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Hexbug Nano: The Next Toy Craze?

The latest toy craze is bound to be the Hexbug Nano.  Packaged in a clear plastic test tube-like container, these little robotic bugs are designed to look and behave like a real bug.  The Nano uses vibration to propel itself along.  It runs, flips over and pops back onto it’s feet exploring it’s environment along the way.  You can register your Nano at the Hexbug website to track your Nano, play games with other collectors, download photos and learn more about robotic science.  Measuring approximately 1″ long, Nano bugs come in assorted colors- orange, green, blue, purple and red for collectible fun.  They operate on a AG13 button cell battery which is included and replaceable for $3.

For more Hexbug Nano fun, a Habitat Sets can be purchased separately.

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One Response to “Hexbug Nano: The Next Toy Craze?”

  1. Nathan says:

    My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves these little guys.
    We got several of the habitat sets, and 5 nanos, and will be getting more.

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