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Ouidad Easy Beach Waves

  • posted June 27th, 2013
  • Beauty


Summer time and you are buzzing about with plans almost every day.  Between work, fun, the pool and beach things are really busy.  It is easy to let things slide, including spending time on your hair.  Women all over know this to be true.  Ouidad has solved this problem with their newest product line, Wave Create™ Collection.  The dynamic duo of  Wave Create Sea Spray and Texture Taffy brings the beach touchably close each time you use it.

Ouidad Wave Create works on hair with texture and straight hair.  The Ouidad Sea Spray creates soft beachy waves when applied to damp hair.  Just spray, scrunch and go!  Waves are enhanced and set within minutes.  Textured or wavy hair can air dry or be blown dry with a diffuser for larger waves. On straight hair the Texture Taffy is your best ally.  Use a nickel-sized amount, rubbed inbetween your hands to warm it up.  Apply it to damp hair in an upward, scrunching motion until the cream disappears.  Hair can dry naturally or be blown dry with a diffuser for beautiful waves normally seen on the beach.

Ouidad Wave Create Collection is available online at

-Victoria Mason

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