1. Angela

    They’re Demi Moore (left) and Rosario Dawson (right)!
    ahh boy meets girl!!!

    angela_jeon at yahoo dot com

  2. GiaBao

    Demi Moore on the left and Rosario Dawson on the right! I’m excited for this giveaway!! ^_^

  3. Deb Anderson

    Demi Moore
    Rosario Dawson

    They both have such beautiful hair!! Hope mine looks like that after I win this terrific prize package. :-)

  4. Benita Glickman

    They’re Demi Moore and Rosario Dawson.

    My fingers are crossed.


  5. ryan the girl

    demi moore and rosario dawson

    love boy meets girl but cant ever buy it! i loove the look

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