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Agadir Argan Oil Shields Hot Hair

  • posted September 16th, 2013
  • Beauty


Hot, dry and untamed hair got you down?  Agadir Argan Oil has what you need.  The newest addition to their Hair Shield line is the 450 Intense Crème Treatment.  The 450 stands for the level of direct intense heat it can withstand. Now that is some powerful hair crème!

The Hair Shield 450 Plus Intense Crème Treatment not only combats the damage that all the heat that those curling, straightening and blow drying tools dish out but is keeps hair hydrated too.  Using Shock Protein and antioxidants it protects your hair when used with heat.  The protein in the shield zeros in on damaged hair and like a heat seeking missile it targets it and then protects it.  The power-packed antioxidants further keep hair moisturized and prevent future damage to the fragile hair.  From root to tip your hair is always protected.  Perfect for blow-outs the creme fights frizz and humidity with ease.  The Adadir Argan Oil Shield is paraben, sulfate and alcohol free meaning none of the drying ingredients that promote that vicious dry hair cycle going.  The argan oil based crème adds shine and definition to hair without sacrificing that gorgeous color you and your stylist cultivated.

The Agadir Argan Oil Intense Crème Treatment is available at select salons nationwide and at


-Victoria Mason


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