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Stompeez: Slippers With Attitude!

Does your family have a “no shoes in the house” rule?  Stomeez slippers will make it easy for the kids to remember to take their shoes off at the door.  They’ll be eager to slip into these comfortable and fun to wear slippers.  Stompeez aren’t your ordinary, everyday slipper.  When you stomp your foot, Stompeez playful characters blink their eyes, wiggle their ears or open their mouth bringing them to life.  Warm, soft and fuzzy, Stompeez are made with quality materials and durable stitching for long lasting daily wear.  Perfect for sleepovers, travelling or wearing around the house, Stompeez slippers are so fun they make great gifts too!  Available in several different colors and styles, Stompeez retail for around $20 a pair.

– Holly Duce


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One Response to “Stompeez: Slippers With Attitude!”

  1. Ah! Wonderful. I have never seen so cute and nice slippers in my life! Above all, they are so cheap! I like their designs and their color patterns!!

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