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Your Fall Wardrobe Gets the Printed Treatment With a Festive Blazer

  • posted September 19th, 2011
  • Fashion

Among the many, many pieces that make up my fall wardrobe (not bragging – I’m just a hoarder), I have to say that my most frequently worn pieces are definitely my blazers. Whether cropped and fitted or more relaxed and boyfriend-inspired, they somehow manage to give no matter what I’m wearing underneath (even a casual tee!) a suddenly more streamlined, sophisticated appearance. But just because they’re my go-to “I-need-to-look-more-serious” closet item, doesn’t mean they need to boring, or even solid for that matter! This season’s hottest blazers are getting the printed treatment to add pizzazz to this bleak fall! Mix patterns if you’re feeling gutsy by pairing a floral blazer (Forever 21 Floral Chiffon Blazer) over a simple striped sweater, or add a little Mad Men vibe with subtly quirky polka dots (ASOS Spot Print Chiffon Blazer). Personally I’m loving this serpent-print ‘Jess’ Blazer by Of Two Minds, which is on the looser side, but you can belt it for a more figure-flattering, sexy look!


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