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Spider Lashes That Actually Look Chic? Thakoon Proves its Possible!

  • posted October 5th, 2013
  • Beauty

Spider lashes. They’re a beauty faux pas, typically caused by clumpy mascara (or just one coat too many), that makeup lovers everywhere have trained long and hard to avoid at all costs. But what if they could actually be… chic?! The models representing Thakoon’s Spring 2014 runway presentation proved that thick, spidery fringe isn’t all that bad after all – in fact, it makes eyes pop in a fresh new way that eliminates the need for heavy shadow and liner. Makeup artist Diane Kendal layered models’ lashes in at least three coats of NARS’ Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara backstage at the show. That’s certainly a doable option, but you can also get a similar look without drowning your own fringe by using tweezers to pinch together small groups of neighboring lashes to form exaggerated, doll-inspired points. If you’re not afraid of falsies, Make Up For Ever has a pair of fake fringe that will help you achieve a similar look as well – hit up your local Sephora and look for the pair named 130 Jennifer. What say you, beauty mavens – are you a fan of Thakoon’s spidery, seventies-inspired fringe? Sound off in the comments below! Photo Credit:


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