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Bundle Up in a Cozy Knit Collar Scarf

While a winter coat is a no-brainer cold-weather staple, I’ve come to notice that a wisely-chosen cozy accessory can actually make a remarkable difference when it comes to staying warm during the coldest time of the year! In recent times, I’ve become a bit of a scarf addict – in fact, I have scarves of all colors, styles, and thickness so I have several that I can rock in any weather – and I can’t help but pick up on all the ultra-comfy knit scarves that have been cropping up this season. Collar scarves in particular have been catching my eye because they somehow look so glamorous yet comfortable at the same time – after all, they’re designed to hug you tight and are the perfect outfit add-on when you feel like bundling up. Think of them as a more extreme version of the infinity scarf, but even more cozy, as they incorporate extra-chunky knits for that looped-and-layered look that will stop at nothing to protect you from catching a chill! I love this classic knit collar by Bop Basics from Shopbop – its neutral tone will go with everything, and it’s so comfy that you’ll be tempted to rock it everyday! If you’re looking for something a bit more festive, this metallic Michael Kors scarf has that similarly cozy feel but with some added shimmer and an edgy exposed zipper. And as long as you’re not sensitive to itchy fabric, this Madewell mohair scarf will never fail at keeping you extra warm through this winter freeze!

– Alexandra Gambardella

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