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Fall & Winter Shoe Trends

Time to pack away your sandals and flip-flops and bring out the boots for fall! The cooler weather calls for warmer footwear, but there is such a huge assortment of styles that you can pick from. Here are a few options suggested by Huffington Post and there are many more on their website as well.


Credit: Glamorous, HD Fashion Style, DSW, Garbo Candy

–       Ankle Boot: Ankle boots are great for casual everyday outfits. A popular trend that has recently emerged is the cut out style. These have sections of the ankle boot cut out, letting the feet breathe and also adding an edgy feel to your outfit.

–       Ankle Heel Boot: Ankle heel booties are perfect for dressing up an outfit. They are very appropriate for the professional field. Heel booties compliment a nice business outfit very well.

–       Riding Boot: Riding boots are nice for really cold weather. They go up higher on the legs and look great with a pair of jeggings or jeans. Riding boots are especially convenient when it is drizzly outside because many of them are waterproof and will keep your feet and pants dry—making them a more appealing alternative to rain boots.

–       Thigh High Boot: Feeling spicy? Thigh-high boots are super chic and fun. Cold weather makes it hard to dress up for a night out on the town, but thigh-highs are perfect for date night or even out at the clubs with your girlfriends. They can be sexy and elongate your legs.


Q&A: Snob Essentials’ Editor, Kelly Cook


Welcome to the fourth installment of TheFind’s 12 Days of Christmas Q&A series with industry leaders of all trades. Snob Essential editor, Kelly Cook, shares with us her favorite holiday jewelry and accessories trends and tips for looking stylish this holiday season!  


What are some of your favorite holiday jewelry trends/products this season?

Every year around the holidays, I want to get decked out and accessorize with an abundance of jewelry. I’m all about the multi-chain necklace trend, it makes me feel instantly dressed up with just one piece.

What items are on your holiday wish list? What is a must-have this holiday season?

I will be getting myself the Fendi By the Way bag in calf hair with color-blocked trim – this is a gift to myself to celebrate the holidays with decadence. And if my husband decides to get me the Valentino 1973 beaded lock shoulder bag, I wouldn’t be mad. To make it complete, of course a great pair of shoes is required, a winter fabric boot is perfect for ushering in the cold weather with texture and sophistication, like these Lanvin Tweed Booties.

I of course already have the Snob Essentials Anara but it needs to be on everyone’s wish list this season. It is our new treasure and I could not be more proud to bring such luxury and polish at the most incredible price point of $98. It is reminiscent of a vintage bag your grandmother would pass down to you. In addition to this rich navy stamped ostrich, it also comes in honey and gray croco, red black and white colorblock as well as a fun graphite print. Anara will be available on Nov 13 as a part of our holiday collection.

What are your readers interested in and shopping for this holiday season?

Everyone wants the one great bag. We offer many options on a daily basis to suit the needs and taste of every snob but for the holidays we focus on clutches and long term investment pieces.

Every week we offer a featured called Frugal Friday where we scour the web for the best deals without compromising on style and quality. It’s one of our most popular features and for the holidays we ramp it up with incredible gift ideas.

What is your holiday shopping routine and what holiday shopping tips do you have for readers to find the best picks?

This is no secret but the trick is, you must be disciplined and start early and shop sample and flash sales. You end up with incredible lavish gifts that are way more thoughtful because you aren’t in a hurry to buy something, anything, last minute and of course the best part is you end up saving loads. You don’t need a clear and defined list, when you see a good deal for things with general appeal, like nice candles and small accessories, you just go right in and buy in bulk. These are great for your kids’ teachers, colleagues and neighbors.

For the more personal gifts, I love jewelry and wallets for girl friends. You’d be surprised, no matter how many wallets you have it’s always amazing to receive another with different functionalities. And the reality is, people don’t buy wallets very often so it’s nice to get something you wouldn’t buy on your own as a gift.

What is one item in your closet/jewelry box you couldn’t live without this holiday season?

A great coat. You can cover up any wardrobe mishap with a beautiful coat. This is something you don’t get to do in the summer so when winter rolls around, you look forward to the instant polish you get with a well tailored coat while covering up whatever it is you didn’t have time or couldn’t put in the effort to put together underneath.

 Where do you get your inspiration from?

Traveling. It is the one greatest joy in life (other than my kids, of course, and now that they are old enough to enjoy traveling with me, it makes it that much better). I love to immerse myself in whatever city I am visiting and walk through the small streets and of course eat all the local delicacies. It makes me feel alive and fortunate to have the opportunity to see the world and that optimism and feeling of freedom is the kind of spirit I bring to the designs of my bag collection.


Kelly Cook started Bag Snob in 2005 with co-founder Tina Craig whom she met at USC. The blog quickly took on a life of it’s own and now 9 years later, the site has evolved to become Snob Essentials, a lifestyle blog covering all verticals of fashion, travel, beauty, food, wine and home finishes. They launched a bag collection also named Snob Essentials in May of 2014 – the bags are sold at retailers like Nordstrom and Nasty Gal as well as on HSN. To hear more from Kelly and Snob Essentials, visit Twitter and Instagram.

Q&A: PCWorld’s Senior Editor, Michael Brown


Welcome to the third installment of TheFind’s 12 Days of Christmas Q&A series with industry leaders of all trades. PCWorld’s Senior Editor, Michael Brown, shares with us the top holiday technology picks and gift ideas. Let’s see what’s on Michael’s holiday wish list!


What are some of your favorite holiday tech trends/products out this season?

I’m particularly excited about all the new smart-home products coming to market this year. I’ve been following this space for almost 10 years, and I built my own smart home in 2007, so I’ve seen a great deal of change and innovation. As with PCs, smart-home technology is getting less expensive, more powerful, and easier to use. You no longer need a custom installer to build out a great system.

What items are on your holiday wish list?

While I haven’t actually laid hands on one yet, I’m very interested in checking out the new Amazon Kindle Voyage. I have the Paperwhite model now, having upgraded from the original Kindle. I’m also interested in the new portable DAC and headphone amp from Creative Labs, the Sound Blaster E5. I just reviewed it for PCWorld, and it easily competes with audio devices that cost twice as much and don’t have half as many features. That would make a great gift for an audio enthusiast.

What are PCWorld readers interested in this holiday season?

PCWorld readers are a diverse bunch. A lot of our readers are interested in PC games and the hardware needed to have a good experience with games. That means the latest CPUs, video cards, SSDs, and other components that boost performance. Nvidia and AMD are in a price war that will benefit anyone shopping for a new video card. There’s been a lot of excitement with new wireless routers these days, thanks to the 802.11ac standard. Routers based on that standard are just the ticket if you want to stream music and video around your house. In terms of bigger-ticket items, laptops with Intel’s new Core M processor should be popular. Chromebooks are also starting to take off.

What new hardware, devices and/or products should readers be on the lookout for this holiday season?

It seems everyone wants to be Sonos these days. I’m seeing a lot of new competitors in the multi-room audio space pop up. Samsung’s Shape is one example. I think we’ll see a lot noise about 4K TVs this year, but I think it’s still too early. There just isn’t enough content to take advantage of the technology. I’m a music lover, so I’m always on the lookout for good speakers, headphones, and earbuds.

What is your holiday shopping routine and what holiday shopping tips do you have for readers to get the best tech picks?

I’m actually a terrible shopper. I’ll do anything to avoid going to the mall, especially around the holidays. I do almost all my shopping online, but I tend to wait until the last minute even then. I bought all my kids Kindles last year, so most of the gifts they get from me are eBooks. I still buy physical books for my grandchildren, though. I also buy CDs for my kids, even though none of them have a CD player. They rip the discs and store them on their computers and digital media players. Except for my oldest daughter. She prefers vinyl. I bought her the collector’s edition boxed set of Neil Young’s “A Letter Home” for her birthday.

Generally speaking, the longer you wait in the season to buy, the better the price you’re going to get. But if you know something is going to be in limited supply, don’t fool around. Buy it and be done with it. It’s better than being disappointed.


Michael Brown is a journalist who’s covered the technology market for 27 years. He is currently one of PCWorld’s senior editors, and his specific responsibility is product reviews (both hardware and software). Prior to that, he had editorial jobs at Maximum PC, CNET, and Electronic Musician, with some freelance stints sprinkled in between. Connect with him on Twitter.

Q&A: Climbing Magazine’s Senior Editor, Julie Ellison



Welcome to the first installment of TheFind’s 12 Days of Christmas Q&A series with industry leaders of all trades. Climbing Magazine’s Senior Editor, Julie Ellison, shares with us this season’s top outdoor and climbing gear as well her favorite gift ideas and holiday must-haves.


What are some of your favorite gear trends/products this holiday season?

One trend I’ve been loving for a while is crossover lifestyle apparel, meaning stuff you can wear out climbing or hiking and then rock at the office or the bar without looking too teched-out. More companies have gear that is comfy to wear all day, with features taken from other sports (hello, soft wide waistband of yoga pants!), that can also be worn for a quick hike after work or a lunchtime climbing session—I love it! Part of this is using more natural fibers in pants and tops—cotton and merino wool instead of polyester—which makes the clothes soft next to skin and easy to wear all day. A few brands that are killing it are Kavu and La Sportiva—both companies have clothes that are great for anybody who loves the outdoors, with fun colors and cool designs.

I’m not a huge technology and electronics person, but I do appreciate all the new options out there for keeping your gadgets going in the great outdoors. When you go outside, you should unplug from social media and the constant communication of today’s world, but that said, I use my phone as a camera and a music player all the time (maybe more than I should!). There are tons of companies out there making products like lanterns, small rechargeable batteries, and even a tea kettle that provide enough energy so you can charge your phone, mp3 player, or other small electronics. Along with that, solar power is becoming a mainstay in the outdoor community: Set up your solar panels at basecamp or even on your pack, and you’ll be harnessing power all day to then use at night—it’s amazing for people who want to be out for a few weeks at a time but still need to get work done!

This isn’t a brand-new trend in the gear world, but I’m a huge fan of companies that are making a big effort to be more sustainable in their practices. The North Face and Patagonia have both created an audit system for their down sourcing to certify that the down-producing animals were treated humanely (no live-plucking or force-feeding). This allows consumers to know that the product they’re buying didn’t cause any harm to animals and that it was manufactured ethically.

What items are on your holiday wish list? What would you be your holiday “must have” and why?

Hm, I don’t know if I can pick just one, that’s a toughie! A few items that I am loving though are…

I do some freelance photography on the side and I’m obsessed with my Canon G16 camera. This point and shoot rivals my big, heavy DSLR in features and quality of photos, but the best part is that it’s super-lightweight and fits in my pocket! I carry it up climbs and on long hikes because it barely weighs anything, and it’s proven really durable after banging against the rock (and being dropped, whoops!) countless times. It shoots RAW, has full manual mode, and a 5x optical zoom that is the best I’ve seen from a point and shoot!

Puffy season is my favorite, and since temps are quickly dropping, the Patagonia Nano Air Hoody is my must-have insulation piece that I can wear from work to climbing to grabbing dinner afterward and I never have to take it off! It is soft and cozy to wear, with a stretchy, burly outer material that’s not as delicate as other puffies, and it doesn’t look so techy that I feel silly in a nice restaurant. Patagonia developed a proprietary new synthetic insulation (called FullRange) that’s designed to be warm and breathable at the same time, so wear it when you’re working hard, but then when you stop you won’t overheat. Plus, I love the women’s blue and teal colors!

Check out My Outdoor Alphabet, they’re art prints made by a Bozeman, Montana, artist using letters with subjects that are specific to climbers, skiers, backpackers, and cyclists (think B is for boot, T is for tent). Super fun and cute for anyone who loves the outdoors. I bought several last year and gave them out to a lot of my friends who I was stumped on buying a gift for—they were unanimously loved!

Bronwen Jewelry ( active jewelry is my latest obsession. Made by a Bend, Oregon, artisan (Bronwen Lodato), they’re beautiful, simple necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that are designed to be worn all the time, whether you’re running, climbing, or even swimming. (Tag line is Sweat, Shower, Swim I think.) They have really strong cords so they won’t break easily, and many styles are low-profile so you can wear it all the time without worrying about it getting in the way.

Great women’s climbing and hiking pants are sort of hard to come by since we’re all such different shapes and sizes, but my two hands-down favorites are the Mountain Hardwear Dynama Pant and Prana Kara Jean. The Dynama are a bit more techy, but they have a wide waistband (no zipper or button) that’s ridiculously soft, with an athletic fit that makes them appropriate to wear even to an important meeting. The Kara Jean is a slim-fitting jean that has so much stretch you won’t feel like you’re wearing jeans. I pretty much only wear these two pants from fall to spring: Dynama if I need more protection from elements, the Kara when I’m just getting outside for a few hours and am running around town or at work the rest of the day.

What are Climbing readers interested in this holiday season?

Climbers always want climbing gear! New climbing shoes, ropes, harnesses, crashpads, helmets—a lot of it is very specific to what type of climbing someone does, and if you’re not a climber it can be challenging to figure out what exactly is the right product. Climbers are really getting into lifestyle-oriented products that enhance the outdoor experience, like outdoor speakers (EcoXGear speakers are burly and great), solar kits, packable camping chairs (check out Alite or Helinox), and water bottles that keep your drink hot or cold for a full day (Hydro Flasks are amazing!). Our readers really love functional gear that actually looks cool, too, and companies like Topo Designs and Fjallraven are doing a great job at creating gear that has good performance but looks stylish and modern.

What top climbing/outdoor gear should readers be on the lookout for this holiday season?

Where do I start?! 2014 has been a great year for innovative and just-plain-cool gear! Here’s a quick list of some of my favorites:

Petzl Tikka RXP. Reactive lighting that changes based on how much brightness you need. Look down at a map, the beam lessens so the reflecting light doesn’t blind you, then look back up at the trail and the beam gets brighter so you can see farther. Brilliant technology, not sure I can go back to a regular headlamp now!

Tenaya Oasi climbing shoes. High-performance, do-it-all shoes in an easy-to-wear package. Whether you’re sport climbing, bouldering, or on a long trad route, these are the kicks to wear.

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed. A down sleeping bag that let’s you move around, sleep on your side, and generally toss and turn all night without restriction. Plus, it feels like an actual bed because instead of a typical mummy design, it’s got an opening in the front with a big blanket that you then pull up and tuck in around you. Once again, I’ll never go back to a regular sleeping bag!

Salewa Capsico Insulated. Climbers are constantly changing in and out of climbing shoes, and these light hikers are burly enough to get you to the crag, but have some special features that make them easy to slide on and off. Tighten ‘em down for the hike in, then fold down the back and move the rubber strap to the front and you have an easy on-easy off clog. Plus, these are insulated with micro-fleece, so they’re super comfy for cold conditions, and they make great around-camp shoes.

Goal Zero Solar Kits. There are a variety of combinations for charging a variety of electronics, but my favorite is the Sherpa 50, with the large battery pack, Nomad 13 panels, and inverter so you can plug your laptop right into the battery. Charge your phone, laptop, tablet, mp3 player, or even your electric toothbrush!

What is your holiday shopping routine and what holiday shopping tips do you have for readers to get the best gear picks?

I’m hot and cold when it comes to holiday shopping. Sometimes I’ll get gifts 3 months early and sometimes I’m the one at the store at midnight on Christmas Eve hoping I can find something great! That said, giving gifts is one of my greatest joys, so I do take it pretty seriously. I try to shop in stores as much as possible, but online shopping is so convenient! I read tons of online reviews from consumers on the manufacturer’s sites, as well as trusted sources (hello, and!) to figure out how good the gear really is. Beware of some blogs, though, because a lot of bloggers are given gear from companies and then automatically write glowing reviews because they just scored free gear. Sources like Climbing and Backpacker (and other mags and comprehensive gear-review sites—I’m not totally biased!) are more trustworthy because we test everything available (literally thousands of products a year), and only publish (print and online) the best of the best! You can trust that the items that show up on those pages and sites are legitimately field-tested, high-quality products that you’ll love!

For readers to get the best gear picks, shop as early as possible! Especially when it comes to must-have products like rock shoes and climbing/camping gear, some companies will actually sell out of popular items shortly after they become available (which is usually early fall). I also love sites like and The Clymb. GearTrade has tons of used gear and apparel, and depending on what it is, you can get semi-new stuff for super-cheap. The Clymb has brand-new gear and apparel for a variety of outdoor sports from yoga to kayaking for bargain-basement prices, but they’re very limited for sizes and colors, so you gotta act fast. Become a member and get on their mailing list so you can know what will be available in the coming weeks.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My daily life! I’m lucky to live in one of the most beautiful states that has more than a lifetime of climbing and outdoor adventure—Colorado is where it’s at! And I also get to regularly travel to some of the most beautiful places and mountain ranges on Earth, so I’m always seeing new places, meeting new people, and adventuring. I also love Instagram for a daily dose of photography and outdoor inspiration; seeing what other people are out there doing gets me psyched to go out there and do cool stuff myself! Plus, working for Climbing magazine means I get to write about, talk about, look at pictures of, and think about climbing—not to mention go out climbing—all day and call it work!


Julie Ellison is currently the Senior Editor at Climbing magazine in Boulder, Colorado, where she writes and edits several stories a month, assists with online content, and handles all the photo editor duties. Before that she served as Gear Editor of Climbing for several years, tested outdoor gear and wrote for Backpacker and Consumers Digest, as well as worked as a freelance photographer. Check out her website and follow her on Instagram.



How to Wear Fall Jewelry

A common misconception for fall weather is that you can’t flaunt your jewelry behind scarves and sweaters. Don’t let the cold weather hide your fashionable accessories! Here are 3 tips on how to wear bold jewelry during fall season.


Credit: 303 Magazine, GQ

–       Going Out: Let’s be honest, a night out on the town with the girls means you want to showcase your best outfit! Bars and clubs tend to get warm with so many people packed in the tight spaces, so you won’t want to wear anything too cozy. A bold and chunky metal necklace is perfect for an edgy and fun look. It won’t be hidden behind a scarf or sweater and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

–       In the Office: Traveling to work requires a nice warm coat for walking outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you have to look boring once it’s taken off in the office space. For a more reserved look, put on an elegant pearl and/or crystal ribbon necklace. This will add a classy touch to your work suit and is perfect for professional settings.

–       Men’s Jewelry: Jewelry is not made for only women. GQ shares some favorite men’s jewelry including heavy metal wrist-wear like ID bracelets and bold watches. ID bracelets add style to a night outfit and statement watches compliment a business suit very well. Don’t be shy guys! Go find a trendy piece for your wardrobe.

Halloween Nail Art

Happy Halloween friends! You must be excited to celebrate this spooky holiday tonight. Don’t leave any details from your costume out. Here are some fun and creative nail art designs that will add some spunk to your outfit.


Credit: Access Hollywood, SF Gate

–       Creating bloody nails is much easier than it looks. Apply a base coat of any color you would like. Using neutral colors is a great choice because they look more natural and have a realistic affect. Then take a deep blood-like red color and wipe the brush on the neck of the bottle to remove the majority of the polish. Brush what’s left of the red in varying strokes on top of your base coat. Add a clear top coat to finish it off.


–       SF Gate has over 20 different nail art ideas for Halloween. From Frankenstein, to skeletons, to pumpkins and more—there is definitely a design that is suitable for any costume. Make sure to reference TheFind to locate the best last-minute deals on polishes.


Find more Halloween nail art ideas on msn.

Halloween Costumes for Pets

  • posted October 24th, 2014
  • Fashion

Make sure your furry friends don’t miss out on Halloween trick-or-treating! Dress your pets up in creative costumes, or even incorporate them into your costume. Read on for some easy do-it-yourself pet costume ideas from Dog Channel.


Credit: Dog Channel, Xanaland, Pinterest

–       Flower: Convert your pets collar into a flower arrangement by simply wrapping the collar in green felt—you can even make this easier by purchasing a green collar. Use a glue gun or nontoxic super glue to arrange and secure flower petals all the way around the collar.

–       Rock Star: Find an old rock star t-shirt in your closet to transform your pet into a super star. Cut it smaller and secure it on the torso by tying it under their belly. Add a small bandana to their head and you’re good to go!

–       Superhero: Superhero costumes are especially popular among dogs. There is a huge selection to pick from on TheFind. You can also purchase different materials from TheFind and customize a superhero cape for your furry friend.

For video tutorials on how to design pet Halloween costumes, visit Home.



What Will You be for Halloween?

  • posted October 22nd, 2014
  • Fashion

We don’t know about you, but over here the office is all abuzz with Halloween costume ideas. After all, with two weeks until the biggest dress up day of the year, it’s time to get serious.

Curious to know what costumes others are looking for? We pulled data based on TheFind’s 15 million monthly shoppers, 500 million products and 550,000 online retailers to put together a list highlighting the top trends for both children/teens and adults.

Top 10 Costumes_Orange

Check out our unique list (unlike any other we’ve seen this year) and get inspired! Will you be “practically perfect in every way” and spend the day as Mary Poppins? Release your inner Disney villain with an elaborate Maleficient headpiece? Fight evil with your friends as members of Teen Titans?

Once you know what you want to be, check out or download our mobile app for all your Halloween shopping needs. Have fun!

Easy Halloween Costumes for Adults

Getting ready for Halloween can be a major inconvenience for adults who are often busy with life’s responsibilities. Between a full-time workweek and taking care of children, some adults just can’t manage to prioritize their own costumes. Don’t worry though! Here are some easy costumes that don’t require a ton of time to plan and will help you join in on the fun.

  Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.08.32 AM

Credit: MTV, Huffington Post, The Gloss

–       Prison Inmate: Orange Is The New Black is an extremely popular television show that has inspired many fans. Dress up as Piper Chapman and her crew ofprison inmates with a simple orange jumpsuit. Purchase an already made costume or a pair of orange hospital scrubs and black sneakers and you’re ready to go!

–       Broadway Character: Broadway sounds like a complicated look to achieve with so much stage makeup and intricate costumes, but with a huge variety of Broadway show to pick from, there is bound to be a simple character to mirror. Huffington post suggests an elder from “The Book of Mormon”. All that is necessary are black pants, a white short-sleeve button up and a black tie—items you most likely already have in your closet.

–       Breaking Bad: Television shows seem to be a popular Halloween inspiration for adults. Couple up and disguise yourselves as Walter and Jesse from Breaking Bad. There is room for costume exploration when it comes to these two characters. Dress up in yellow jumpsuits with blue gloves and goggles or in casual everyday clothes that a teacher and a mischievous teenage boy would wear.

How to Shop TheFind for Halloween Costumes

With such a wide array of costumes to pick from, finding the right Halloween outfit can be a difficult task. Fortunately, TheFind includes specialized features that help make the costume search much easier. Read on for tips about how to navigate TheFind’s tools for quicker shopping.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 3.26.22 PM (2)

1. Go to and type in “halloween costumes” into the search engine bar

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 3.59.22 PM

2. Narrow down your search by locating the filter options on the far right of the page. Select a filter according to which category best fits what type of costume you are looking for. Notice that the bottom of the “Departments” filter option indicates “More…” By clicking on this, a box will appear with multiple other departments.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 4.02.20 PM

3. Once your department has been chosen, eliminate costumes that are out of your budget and taste with the “prices” and “colors” filter. Last, locate nearby stores with the “stores” feature. For more detailed instructions on how to utilize the location feature, refer to “How to Use TheFind to Purchase Labor Day BBQ Supplies.”