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Powerocks Stone3 Provides up to 10 Hours of Power for Apple Devices

Love your Apple products but concerned with insufficient battery life due to high usage?  Powerocks Stone3 comes to the rescue with 8400 mAh giving you portable backup power for all your Apple devices.  The Powerocks Stone3 can provide 10 hours of power for the iPad. You can even charge two at once for an extra 5 hours each.  An iPhone an be charged 4 times on the Stone3 before the unit needs to be recharged.  The Stone3 itself is rechargeable 500 times.  All of Powerocks products are Apple authorized and international best sellers.  Carry the Powerocks Stone3 and rest assured you’ve got all the power you need for your beloved Apple products. The Powerocks Stone3 retails for around $100.

- Holly Duce

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