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Silikids Siliskin-Glass Makes the Transition to Big Kid Cup A Better Experience

Kids are often very eager to transition to a “big kid” cup while parents tend to want to wait a little longer so as to prevent accidents. Silikids Siliskin-Glass is the perfect solution. These glasses come with a “skin” made from 100% food grade silicone which provides two functions: slippage protections and glass protection.  The rubbery-like surface offers a nice grip for little hands while also acting as a shock absorber should the glass get dropped.  Since glass is reusable and recyclable and the cleanest option for drinking, Siliglasses are an eco-friendly alternative to other types of cups.  Siliskin is hypo-allergenic and BPA-free. It has no open pores to harbor bacteria and are easily removed for dishwasher cleaning. They can also be boiled to sterilize.  Make the transition easier for your family and better for the environment with Siliskin Glasses.  Available in 6 oz and 12 oz sizes, Siliskin Glasses are available as a set of 4 in a multipack of  aqua. lime, red and purple or as a set of 4 of a single color.  They retail from $25-$33.

– Holly Duce


Alice + Olivia’s “Very Secret Garden” for Spring 2012

Launched in 2002, alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet is clothing that packs a powerful personality punch, and lots of it. This year’s spring 2012 assortment was inspired by the idea of the “Very Secret Garden,” a classic concept of knowledge, mystery, and wonder.  It is a ready-to-wear collection of party dresses, crop-tops, bustiers, here-to-stay maxi dresses, high-rise wide leg pants and other separates that do not fall short of a feminine magnetism.

Entering the showroom was like entering the closet of my dreams…and that’s before I even noticed the shoes! Bold purple, poppy, orange, green, strawberry pink and icy blue all popped against the white walls of the room. Pretty suede, silk, and tweed fabrics captured the essence of the private garden theme. One-shoulder shift dresses and the incorporation of numerous bustier tops offered a sensual feel, while both exaggerated and miniature floral patterns maintained the season’s girlish charm. I can totally envision the summery knits paired with the brand’s premier line of colored denim; a fun rack filled with bubble gum pink, lemon yellow, and robin’s egg blue jeans.

The spring assortment of a+ 0 shoes, Bendet’s first full line, presented gorgeous bright wedges, some plain and some adorned with painted snakeskin. Yet, neutrals also remained essential to the sky high pumps, wedges, and flat sparkling sandals. Overall, the looks can certainly please a number of girls, moods and styles. Bendet also continues to expand her aesthetic collaborating with the legendary Gene Meyer on a scarf collection.

The alice + olivia girl is the life of the party, in a sweet, refined way. You can’t take your eyes off of her — there is glitz and glam via sequins, feather, and leather, but there is also a delicate undertone beneath the entire line. Perhaps this ethereal duality is what makes the clothing and accessories so appealing and enduring.

-Alana Quagliariello

– From our friends at Fashion Pulse Daily


7 of the Best Beauty Bloggers: Where Are They Now?

As you know, this month marks 6 years that I have been writing A Girl’s Gotta Spa! To have not only survived the blogosphere, but weather many personal and professional ups and downs all these years seems like a major feat in and of itself. One thing I feel very blessed about, is that I am still in contact with many of the beauty bloggers from back in the day. I consider them good friends and often turn to them for advice or for an objective opinion. I am so proud of all that they have accomplished over the years and wanted to be able to spotlight just how far we’ve all come.

From earliest year launched, here they are:

Kathryn Finney: The Budget Fashionista
Began: 2003
Life changes: People recognizing me at Disney World (which is awesome, except when you just came off Splash Mountain) and being listed as a famous Minnesotan (along with Prince).
Career Advancement: One of AOL’s Top Women in Money. Listed by everyone from WWD to Wall Street Journal to Instyle to People as top blog for women. First fashion blogger (and one of the first women bloggers) to receive a major book deal, over 1000 press mentions and profiles from New York Times to Essence to USA Today, lots of TV segments (Today Show, GMA, etc), keynote speaker (Blogher, SXSW, etc), head of my own TV production company, TV development deal (as star and Executive Producer), adviser to cool start ups, and only independently owned top ten fashion blog.
One thing Learned Along the Way: To Thine Self Be True.
One Goal I Still Want to Meet: To find the perfect pair of red pumps.

Carla Maganinho: Product Girl
Began: 2005
Life Changes: The biggest change in my life is the traveling. In the last few years I’ve made an effort to visit New York and LA a couple times a year to attend things like NYFW and shows like The Makeup Show. It’s really important to me because it gives me a chance to see my other beauty blogging friends as well as keep in touch with important people that allow me to keep doing what I do. Otherwise, beauty products now take over my life more than ever. Almost every surface of my apartment has some sort of product on it that I need to devote some attention to. Things definitely did not start out that way but it’s fun to play with everything.
Career Advancement: I’ve always had a day job in a completely separate industry for years now. For most of the last 6 years, I’ve worked at a small door company in their A/R department handling their billing and collections. This week I’m making the leap to a completely new industry and my day job will finally align with my passion. On Thursday, I will be starting as a beauty social media specialist for Nordstrom tweeting as @nordstrombeauty and engaging with customers on Facebook as well. I would never be able to much such a career change if it wasn’t because of my blog and I’m so grateful that fate led me in this direction.
One Thing I Learned Along the Way: This isn’t really something I learned, but more of something I gained along the way. I am a bit of a shy person when I’m in unfamiliar territory and through the blog, I’ve had to speak up and be more vocal than I normally would be. This gets me out of my comfort zone a bit and has given me more self-confidence than I’ve had before. It’s a good feeling to look back and think of how I’ve put myself out there in ways that I wouldn’t ordinarily have done before I started Product Girl.
One Goal I Still Want to Meet: One day I’d love to see a product I helped create on store shelves. That goal was almost within reach earlier this year with the MAC Blogger’s collection but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. Although, the ladies who did work with MAC on the Bloggers Obsession collection had some amazing shades. I’ve dreamt of having my own perfume since I was a little girl but now I’d also love to collaborate on makeup; either with eyeshadow or lipstick. I’m hoping one day I’ll get a chance to make that dream come true!
Shannon Nelson: A Girl’s Gotta Spa!
Began: 2005
Life Changes: Being ingrained deep in the social media world helped me create a job for myself when I needed it the most and now I have an incredible social media career. As a single mom of 4 boys, I’m proud to be an example to my kids that you can do anything you want to in this life if you put your mind to it. Being a positive role model to my boys is really the most important thing and highest honor I can ever achieve.
Career Advancement: Guest speaker at the HBA Expo 2009 and 2010; guest speaker at Cosmoprof North America 2009 and 2011. Freelance articles written for American Spa and Times-Tribune. Hired by a NYC PR firm and feel incredibly blessed that they have taught me so much and continue to allow me to work towards my dreams and support me along the way (Thank you Pierce!) Became an independent social media consultant working with both well established beauty and fashion brands, as well as start ups. Named both a Top 50 and Top 20 Beauty Blog, nationally and globally (Hello Australian VOGUE)…most recently by SHAPE Magazine. Social Media expert for PA Live (being on TV is awesome.) Being recognized at events and seeing people get excited to talk to me really makes my lifetime. One Thing I’ve Learned Along the Way: Fail forward. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who made mistakes on their journey to the top. One Goal I Still Want to Meet: To create my own bath & body line or partner with a brand to do so. I’d also really like to meet Kathy Ireland. She inspires me.

Lianne Farbes: The Makeup Girl
Began: 2006
Life changes: Being recognized in places (I was mobbed at The Makeup Show! LOL) and traveling more (being away from home is hard but she works hard for the money honey!)
Career Advancement: I always feel like I have 14 jobs and in a way…I kinda do. My career as a blogger has taken on many different forms and I love them all. Being listed in InStyle was a huge moment for me….it was like YES validation!! I have also created a thriving Social Media/Online Marketing practice for myself in the process. By doing so, I kind of created a job for myself when there were none available – that feels really great to have accomplished that. This past year I was honored to have been chosen to create an eyeshadow shade for MAC cosmetics in a capsule collection entitled “Bloggers Obsessions” I honestly didn’t realize what a huge moment it was for me and that the experience was something that I actually wanted for myself and my brand. It was a priceless experience that I will always remember. Then there is Cocktails and Couture, my social media networking event. I love that people look forward to the event each season for fashion week and I LOVE bringing new and interesting brands to the table as sponsors. All in all…I have to say I love my job! (or jobs….LOL)
One thing I Learned Along the Way: Be Yourself, love yourself and everything else will fall into place.
One Goal I Still Want to Meet: I already made the perfect smokey eyeshadow so now I want to make the perfect nude lipgloss.

Patrice Yursik: Afrobella
Began: August 2006
Life changes: Being a blogger changed my life in every way! Putting in solid work blogging enabled me to quit my job to work for myself full time, it’s allowed me to move to a more advanced city where more opportunities are available. Because of blogging, I’ve been able to write for just about every magazine or website I’ve ever wanted to write for — my blog makes a great virtual resume! And now I need to make sure I look super cute before I leave my apartment because I get recognized pretty often. And it’s always done with love and admiration, which just makes me realize I was meant to do what I’m doing!
Career Advancement: I have a career, first of all! I’ve won more than ten online awards for my blog, including Best of Beauty from Glam Media and I’m now officially in the Black Weblog Awards hall of fame because I won so many times. Because of my blog I am hired for speaking engagements and appearances, I’ve freelanced for a wide variety of publications, and dreams I never even had before, have come true. I was part of MAC’s Blogger’s Obsession collection and my lipglass All Of My Purple Life sold out twice, I did an online ad for Lancome, and I’ve appeared in a variety of magazines in both featured articles and advertisements. My blog has put me on a path to greatness, but it isn’t a predestined path. It’s amazing how much my life has changed and how much my career has advanced. Almost every day I am told that I’m a role model or an inspiration to someone, and that means the world to me.
One Thing I Learned Along the Way: It is always a good look to be gracious and sweet and welcoming and kind. The person who you dismiss today could wind up being your best possible contact tomorrow! Also, beauty shines from within, so if you live your life in a beautiful and loving way, only beauty and love will come back to you.
One Goal I Still Want to Meet: I dream of collaborating with a brand I love on a full makeup collection, and of finally finishing and publishing my book!

Julia Coney: All About the Pretty
Began: 2006
Life changes: Having my name called in the DC subway. Crazy.
Career Advancement: Being blessed to have press from the Washington Post, Washingtonian magazine, Glamour Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Essence Magazine, a Top Ten Beauty Blog from WWD, and Australian Vogue. Travel writing for my blog,, and a others.
One thing Learned Along the Way: Know who you are and write from the heart.
One Goal Still Want to Meet: Just one! Attend Paris Fashion Week and visit Antarctica and Australia. Only 2 continents I haven’t visited.

Christine Mielke: Temptalia
Began: 2006
Life Changes: I didn’t know what I wanted to do before, but now I’ve found my dream!
Career Advancement: Graduated JD/MBA from Santa Clara University. Speaker at beauty conferences like Cosmoprof and The Beauty Social. One of the top ten beauty blogs. Named Most Influential Beauty Blog by Konector. Part of MAC Cosmetics Blogger’s Obsession collection.
One Thing I Learned Along the Way: Readers are #1, which means honesty, credibility, and integrity are core to success.
One Goal I Still Want to Meet: To be better tomorrow than I was yesterday.

– From our friends at A Girl’s Gotta Spa!

Autumn Cashmere Equestrian Blazer Jacket in Grey and Black














Autumn Cashmere keeps
getting better every year. My favorite cashmere sweaters in my closet
are the cashmere sweaters from Autumn
. One of my favorite cashmere sweaters from Autumn
Cashmere this season is the gray and black trimmed 100% cashmere
blazer with crested buttons. The trend this fall is all about riding
pants and equestrian style jackets. What a clever idea to combine the
idea of a riding jacket with 100% cashmere. The look is pure
structured refined jacket, but the feel is 100% luxurious soft
cashmere. It will keep you warm and stylish this winter

Autumn Cashmere blazer
jacket is $399.

– From our friends at Shopping and Info

Make The Cut With The Perfect Tousled, Textured Bob

  • posted October 31st, 2011
  • Beauty

As someone who’s made the jarring transition from long locks to a shorn bob, I know exactly how hard it is to actually take the plunge and actually make the cut. But you have to admit – despite the tough decision, it’s a lot easier to justify just doing it already when you see real-life examples of exactly how versatile a cropped coif can be! Take Dianna Agron for example. On Glee, her long luscious ‘do recently got chopped, and so far she’s rocked it pink-streaked and punky and simple and sweet. But my personal favorite was definitely her sexy and edgy textured style on the real-life red carpet. She proves that a girl can still look vampy and glamorous without relying on length, as long as you have the right arsenal of texturizing styling products for the ultimate bed-head that’s polished with just the perfect dash of messy! If you’ve got the ultimate low-maintenance laziness when it comes to styling yourself, HerCut’s Bob Catalyst is made especially for making the most out of your cut, no fancy techniques required. Use it to enhance sharp angles for the perfect face-framing fringe like Dianna’s. For the ultimate definition and shine, Rusk Liquid Shine Defining Pomade will help eliminate frizz and give you that sexy separation like Dianna’s without stickiness. And for the perfect blowout, try styling with Bumble and bumble’s Does It All Styling Spray, which protects against heat so you can get sexy volume and sleek straightened locks, sans the unsightly damage! Photo Credit: Getty Images for

– Alex Gambardella

Get Great Looking Nails with Kitschy Names from Nails Inc.


Nail polish is a product that doesn’t really change over time, except for its colors and tweaks to ingredients. When choosing a nail polish, I look for durability over time, color options, and brush quality. Out of the U.K., I discovered Nails Inc. ($10 per bottle). Nails Inc. launched in 1999 and is the most popular nail salon chain across the pond. Think Starbucks of manicures. This polish come in a vast range of hues with kitschy landmark names like Saville Row (eggplant), Foubert’s Place (matte grey), or Tate (red); often inspiring runway trends. The application is smoother than smooth; usually requiring just one application. The finish is super glossy and won’t chip for days. It may be a while before Nails Inc. reaches British levels of popularity in America, but you can always get a head start with this fabulous line!


– From our friends at Short and Sweet NYC

Halloween Mini Pancakes: A Hauntingly Cool Breakfast

Halloween mini pancakes are most definitely a treat!  Whip up a batch of mini pancakes in the shape of bats, ghosts, pumpkins and cats for your little darlings with Halloween Mini Pancake Molds from Williams-Sonoma.  The set of four steel molds with fold-down handles for compact storage make it easy.  Just place the molds on a pre-heated griddle and pour in the batter.  After the first side has set, remove the molds using the handles and flip the pancakes to cook the other side.  For less mess, try a Pancake Pen.  You can mix the batter right in the bottle using the measurement markings on the side the screw on the top and shake to mix.  Use the pen to squeeze the batter exactly where you need it.  The pancake pen features a removable bottom to make it easy to refill as needed.  Serve up a hauntingly cool breakfast with Williams-Sonoma Mini Pancake Molds.  They retail for around $20 for the 4 piece set.

– Holly Duce


Fashion and Tech: Iphone Cases for the Fashion Lover

  • posted October 30th, 2011
  • Fashion
Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Swarovski, Tory Burch …If you know these names, and they’re occupying some space in your brain than, you my friend, must be a die-hard fashion lover and shopaholic like myself. Which is why when I found that Nordstrom had adorable designer Iphone cases (which also be compatible also with the launching Iphone 4s and soon-to- launch Iphone 5) I could not help but want to run to the computer and get to typing all about it. Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, and more have added to the trendy tech-sphere by creating and designing their own contributions to dress our smart phones, too. Here are a few of my favorite fashionable cases, to pair perfectly with our name-brand purses: MARC by Marc Jacobs Monogrammed Metallic Iphone Case, Case Mate Swarovski Crystal Iphone 4 Case, and MARC by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc collection.

– Mira Torres

Gucci Shoes Arrive at Nordstrom!

  • posted October 29th, 2011
  • Fashion

At long last, designer shoe fetishists can splurge on their favorite brands sans buyer’s remorse thanks to the no-questions-asked return policy at Nordstrom! Yes, our favorite department store is upgrading their shoe collection by finally adding Gucci to their long list of fashionable fare, starting with the Resort 2012 collection, available now for pre-order. And if there was ever the perfect time to embrace Gucci footwear, it’s certainly now; the latest vacation-ready collection features everything but the kitchen sink in terms of trends! All-over glitz, color-blocking, chic feminized loafers, animal print, and more – it’s almost impossible to not find something you like, no matter what upcoming spring style suits you best. Of course, if the super-sized price tag is what’s warding you off, this self-proclaimed recessionista here certainly doesn’t blame you! But look at it this way – the second buyer’s remorse gets too unbearable, ship your chic new shoes back. That is, if the separation anxiety doesn’t hurt you more than the cost!

– Alex Gambardella

Shoe Obsession – Lace-Up Ankle Booties

It’s funny how you can fixate on one thing –

a certain type of jacket, shoe or bag, and it’s like it’s all you see when you shop or browse.

Right now,

I’m piecing together my fall staples – and included is a pair of lace-up
ankle booties. Fortunately, there is no shortage of styles to choose from.
With a multitude of platforms, stilettos and wedge heels to choose from,
picking the perfect pair is the hardest part. For me, something on the more
practical side is key, too tall and I won’t be able to balance while holding
my squirmy toddler. Here are a few faves:



KORS Michael Kors Divina Ankle Boot

Enzo Angiolini Flory Wedge Desert Booties

Rosegold Genie Booties

Jil Sander Daria Wedge Booties

DV Dolce Vita Pilar Wedge Booties

Modern Vintage Shoes Jenie Platform Booties


For a great, basic lace up-ankle bootie, try the KORS
Michael Kors Divina Ankle Boot
(#1 – $275). The wear-with-anything style
is anything but boring, and comes in black, taupe and luggage (brown) suede.
While the heel is 4″, the 1″ built in platform makes this a comfortable
bootie. If you prefer a wedge, Enzo
Angiolini’s Flory Wedge Desert Booties
(#2 – $139) are similar in style
to the Kors Michael Kors Divina, but offer some more stability in the heel.
I love the look of a wedge heel punctuating a pair of slim-legged pants. To
dress things up a bit, Rosegold’s Genie Booties (#3 – $92.50) have a lug sole
and foldover cuff. With a sexy high heel, these ankle boots are perfect for
a girls night out or date night.

I fell in love with Jil Sander’s Daria Wedge Booties (#4 – $645). Royal blue
Italian suede, 4.25″ wedge heels and skinny blue laces equal ankle boot
perfection. Though these are budget-busters, the style is basic enough to
last many seasons. DV Dolce Vita’s Pilar Wedge Booties (#5 – $99) are a bit
more casual, with a lower wedge heel and rolled suede detailing. Great for
running errands around town. Finally, Modern
Vintage Shoes Jenie Platform Booties
(#6- $275) have a thicker, stacked
heel. The moss (dark green) or stone (light grey) nubuck boots pair well
with feminine dresses and skirts.

What do you think of lace-up ankle booties? Do you have a favorite style

– From our friends at Skinny Purse

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