1. FaithJ

    I have saved Forzieri as one of my stores!

    And my fave designer on theFind has to be Loeffler Randall. All their shoes are perfection!

  2. Annie P

    I’d have to say that Fendi if my favorite designer!
    Thanks for the wonderful chance to own one!
    apowers (at) kaderonline (dot) com

  3. I have loved writing ever since I first was able to put a pencil or pen in my hand so naturally I gravitate toward the pens so my favorite designer has to be Visconti. Love!


    I like the Capaf line of wicker bags at Forzieri.

    (I saved Forzieri as a favorite store.)

    cer5555 at gmail dot com

  5. Christy Doto

    Oh my yes Fendi my dear sweet Fendi how I wish I could afford to be your best friend I promise to take you and walk by the stores we would love to shop in… Happy Valentines Day dearest Fendi….

  6. Bette Olson

    I liked and saved Forziers as a favorite store.

    I would say the Fendi bags or Fontaneli bags are among my favs.

  7. L. Belle

    I saved Forzieri in my stores!

    I’ve always had a thing for Casadei….the most gorgeous shoes ever!!

    THANK YOU!!!! :)

  8. Kfloveinme

    My favorite designer on Forzieri is Marc Jacobs.

    Thank you sooo much for this awesome giveaway & good luck everyone!

  9. Colleen

    hope I did this right. Saved Forzieri as a fav store on theFind. now, my fav designer…. hard choice Gucci and Jimmy Choo were close 2nds but I pick Fendi. I would die for this bag. thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I would love to own an expensive bag like this. I look at them in department stores but can only dream of purchasing one of these bags. I love the looks of Fendi and DNKY.

  11. Amy Rouse

    John Galliano is my fav designer. I own a pair of jeans by him that always get compliments. Love them.

  12. Vittoria

    i’ve saved them as my favorite! my favorite designer has to be prada…their bags have a special place in my heart <3

  13. Louise Reeves

    My favorite designer on Forzieri is FENDI! LOVE Love love this bag you’re being so generous with!

  14. adrienne z

    I love it all but am picking Fendi as my favorite!
    Saved the store, liking!
    Thanks Forzieri!
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  15. Kimberly Hock

    I like the designer “hello kitty”.. i know that sounds silly.. but there are tons of amazing designers to choose from, hard to pick just one! Fendi is ofcourse beautiful.. love brown!

  16. Susan C. (@grumpy1970)

    Fendi has been my favorite designer for years. Thanks so much for the chance to enter your giveaway!! xo

  17. Minnie

    My favorite designer is at FORZIERI. The FENDI handbag is beautiful, unique, and is exquistely made. I hope I win this awesome handbag.

  18. Sonja Riddell

    Oooh i’m torn. How do you name a favourite!! Ok for the purpose of this exercise i will say Gucci, no Versace, no…Fendi, yes Fendi

  19. Minnie

    I hope I win this awesome handbag made by the designer FENDI. The designer FENDI can be found at FORZIER. My favorite designers are Fendi, Gucci, and Coach. I have saved Forzier as my favorite store/website.

  20. Rhonda

    The designers I like are Gucci, Coach and Fendi. Since I can’t afford any of them, a win sure would be nice. I would love to be able to win one for my daughter.

  21. Kara

    I am really liking the simplicity and grace of Stephano Patriarchi’s jewelry.

    I am definitely saving this site for more day-dreaming days.
    This site (Forzieri.com) is great, and so is yours!

  22. Danyell Foreman


    I added Forzieri as a favorite store and while I have many favorites found on the site – Gucci, Fendi, Versace, I love Roberto Cavalli!

    Thank you!

  23. Lydia

    I added Forzieri as a favorite store, and my favorite designer is Emilio Pucci! Fendi is also a favorite though!

  24. Minnie

    All my favorite designers are found at FORZIERI. Forzieri is my favorite store for sure due to the high quality of handbags it carriers. Some of my favorite designers are FENDI, GUCCI, COACH, AND DOONEY BURKE. The Fendi bag that’s up for grabs is a bag I’d love to own. The worksmanship on the Fendi handbag is exquiste. The handbag shouts out beauty and excellence. I hope I win…I’m praying.

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