

  10. Cristina

    I’m a fan on FB! What a great site!

    I believe because I haven’t found a good enough reason not too! :) We need to take the time to stop and think about our responsibilities to others and the holidays are the perfect time for this much-needed self-reflection. Life is short but beautiful. We need to make the most of it for ourselves and for others.

    If I won the giftcard, I would probably finish up/pay for my holiday shopping and maybe get a small thing for myself to remind me how wonderful this website is, giving for the sake of giving!

    Thanks so much for this great giveaway! Good luck to everyone! And Happy Holidays from me to you!! :)

  11. Kimberly B.

    I’m a fan on Facebook
    I believe because there are so many ways that I see people helping each other and being there for others. I see it in my children’s eyes as they marvel at all the season has to offer.
    If I won, I would use the gift card to get a warm coat and hat.
    It’s cold here.

  12. Margaret Smith

    I believe because I see that there are many kind people out there, willing to lend a hand in many ways. Though you often hear the bad about people, it is seldom that you hear people talk about the good. I have seen, through working at my church, many people donating food and clothing to those less needy, especially with the economy the way it is right now. I have seen people give their time to help do fall cleanup at an elderly ladies home. I’ve seen school children, trying to raise money and supplies for those less needy.
    Yes I do believe. I believe in the hope that other people can give to us.
    Thanks so much.

  13. AutumH

    I Believe because everything is so much more magical when you do,so much more tangible and enjoyable! I Believe because I can see the joy that shines in my children’s faces because they do as well! I Believe because if I didn’t then my world would be a smaller and sadder place for not doing so.
    If I won I would put the gift certificate towards purchasing the Hotel Collection Windows Duvet Cover. It would be nice to have some pretty bedding for once.

  14. Deb Anderson

    I’m a fan on facebook. I believe! I’ve seen with my own eyes how the human spirit of love and generosity knows no bounds. I am constantly inspired to be a better person by the shining examples I see everyday. Yes, there is bad in this world, but there is also GOOD, and all we have to do is open our eyes and hearts to see it. And BELIEVE!

    My niece just had a baby, so I know she could use many things. This would be a great gift for her!!

  15. Tiffany

    I’m already a fan (: I believe because it keeps my heart strong and full of peace. If I win the giftcard, I would get my mom and sister something extra special.

  16. Annette D

    I became a Fan on FB (Annette Bischer Doggett). I believe in miracles, the power of prayer, positive thinking and hard work.
    I also believe in a higher power, family, friends and love.

  17. I believe because of God. He’s given me strength & blessed me with a supportive & loving family. Because of him, I believe there is good in everyone. I’m not super religious, but I believe in God & I believe he is the reason why I believe. I’ve learned that no matter how hard the obstacles are that come your way, you can always prevail.

    With the $100 gift card, I will purchase new clothes, shoes & bags. Maybe even some makeup. It all depends on how much everything I like is. Thanks for the chance! :D

  18. Pat

    I believe in the goodness of some people who contribute to the welfare of other people and
    animals. Thank you for the contest. Happy holidays.

  19. Stephanie V.

    I believe every time my little boy hugs and kisses me and tells me he loves me. Wasn’t sure I would find love and be able to have a child and my personal miracle is in front of me everyday.
    Would buy some new bras and clothes. Stopped breastfeeding and my old bras are too big. They forget to tell you about this fact . . .
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  20. Anne Taylor

    I’m a Facebook Fan (Anne Taylor or annectaylor1) and I BELIEVE. My mom passed away on late October; she was very good to people in need and I would use this card to help others; be it towels, sheets, blankets, gloves etc.!

    (in Canada)

  21. Vittoria Vignone

    I believe because I see what faith can do. It moves people to accomplish things that otherwise would seem impossible. It’s only when we help each other that we can move forward; success that excludes others is unfulfilling in the end. I was just in Macy’s and I saw a mother helping two little girls write “Believe” letters so they could “help other people have a Merry Christmas” as she explained to them. The sight of it made me tear up!

    I’m a Facebook fan! If I won, I’d use the money for holiday presents. My mother and boyfriend love Macy products…and I really don’t need another pair of shoes. Spending it on them would be a much better idea!


  22. Amber Gibson

    I am a Facebook fan and I believe because if we don’t believe we have no hope! The holidays always make me hopeful :) I would spend this gift card on a nice scarf for myself and maybe some nice new jeans.

  23. Abby

    I always buy my daughter’s Christmas dresses in January for the next year so would love to pick those up.

    I believe b/c the magic of this season is such a wonderful promise of things to come!

  24. Jessie C.

    I’m a Facebook fan@tcarolinep JessieKatie S.
    I believe because it gives people hope and happiness. I believe in giving back and sharing whenever possible. I would use the $100 gift card for getting a wedding gift to my sister in law.

  25. i believe because i LOVE christmas, and i would use this for a christmas present fooorrr.. i’m not sure yet:) I fanned you on fb ( courtney bella)

  26. Kristin H.

    I believe….last Christmas, we got the gift of a lifetime. Just 1 week after Christmas, on New Years Day, my son Gavin was born. He was 6 weeks early and had undeveloped lungs. The community hospital we had him at could not support his needs there so he had to be transported to the University hospital down town. After 18 days of intensive care in their NICU department, my son came home perfectly healthy. We are now in the process of planning his first birthday party! God is truly good! If I won this gift, I would use it to buy my son special gifts for his birthday :-)

  27. I need a new winter jacket. I live in MN so a good warm jacket gets used a lot and doesn’t last that long. I could use a replacement!

    And I’m a FB fan: Cori Eckstrom Westphal

  28. Jess D

    Just became a fan on facebook. This semester my parents allowed me to accept an unpaid internship instead of a paying job. It put a lot of strain on my family financially but my mom knew it was an amazing opportunity for me. It has also made it harder to buy gifts for my family this season. If I won this gift card, I would use it to buy my mother something really nice for christmas like she deserves. Christmas time is a time of hope!

  29. I am a Facebook fan and I Believe! There is so much good in the world and the good spirits ,the magic come to full bloom during the Holidays. So many people are generous,giving and loving . I know I feel the magic of the season and I want to do my part of giving to those that need a helping hand. Its so important!
    I would use this gift card to get a few items for my family and get some toys for children that are needing them under the Christmas tree ,Christmas morning. Share and spread goodwill.
    Thanks and Happy Holidays

  30. I am now a fan on facebook (David Leavitt).

    I believe anything is possible, because I personally went through DSS (foster care) and was lucky enough to end up with an amazing father – and go to college.

    I would use the gift card to buy presents for my family

  31. Cindy Miller

    I believe because I always have hope in my heart.
    Giving to others and feeling that special gift of giving, I always do my part.
    Believing as I see the smile on a child’s face and the excitement as they are filled with glee.
    Believing in Santa is how life was meant to be.
    Wishing and hoping is the key.
    Making lists and baking cookies and hanging up stockings and sitting on his knee.
    The screams of happiness as they glance around the Christmas tree.
    Seeing the cookies eaten and milk gone is so magical we all agree.
    Finding the sparkles of reindeer glitter in the grass makes everyone happy.
    The surprises of life bring such joy.
    On the faces of a young girl and boy.
    Believing is the only way.
    At least one a year, every adult can be a child and believe and pray.
    Focusing on the magic of childhood and not the hard times of life during the holidays.
    Waiting and watching on Christmas Eve.
    That is the way to live by hoping and dreaming and believing.

  32. allyson AYALA

    make a wish is a great organization..i donate every month, i hate it when they ask me to choose where my donation to you…they all need a special wish

  33. Deanna G.

    I believe because I know that the holidays are magical times, I see all the wonderful things that happen! :) I’m a Facebook fan and I’d use the giftcard to buy some new clothes!

  34. I’m a fan on facebook (K. Kondek)! I BELIEVE because I see amazing and terrible things everyday where I work… I work in a court system and see the worst of the worst people come in day in and day out, often skating by through the system unfortunately. It’s heartbreaking. What makes me BELIEVE? The amazing things I see… parents taking amazing care of their children, people registering for marriage licenses, new mom’s getting birth certificates for their babies, and adoption ceremonies. This is why I BELIEVE!

  35. I think this is an amazing organization. My dad was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and I can only imagine if my child would have. I think it changes life and gives hope to people who need it. I would buy my mom and dad something with it. thx. fb fan. amy bolda pugmire

  36. Pat

    There’s a Macy’s near my house. When I have to shop I go there for fair prices and good
    merchandise. Thanks for the contest. Happy holidays.

  37. If we didn’t believe what else would we have. As crazy as our World has gotten over the years we can’t give up hope or our faith. We have to keep believing regardless of the bad if more people believed, I don’t think things would have gotten this bad.

    If I win I would get me some kinda eye cream cause momma’s looking old and tired then I would take my boys and let them pick out gifts to give to the homeless. I want them to realize this is the season for giving not recieving and that there are much less fortunate children out there. We aren’t rich or even close but, some don’t have anything and I think children these days need to witness that first hand and maybe they would appreciate things more.

    misty_labean yahoo com

  38. Sherly

    Fan on Facebook and I believe because there are good people everywhere that keep the world going! I would probably spend the giftcard on my friends and family.

  39. I know there is a God…he put his arm around me (making me feel warm and secure) after getting the words”you have “breast cancer at 38 yeas old with no childen yet ”
    You cant ever give up on fsith,loe and believing in the greatness in this worl(like santa,the easter bunny,and the geat pumpkin,,,,we ALL know those public figures and thats becouse tey really ARE real!.Just as the lord has held me in his arms though this past year…when i needed him most,Thank you God,I love you! Colleen

  40. tracy davis

    Hi, I’m a fan in FB! I believe because it’s such a happy feeling to have hope in my life, with other people and in this world. Estee Lauder Holiday Brush Set is definitely in my list

  41. Michelle C

    I believe in the generosity of Christmas. I am a single mom of four children and every year God has came through and provided for us!!! I never ask for things for myself, but if I got the giftcard, I would buy myself Chanel No5. That was my signature scent when I was unmarried.

  42. barbara wright

    Every time I spend a long time coming up with the perfect present for someone and I see their face light up when they open it, I believe!

    I’d let my daughter loose in Macy’s Juniors department if I won the $100!

  43. Cynthia C

    I’m now a Facebook fan. I would use this to get some new jeans which I need badly. Thanks for the chance.

  44. Deb Armus

    I love doing random acts of kindness for people in the mall. It’s nice to see them smile when they were stressed out. I would love to use the gift card in the housewares department. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  45. Jennifer B.

    Yes, I believe that kindness and love go a looong way, because sometimes thats all you need to give to somoene and turn their life around.
    I would use the gc for a mother daughter shopping day. Something we haven’t been able to do much of.

  46. Lisa S

    I believe because I see the good people do all year round, not just on Christmas. And I would use the $100 to buy a nice gift for myself and my boyfriend, since we decided to save money by not exchanging gifts this year!

  47. Amanda

    I’m a fan on Facebook and have been for some time. I believe that giving is more important than receiving during the holidays. A gift certificate to Macy’s could really help out!

  48. Tamara B.

    I am a fan on Facebook
    I believe because I wouldn’t be able to accomplish Christmas every year without a miracle.

  49. Tamara B.

    I am a Facebook Fan.
    I believe or I wouldn’t be able to accomplish Christmas every year without a miracle. I would buy some pjs for the children and a fluffy throw for myself.

  50. Sorry, I left out what I would use it on.

    Facebook fan. I believe that all things are possible if you set your mind to it. And I’d take my teens on a shopping spree, at Macy’s, if I win! :)

  51. Cindy Merrill

    the J Kara Dress, Scoop Neck Beaded Long Chiffon: in Chocolate looks stunning, but I think I’d buy Scarf, Hat and glove sets for my 7 Grandkids.

  52. Letessha

    I believe because if I didn’t my kids wouldn’t be happy. I would get Dolce & Gabbana the One Deluxe Gift Set if I were to win.

  53. Jennifer Lachman

    I beleive that Christmas is the one day that no one is allowed to be grumpy. I would use the gift card to get something from the new dior fragrance.

  54. Heather

    I believe in opening our hearts to others during the holiday season, even if their beliefs differ from ours.

    As for the gift card, I’d probably use it to hit up Macy’s legendary shoe department!

  55. Aimee W.

    I am a Facebook fan of your site (Aimee Waerhouse).
    I still believe because we can find evidence of miracles every single day. You just have to keep your eyes open and look for them! If I won this giveaway, I would likely buy a new winter coat. Thanks so much!

  56. stephanie fuller

    I believe because I feel like it’s a part of having faith. I’d use the money to buy something nice for my mom.

  57. Alicia

    I believe. This time of year most peoples’ behavior and attitude take a turn for the better. I would use the gift card towards a new winter coat.

  58. Chelsey

    I became a fan on facebook, username is Chelsey Burke.

    I believe because no matter how much money you have you can make christmas come alive. It’s not all about presents!

  59. karol

    I believe in no school, of people being a little more charitable and less selfish. I believe in people’s kindness during the holiday’s..

    I’d actually use the gift towards my mother’s Christmas gift. Im on a student’s salary and really don’t have the means of giving my mom anything nice. I’d really love to surprise her with her favorite cologne or maybe jewelry in pearl or ruby (her favorites)

  60. gala2

    I believe that in difficult years like this has been for everyone that something as communal as a Christmas holiday we can all share together by celebrating something simple and timeless is so important.
    There is a reason a holiday like this has always been celebrated during the darkest time of the year.

  61. I believe because of the looks on my kids’ faces when they see what Santa brought. I imagine the looks on other people’s faces when they see what I helped give them. I believe because I feel it in the air this time of year… giving!!
    I’m a fan on facebook! Shiela H.
    I would get my daughter a new coat!

  62. Andie Sorvig

    I believe there is a Santa Claus. He lives in every person that gives to someone that is in need. Santa should be in us all.

  63. Rose

    I believe that one person truly can make a difference.
    I would use the money for fun things for my kindergarten classroom and maybe some really warm gloves!

  64. Molly Capel

    I def believe, because when I believe, my kids do too. I would love to give this to my younger brother. He LOVES Macy’s.

  65. Tina Renee

    I believe in the spirit of Christmas – fellowship, kindness, compassion, generosity, thankfulness and fun, lots of fun!

    Without a doubt, I would use this gift card to buy my mom a
    watch! Thanks for the chance and thanks to Macy’s for this
    generous giveaway!!

    I am a Facebook fan – Tina Renee Barker

  66. Ken Robinson

    Because of Peter Pan I believe in fairies and the Cowardly Lion has me believing in spooks. I would give this card as a gift to my sister. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  67. Ken Robinson

    Because of Peter Pan I believe in fairies and the Cowardly Lion has me believing in spooks. I would give this card to my sister as a gift. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  68. I do believe it – though I was not believing these kinda offers – I used to take those as scam till I personally won $200 Walmart Gift Card from Muvicut.Co.CC few months back.

    It’s real – though there are some scams sites also – but this one is for Real.

  69. Benita G.

    I believe in the kindness of people. I’d buy my husband a great gift and donate the rest to my favorite charity. And I’d say thank you repeatedly.


  70. Ravzie

    I hate that we can no longer just say Merry Christmas or decorate for Christmas. The worst thing is that the children being denied the joys of Christmas at their schools. It’s ridiculous. PC has gone waaaay overboard. JMHO Thanks for the sweeps. I’d like to buy some new jeans and a jacket for my husband.

  71. reva skie

    I believe that people should show kindness and charity all year long, not to just be on their best behavior for Santa.

  72. Ashley

    I would probably be selfish and use the gift card for myself. I got into a tizzy and purged many things from my closet. Now I am in desperate need of some stuff that is stylish and dressier than the typical mom stuff that I currently have in my wardrobe.

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  73. Lucy Schwartz

    I believe that everyone has goodness in them and that people have a capacity to change their lives.

  74. Sandra K321

    I believe in helping others. I try to donate anything we have and can’t use to others who need it and I always choose a child from one of the local charities to buy presents for at Christmas. My sons both belong to the Leo Club which does community service work so they can start at an early age to realize people appreciate help. If I got the gift card I would use it to buy a new winter coat for my son.

  75. Gayle Morgan

    I believe that the holidays bring all people together and I would buy a new warm coat with the gift card.

  76. ann

    I believe because I have seen people struggle to survive first hand and pull through.

    With a $100 Macys card I would probably purchase some home supplies for a friend going through some financial hardships and had to move out of their foreclosed house.

  77. Bonnie C.

    I’m your facebook fan! :-)

    I believe the sacrifice that Jesus came to earth to give, and that He demonstrated to all of us how to be selfless and generous, and I think we all see that in people more this time of year than any other. :-)

    I’m not sure of the exact items I would use the Macy’s gift card for (I’m hoping there will some great post-Christmas sales and clearance) :-), but I know I would definitely not just use it on myself but also my parents and grandparents too! :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  78. Mimi the kitten

    I believe because God is so good, all the time. And, I would love to get a sweet surprise for my Mom at Macy’s.

  79. Kayte CookWatts

    I believe that every day is a potential celebration. I think the joy and fun of the holidays should be carried and cherished throughout the year. Because I believe in enjoying the best every day, I would use the gift card to replace all our bath towels with our absolute favorite Macy’s Hotel Suite bath towels!

  80. I am a fan on facebook un:codipayne
    I believe b/c my heart tells me to every year when I see the Christmas lights & it flutters.
    I would probably spend the $100 towards a new bedding collection. I need it.
    Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (at) gmail.com

  81. Hesper F

    I became a Facebook fan. I believe that God gave the most wonderful gift of all to us, His son Jesus. I would use my gift card to give gifts to my family.

  82. Kristie

    I believe because we have a Saviour who was born to save us and if I win the $100 GC I would buy my BF some desperately needed new clothes.

  83. Elkaye

    I believe Christmas is a way to help people remember to care for one another. If I were to win, I’d get a new Kipling bag.

    Facebook: Mia Fitzgerald

  84. Angela Gaffke

    I believe because every time things seem like they couldn’t get worse, my wonderful children make me feel like I am the luckiest person on earth. When I think that humanity has been lost, I hear a story of that warms my heart and restores my faith in people.

    I’m a facebook fan.

  85. Ellie W

    I believe that Christmas is a time of miracles and for seeing the best in your fellow man. I believe in the magic of Christmas..I see it shining in the eyes of my grandson as he exclaims over the beautiful lights and decorations.

  86. Megan Farmer

    I believe that Christmas is Magical. Everyone’s spirits seem to change when they think about Christmas. So I believe, its very magical.

  87. Holly

    I like that at Christmas we tend to think of others. I am glad that I have been able to find ways to bring Christmas cheer to others.

  88. Adele

    I believe in the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
    I would use the money for a sweater. Thanks for this offer.

  89. Adele

    (I don’t think my first comment got posted.)
    I believe in the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
    I would use the money to buy a sweater. Thanks for this offer.

  90. I’m a facebook fan (Amy B)
    I believe because it brings magic to the holidays as well as life in general. Without believing in magic and miracles and the good of mankind life can be a very blue sort of place. Believing brings a smile to life when you need it the most.
    If I won I would spend the $100 on an outfit to do my graduate school interview in!

  91. I would use the $100 gift card to treat myself to something that made me feel beautiful. I haven’t been letting go (it’s been a really hard year) and I am now realizing that I deserve to treat myself to luxury every once in a while.

  92. Letessha

    I’m a facebook fan/Letesshaw

    I believe because it makes people happy to give and to receive. I would buy Dolce & Gabbana the One Deluxe Gift Set.

  93. elizabeth

    I believe that when people are faced with hard times, people really band together and show the true spirit of Christmas. Hopefully we can make it last past Dec. 25. With the giftcard, I would buy something for our new son, Alex–a true blessing. We’ve had such a hard year, from my husband losing his job to medical issues, but his birth was the true bright spot of 2009.

  94. I’m a fan on Facebook!

    I believe in Santa! Every time I look into my childrens eyes and see the excitement at all the mystery and wonder of the season I can see Santa right there inside their hearts!

    If I was the lucky winner I would use the gift card to finish purchasing the clothing items I need for the birth of our new daughter like the Little Me Baby Girl 3 Piece Set.

    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  95. Erica best

    The holiday season toy or gifts, it is to believe in the true meaning of the Christmas season; the spirit of giving. I have been very bless to giving my family a nice christmas for the first time in my life. I would use the gc to macy to buy some hat and gloves for some kids have my church.

  96. Rose O.

    I believe that the world can be a better place and I hope I am around to see it. A gift card would help my family have a decent Christmas this year.

  97. I believe because it gets my daughter more exciting. If I was to win I would buy me a new outfit it has been years since I had anything nice to wear.

  98. Erin Walsh

    I believe that we always still have time to turn it around. We just need to want to.

    I will be buying some things for the house. Pillows, towels etc. Thanks!

  99. Vicki Andrew

    I believe people are ready to do the right thing, for the planet,for themselves, for each other

    I would use it to get a new comforter set,mine is spitting out tiny feathers everywhere

  100. Jeanette H.

    I believe that a LOT of people do NOT know the true meaning of CHRISTmas and need to realize it isn’t about the gifts.

    Thank you for the great giveaway and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  101. Alicia

    Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that people are generally good-natured when you turn on any news channel, pick up a paper, or listen to the news via radio. However, it still goes unsaid that many people-because I know I am not alone in thinking this- still believe that there are still people who are not afraid to show their humanity and kindness toward others. I’m not referring to individuals who show kindness for a good public image. In fact, the folks I’m talking about are everyday people who’s good deeds often go unnoticed. They do good deeds from their hearts and because it is the right thing to do. And this, “The Find” and “Macy’s,” is the reason why I still believe.

  102. SUZANNA P

    I Believe there are good people out there and as Christmas they give back Happy Holidays
    i will be buying much needed Pajamas

  103. Rosey

    I believe in making Christmas as magical as you can for the little ones because you are creating memories they will carry with them for a lifetime.

  104. Jill L

    The magic of Christmas comes from within us so I still believe. It’s not just about getting tons of presents. I know my son who still believes in Santa is also excited about making me a wonderful present. I would use the GC for buying myself a new outfit for the new year.

  105. Janine

    I believe because it would be a really sad and boring world if I didn’t! Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. Happi Shopr

    I fanned on fb (Laura G), I believe because Christ is my Lord and Savior and I would use it to spend on the girls – perhaps a little shopping fun with mom.

  107. Deborah R

    I live in a very rural area and all I have to do is look outside to know that there are things greater than myself – and that’s why I believe.

    If I won, I’d use the gift card to get a new winter coat.

  108. I believe God is good all the time because he blesses me each and everyday. If I was to win the giftcard I would give it to my 14 year old daughter to shop with. GOD IS GOOD. :) :)

  109. Sharold

    I beleive Christmas is a special time of year. I am a fan on facebook. I would get a dress for my daughter.

  110. Charity S.

    Fan on facebook(charity/ccboobooy0

    I believe in the good in man, and we can overcome anything that comes our way. I would buy clothes for my son. Thanks

  111. Mellissa C

    I believe that there is great power in forgiveness.Thats why I love celebrating the one that died for our sins.God Bless!

  112. kirsten

    I believe that you are never too old for anything and WHY I believe that is because I have a 3-year-old granddaughter and she keeps me young!

    I would probably get a Steve Madden bag!

  113. DanV

    I fanned. I believe especially because of my kids. I’d use the gift card to get them some new clothes.

  114. Became a Facebook Fan!

    And I believe because God has blessed my family and I too many times to take for granted his ‘undeserved’ love and kindness!

    And I would use the Gift Card to buy a few clothing items for my oldest son – who started his first year of college this past September!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Good Luck and Happy Holidays to all!

  115. Joanna Smith

    I became a Fan of yours on facebook, my username is Joanna Smith

    I truly do Believe because you are only limited by your own imagination! If you are passionate about believing in something, and if you can dream it, then anything is possible and you can create your own magic with what you believe. Just because someone says it isn’t so doesn’t mean it isn’t……My mothers famous words!

    Believe in the Sprit of Christmas, Believe you can Achieve whatever you want in life, strive to accomplish what you are most passionate about, and you will become a believer!

    Happy Holidays to All!

  116. Tim Hughes

    I believe because the holiday season would be such a drag if I didn’t believe. facebook fan-tim hughes

  117. Justine Pierson

    I fanned you on facebook….I believe because huge organizations like this are still giving to others, which to me embodies what the holiday season is all about!

  118. Justine

    I fanned you on facebook and I believe because huge organizations like Macy’s are still giving to others in need. To me, that is what the holiday truly stands for…If I won I would be spending it on family members that I did not get to give something to due to the fact that my husband has been out of work for 4 months!

  119. wendy

    I believe in the good in people, and we can do anything that we put our mind to. I would buy clothes for my sons.

  120. carol ~

    I believe because we didn’t start from nothing, there was a plan and it was a good one. Just look at nature and you will see.
    I would give this to my daughter to use for clothing which she really needs.

  121. Jes G

    Santa’s the MAN… Has been and always will be in our house:) As long as you believe, you receive…

    I would use the gift card for either a new pair of shoes or something for my children:)

    Thanks Macy’s and TheFind Blog~ Jes

  122. Kristin Kaufmann

    I’m a Facebook fan.

    I believe because I’ve witnessed firsthand how generous, selfless, and compassionate people can be.

    I would use this gift card to buy clothes for my daughter.

  123. Audrey

    I Believe because I’m still a kid at heart. I think I’d buy a bottle of Chanel No.5 if i were lucky enough to win this Macy’s gc. Happy holidays and thanks for the fun giveaway.

  124. susan smoaks

    i believe because God is the beginning and the end. i have faith without sight.

    i am a facebook fan
    tony l smoaks

  125. Sheila

    I believe in Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice, and in His holy angels who look after us day by day. I have been blessed with many miracles in my own life, including a few that happened today. Recently I was diagnosed with a rare neuroendocrine tumor (cancer) disorder and must travel from California to NYC to see a specialist. I don’t have the money to make the trip. This morning I awoke to a phone call from NYC — a stranger — who can help me with free airline tickets and lodging. Later today a $50 restaurant card manifested. If I won the Visa card, I would use it to help my caregiver and I pay for ground travel and meals in NYC. By the way, in years past I have given freely of what I have to people around me who lost all they owned in southern California wildfires. We all have opportunities to be angels in the lives of others at some time or another. Blessings of the season to you!

  126. Gloria

    I’m a fan on facebook – gloria mckellar.

    I believe because everyone has the spirit of Christmas in them, they just have to open their hearts and show their love. Sometimes your heart get hardened by things that happen in your life but it can be softened by giving to others. It’s a great feeling to give! It makes you feel good about yourself!

    I’d use the $100 gift card to get a couple of coats for my twin sons.

  127. I believe in the magic of the season. Whether that be an amazing christmas morning with the family or just a friendly attitude when the typical person is so rude. Its so nice to feel the community come together…even if it was just once a year.

  128. Deb K

    I believe in Forgive and Forget~Now more at the holidays.

    I am also a facebook fan{Deb S}

    And~I would get some goodies for my grandchildren!

    Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas:-)

  129. Melanie

    Im a fan.

    I believe because you have to believe in something.
    I believe in all the good in the world.

  130. kathy pease

    fan on facebook kathylpease

    i believe because it keeps that childhood magic alive in your heart :)

    i would get my son some clothes for school :)

  131. Karen b

    FB FAN: Karen Bridges

    I Believe!!!!
    I need this for my 2 boys. I would get an excersaucer and some trains for my boys!!

  132. reeva

    fanned you on facebook — i believe because i’ve been delivered out of some of the worst things a person could endure and not only did i survive, i thrive! – i would use this to get gifts for my kids.

  133. Gianna

    I believe in celebrating the true meaning of Christmas with my family. If I win i’d buy some coats and shoes for my kids :)

  134. Betty Curran

    I believe that most people are good and the ones who take advantage of others will get their just desserts. I would probably buy clothes for my grandchildren.

  135. Charlene Kuser

    I am a Fan on Facebook (Charlene Kuser)
    I believe in Christmas because of the transformation of
    the hearts of people during the holiday.I have seen sadness,
    turn into happiness,selfishness turn into giving and anger turn
    into love.The true spirit of us all come out during Charistmas.
    It is like magic
    If would use the gift card to buy a new winter coat
    Merry Christmas to you

  136. Heather

    I believe because around this time of year there seems to be magic in the air — it has a way of pulling people all together and puts everyone in a good mood! I would buy some gifts for my family if I won! :)

  137. Lily Kwan

    I became your Facebook fan. I believe because it’s what the spirit of the holidays is about. I would use the $100 gift card for a juicer and ice cream maker.

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