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Zoya Sun-Filled Summer Collection

  • posted June 23rd, 2013
  • Beauty
Zoya Summer 2013

Summer nail colors are a different breed.  Unlike the creamy pastels and muted neutrals of spring or the intensely dark and glossy hues of of fall and winter, summer shades are vibrant, sparkly and fully saturated with color.  Zoya gets it really right with their 2013 summer collection inspired by the sun itself.  Irresistible and quite stunning you won’t want to settle on just one.

The Zoya summer set features twelve professional lacquers.  The full coverage colors are Vegan friendly, long-lasting and Big5Free.  That means no camphor, phthalate, formaledehyde, toluene or dibutyl.  Yes!  That’s what I’m talking about! The collection includes a range of colors from a sunny yellow ‘Darcy’ to its sister color ‘Kerry’ sprinkled with an exclusive gold pigment.  Pretty grass green ‘Josie’ and blue sky ‘Rocky’ join other red, orange and a poppin’ pink cream shades.   Shimmery colors ‘Tinsley‘, ‘Bobbi’ and ‘Amy’ mimic those bright sun-filled polishes.  The last two cool tones are a silver-swirled green ‘Rikki’ and a true glimmering silver ‘Hazel’.

Buy one shade or all twelve and your toes and tips will be sitting pretty all summer long. Zoya’s 2013 Summer Collection is available at fine salons and spas or online at

-Victoria Mason

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