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Space Chips: A Three Dimensional Building Toy

Monkey Business Sports has come up with another fun toy for children.  This time it’s not all about sports, but building and construction.  Dick Esterle wanted to create a building toy that was simple and didn’t involve a bunch of parts and connectors.  He wanted each piece to be able to connect to another.  He also wanted to make them thin and light like potato chips — and so Space Chips was born.

There’s a lot of math and Greek words that can be used to describe and explain Space Chips but what it boils down to that Space Chips are a simple toy that can be used to create three dimensional shapes by snapping together interlocking “chips”.  As you can see from the pictures, these brightly colored chips can form a variety of balls but the 50 piece  Space Chips set can also be used to build more complex structures like “Waddles the Penguin”.  The set retails for $15 and is recommended for ages 6 and up.

- Holly Duce

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