1. The giveaway is beautiful. I plan to suprise my mom by taking her to a play. She has never been to a play in her entire life. I know that this is something that she has always wanted to do. Therefore, it would be a girls night out. A great play and dinner.

  2. vnssa906

    This mothers day, I am planning to spoil all the “moms” in my life… my boyfriend and I would like to take his mom and 2 sisters to a nice fondue rest. that opened up in our area. :) and i’m planning to take them to get mani/pedi combo the day before :)

  3. Megan

    I would love to give this to my mom. She has done so much for me and my brother and sister. She takes care of us when we are sick, comforts us when we are upset, gives us advice when we need it. When my brother was in the hospital, she stayed there the whole time. She works a job and takes care of us. She lives with a cop and everything he has to deal with for sixteen years. She has loved and cared for children for sixteen years. She has done so much for us and I would love to give this to my mom. She has loved us and cared of us. She has done so much and I would love to thank her for what she has done. Her thank you present would be this necklace. I love you Momma :)

  4. Lizzie

    Wow this is so beautiful!! This mother’s day we are just going to do whatever she wants (which will probably mean going to church). RIght now I do not have any money, so I don’t really have a gift for her, which is why this would be amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to win :)

  5. Cynthia

    I plan to take my mother and grandmother out for a nice dinner! My mother has been one of the most inspirational people in my life and she has supported me through whatever endeavors I have decided to pursue. I would love to give this necklace to her to show my appreciation for all she has done for me!

  6. Kimberly

    I plan on taking my Mom to her favorite restaurant and then shopping for a new outfit.
    I’d love to win ths for my Mom as a thank you for all that she has done for me and as a reminder for how much I love her.

  7. Clara B.

    For my birthday two weeks ago, my husband surprised me with a gift certificate to a very special spa in my community. My mother, who has worked very hard her entire life, has never been to a spa. It would never cross her mind to treat herself to what she would consider a huge indulgence. So I decided that it’s up to me to indulge her. I’m adding to the certificate and treating us both to a day at the spa. Knowing my mom, I know what she’ll treasure most is the time we spend together, but I’m glad, too, that I can give her the pampering she rarely gets.

  8. katie

    this is lovely! for mothers day we plan on going to niagra falls :). i would love to win this for her because she works so hard and deserves so be spoiled with something as lovely as this!

  9. Kristin H.

    This mothers day is going to be pretty busy this year! I’m celebrating my 2nd mothers day and have my own mother and mother in law to spoil as well! I plan on spending as much time with each of them as possible to show them I love them! I would love to win this necklace to give to my own mother because we don’t have much money to spend on gifts lately.

  10. My mom lives halfway across the world lately. I have not spent mother’s day with her for 9 years but I try to surprise her by getting friends to buy her cakes and flowers. This year will be no different. :)

  11. What a fantastic promotion! :)

    This year, no “Moms” are working in our family… no laundry, no cleaning and no cooking! My Mom, my daughter and I will be eating out at a favorite restaurant, visiting the Botanic Garden in our area and just relaxing, enjoying our time together.

    This pendant would top off a perfect day! ;)

  12. Tiffany Q.

    I’m going to treat my mom to her own mineral makeup and fabulous brush to apply it (: (since she likes mine so much!) I’m going to give her a home mani and pedi and I’m also going to do her eyebrows :D I’ll probably try to clean the house because she kind of asked me to a million times =/ And perhaps, I’ll bake her a cake! :D

    I love my mommy (:

  13. Deb Anderson

    Okay, here’s the truth, I’m not sure yet just how to honor and spoil my mom on Mother’s Day because right now she is the caretaker for my dad who is dying and has only days (hours?) left to live. I’m not making this up. He had a kidney removed just before Christmas and now his remaining kidney has shut down. Nothing can be done for him except to make his last days comfortable, and that is exactly what she’s doing. She’s stronger than me, and that’s a fact! So it would be awesome to honor her with this lovely pendant. I’m sure she won’t be expecting it and it can only brighten her spirits after the truly terrifying time she has been through lately.

  14. Phyllis Silverstein

    I always love to surprise my Mom with a nice piece of jewelry on Mother’s Day. This year, as I am a bit underfunded, Mom is not expecting much in the way of a present from me and I would love to surprise her with the Diamond Double Heart Mom Pendant!

  15. Rose

    I am actually was wanting to enter this contest to possibly have a present for my daughter’s kids to give her…..She is a single mother of two children and also is a full-time college student. Her son is three years old and her daughter is 18 months old. She is a wonderful mother to her two children and I know that she really would like a mom pendant as she constantly looks at them but can not afford any as all her income (the little that there is) goes towards the children, rent, and college costs and I feel really bad for her because she struggles tremendously but is really doing an excellent job managing everything. I just really feel like something like this would put a smile on her face because being a mother is everything to her.

  16. Cynthia

    This mother’s day we’re going to cook her a 7 course meal and plant her a flower garden. And hopefully i’ll win this contest and i could add this to my list of mother day’s presents for her ;)

  17. Carla

    My Mom passed away 12 years ago so I would spoil my Aunt/Godmother with the pendant; she has been my 2nd Mom and I am blessed to have her in my life.

  18. Pam H

    Great Giveaway. For mother’s day (actually the weekend after when she comes to visit) I plan on treating her to a nice dinner and then some shopping.

  19. It will be difficult to spoil mom on mother’s day, because i have to go to a cousin’s wedding (on the other side of the family) , so I would love to get her some nice gifts to enjoy before or after, including this necklace. thanks for the contest, I would love it for her, would light up her eyes!!

  20. Erica G

    I am getting my mom a great big gift basket and I am taking her to a wine tasting! She deserves that and much more! She (willingly) watches her three grandchildren every weekday without fail or complaints.

  21. I would love to win the Mom pendant. My mom is deceased. I am a mom and I would be proud to wear this pendant to honor my mom, myself and all the moms that are no longer here in my family.

  22. Cindi

    My mother is no longer on this earth with us. My niece/Godchild
    will be spoiling her mother and me on Mother’s Day! We are very
    blessed with a close and loving family members. My niece will
    host her mom (my sister), her dad and my family (husband and
    two sons) at her home. She and her husband have a delightful meal and then we will play family games. Also, she lives in a
    rather remote area with open fields lined with trees. It is always fun to take a walk on a trail near her home.
    Many thanks and Happy Mother’s Day…..Cindi

  23. Deyna

    I plan to take my mom out to her favorite restaurant, do all the house chores, take my mom shopping, then visit my grandma to celebrate during dinner! I would love to win this necklace to give to my mom!

  24. Jennifer Pellicone

    I would love to give this to my mother after taking her to mass and then Mother’s Day Brunch. This is a fun family day for us and to top it off with this gift would be amazing. I love this pendant because it is the prettiest heart pendant I’ve seen. And I especially like the two color tones.
    Thank-you for such a beautiful giveaway.

  25. Colleen Cole

    We are taking Mom out to one of her favourite restaurants and then giving her a bouquet of Lily of the Valley flowers, which are her favourite and were in her bridal bouquet. We’ll spend the day with her grandkids, which is her favourite pastime!

  26. Cheri

    my mom means the world to me. To me, she is the worlds best mother. She gave up so many things for me including a beloved husband (long story). I want to make this day special for my mom, and I’ve been looking around for the best present that could just make her eyes light up! I wanna give her what she deserves and this present would be absolutely perfect. I will probably take her out for a picnic and spend a day with her just talking. daughter to mother.

  27. Karissa

    This is such a beautiful pendant that my mom would definitely deserve. It sparkles and shows kind warmth, just like her soul and heart. She has done so much for me my whole life and after leaving for college, I have now only begun to grasp the enormity of everything she has lovingly done for me. She would probably gasp and smile widely if I gave her something as wonderful as this and it would definitely express my appreciation of her role as a mother.

  28. Karissa

    I am going to give my mom the beautiful flipbook I made for her and I will go out to eat at a yummy Chinese restaurant and perhaps some of her favorite coffee cake as well. She definitely deserves the beautiful pendant because she has done so much for me all my life and her loving care and warmth shines through all the time, despite the arguments or times of anger. After leaving for college, I truly have begun to appreciate her role as a mother and I’m sure she would smile and gasp if she received such a sparkling piece of jewelry.

  29. I plan to take her to a spa to get pampered then shopping at Kohl’s her favorite store :D I want the necklace because it is perfect for mom. She loves gold and silver jewelry :D

  30. Huguette English

    I plan on planting flowers for my mom on Mother’s day and bringing her supper. This would also be perfect for her. Please enter me if open to Canadians. Thanks!

  31. I can’t have word(wordless) for this pendant. It’s really a great creation .Because of it’s made of
    Diamond Double Heart MOM Pendant GiveawayMoms of all ages will adore this stunning 10K two-tone gold Diamond Double Heart Pendant from Zales.com. Made of 10K two-tone gold the two intertwined hearts are made of white gold and the “MOM” design is made of rose gold.
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  32. Deanna G.

    I plan to spoil my mom by buying her flowers & chocolates, shhh..don’t tell ;), and I want to win because I think my mom totally deserves some pretty jewelry for being such a kind, caring & wonderful mother.

  33. Lubica K.

    I plan to visit my mom, and spend that day with her. We will go to the church together. And concerning of pendant I would like to have it and to show my mom by wearing it that I love her because of she is the most important person in my life. thanks

  34. shyr

    I plan to give my mom a day off from our store and treat her to the mall and buy her a dress. Aside from that, buy her groceries for our store, so it would serve as an additional capital. I want to win the pendant since me and my mom were really not that close and were not very open to almost everything , by wearing this pendant would indirectly mean how thankful I am to have her at least in a way I know.

  35. Susan K

    I plan on spending the whole day with my mom, going to a special book sale to benefit the local women’s shelter and making her feel special

  36. Teri M

    I plan to spoil a special mom today by not being so hard on myself–so in a sense, I guess i will be “spoiling” me by trying not to work so hard on this day and set aside some “me” time. :)

    I would lov to win this beautiful two-toned necklace for my mom. I love the double hearts, intertwined, which could symbolize me and my sister. My mom doesn’t have anything like it and she deserves to be spoiled.

    thanks for the chance to win!

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