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Fall Shoe Trends

  • posted September 19th, 2014
  • Fashion

Time to pack away your sandals and flip-flops and bring out the boots for fall! The cooler weather calls for warmer footwear, but there is such a huge assortment of styles that you can pick from. Here are a few options suggested by Huffington Post and there are many more on their website as well.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.56.52 PM

Credit: Glamorous, HD Fashion Style, DSW, Garbo Candy

-       Ankle Boot: Ankle boots are great for casual everyday outfits. A popular trend that has recently emerged is the cut out style. These have sections of the ankle boot cut out, letting the feet breathe and also adding an edgy feel to your outfit.

-       Ankle Heel Boot: Ankle heel booties are perfect for dressing up an outfit. They are very appropriate for the professional field. Heel booties compliment a nice business outfit very well.

-       Riding Boot: Riding boots are nice for really cold weather. They go up higher on the legs and look great with a pair of jeggings or jeans. Riding boots are especially convenient when it is drizzly outside because many of them are waterproof and will keep your feet and pants dry—making them a more appealing alternative to rain boots.

-       Thigh High Boot: Feeling spicy? Thigh-high boots are super chic and fun. Cold weather makes it hard to dress up for a night out on the town, but thigh-highs are perfect for date night or even out at the clubs with your girlfriends. They can be sexy and elongate your legs.


How to Wear Maxis in the Fall

Maxi dresses are a common spring and summer fashion trend, but paired with the right accessories, they can also be a huge statement in the fall. Take a look at these tips on different ways to wear maxi dresses and skirts as the weather changes.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.34.00 PM (2)

Credit: Wedding Party App, Refinery29, Pinterest

-       Cardigan/Sweater: One of All Women Stalk’s 7 suggested ways to wear a maxi dress is to wear a cardigan or sweater. Tucking a sweater into a high wasted maxi skirt will accentuate your waist while also making you look taller. Putting a lightweight cardigan over a maxi dress will cover your shoulders nicely for the cooler fall weather and also keep your wardrobe appropriate for more professional settings.

-       Scarf: Scarves are always appropriate for fall weather. They transform a summer maxi dress into a chic fall outfit. Printed scarves can liven and dress up a solid color maxi dress, making you stand out from the crowd.

-       Belt: Maxi dresses don’t always fit perfectly. For dresses that are too loose and baggy, accessorizing with a belt will shape the dress around your figure. This also helps avoid looking like you are wearing a frumpy bag. Along with belts, tying a simple knot at the bottom of a dress is a stylish way to add character to your outfit, while secretly hemming the length to fit shorter girls. These are two trendy ways make oversized maxi dress look more flattering.

Q&A with Women’s Health Fashion Director: Jacqueline Azria

  • posted September 10th, 2014
  • Fashion

Welcome to another installment of TheFind’s Q&A series with style leaders from our favorite publications. Fashion director of Women’s Health, Jacqueline Azria, shares her favorite trends, brands and inspiration tips. With a passion for timeless, effortless and affordable fashion pieces, Jacqueline shares her personal shopping habits and what items she splurges on. We’re excited to share Jacqueline’s expertise and fashion advice!


How do you find out about new trends / brands?

There are a lot of places to look.  I always look around New York City, where I live, but also everywhere I travel in the US and abroad. The street is an endless source of inspiration. TV shows, movies and music are also part of what I absorb on a daily basis in the search for trends. I attend many industry events and visit a lot of showrooms which allow me to see the trending fabrics, prints and styles that will flow the retail market in advance. Surprisingly, runway is probably less of a resource since it feels more like a magnified, albeit beautiful, condensed version of all these other sources of inspiration. It is still a great tool though and it is a powerful way to define a fashion period, but you can be inspired almost anywhere you go.

What are some of your favorite trends / brands?

I am very much in love with anything that has an effortless allure. I hate fussy. Being French, the whole Charlotte Gainsbourg/Jane Birkin style has a strong influence on me—an androgynous sexy silhouette. Skinny blazers and jeans, slouchy tops, very high heels or converse sneakers. Among the high-end brands, I love Saint Laurent, Rick Owens, Balenciaga… and I am a huge fan of Isabel Marant of course! In the more accessible market, I love J Brand, Acne, Zadig & Voltaire, Maje, Free People, and absolutely J Crew!

Do you search for specific brands for your readers and do you try to stay within a specific price range?

In general I am looking for brands our readers will be able to find and afford. That means trying to stay away from too obscure or one-of-a-kind that may not be realistic for the Women’s Health reader.  Adding some higher price point, inspirational pieces is good to keep the stories exciting and to give new styling ideas. It brings a bit of dream and spark to our features. Even if someone can’t buy a specific piece, they may get inspired by what it brings to the look and find something similar at a more friendly cost. Aside from finding items that are accessible and affordable, I try to keep the looks wearable. I don’t want to take our readers out of their comfort zone, but I do want to expand that zone!

How do you decide which styles/trends to splurge on? 

The splurges for me have to be on somewhat timeless trendless pieces. A Hermès cuff, a Christian Louboutin sandal or pump, a flawless Helmut Lang blazer, these will always make everything else in my closet shine. I am a big high and low believer and a simple V neck white tee and a great pair of jeans will always look impeccable mixed with a couple of very high quality items. It’s all about the right materials and cuts.

Do you have any online shopping habits?

I can go crazy on the Free People site. I am a big tank and t-shirt girl so NastyGal is a great site for that. To be honest, I will be on sites researching a story I am working on and find myself digging for my credit card! Bad!

What tips do you have for our readers?

I would say the most important thing is to find your fashion voice. Some of us are looking and feeling great in a boho chic 60′s 70′s style like Rachel Zoe, or a Kate Moss type will always have a bit of a Rock edge to her style. Once you find yourself, the styles you are drawn to, you can experiment and play up the whole gamut within that personal range. For instance, I am not a girlie girl, but I will easily fall in love with a lace shirt as long as I can wear it with skinny leather pants!

What is one item in your home you couldn’t live without?

Besides a mirror? Kidding!  I am not sure there is one thing. I have a strong addiction to shoes, bags, blazers, jeans, t-shirts and cereals!! If I had to pick, maybe it would have to be the perfect motorcycle jacket!

What inspires you?

Interestingly, fashion in general inspires me. I read a lot of fashion and photography books and magazines from all over the world. I get excited by old images of Mick and Bianca or the latest cover of Another with Kate Moss. And even if some of these images or styles may not be directly relevant to our readers, bringing a little bit of it to the pages does actually keep the magazine fresh.

wh2.jpegHear the latest from Jacqueline on Twitter.

Q&A with The Washingtonian’s Asst Fashion Editor: Valeria Boucas

  • posted September 8th, 2014
  • Fashion

Welcome to the third installment of TheFind’s Q&A series with style leaders from our favorite publications. Assistant fashion editor of The Washingtonian, Valeria Boucas, shares her shopping secrets and practical fashion wisdom. Effortless and comfortable, Valeria highlights the brands and styles that will outlive fleeting trends and help us to look and feel more confident. We’re excited to share her tips and insight with you!


How do you find out about new trends / brands?

I work in fashion so PR reps send me hundreds of pitches a day with their clients/brands. The pitches typically include images so as I go through, if I see something that catches my eye I’ll do additional research and keep a running list of all the brands I like for future reference. is a great place to access trends.

What are some of your favorite trends / brands?

I don’t really follow trends to be honest. I’m more of a classic dresser- I’ll go for those timeless staples that you can wear over and over again in all sorts of ways. I absolutely love Agnona, Celine, Mulberry, Maiyet, and The Row. See the pattern? All simple, clean designers are my go-to. That’s why I love La Garconne. They make the best fitting t-shirts and everything is just simple and easy just the way I like it. If I’m not comfortable in something, forget it.

How do you decide which styles/trends to splurge on?

Anything that’s flattering, I’ll buy. I definitely don’t splurge on any trends. See peplum? And wedge sneakers? And even earlier than that if you think back to the UGG era, and Juicy Couture velour jump suits- Trends last such a short period of time that I really don’t recommend ever really splurging on any big trend. Of course, if it’s a trend you really believe in and can see yourself loving for awhile even when the rest of the world has moved onto something else, I’d say for sure- go for it!

Do you have any online shopping habits?

My problem is I won’t shop for a while and then boom I’ll go crazy. My worst habit is I’ll pinpoint something in my wardrobe that I really need more of, most recently I realized I didn’t really have many stylish pants and had been living in jeans for too long so I decided to purchase a few. That turned into a major production and I wound up buying more than I should have from Saks, Barneys, Bergdorfs, Shopbop and Vince.

What tips do you have for our readers?

Wear what you feel good in. I know it sounds cliché but what you have on will only look as good as how you feel in it.

What is one item in your home you couldn’t live without?

Oooo that’s a tough one. Are we talking fashion-wise? If that’s the case I can’t live without my Tibi dresses. They’re so easy, comfortable and they look so great!

What inspires you?

Effortless people. If I see someone with a mask of makeup on, their hair perfectly done with an outfit to the 9s, it really doesn’t make my head turn quite like that person with their hair perfectly undone and an air of carefree sensibility that just makes them so much more intriguing. I’m forever inspired by those people because you know they look just the same when they’re in bed without their makeup on in their pajamas.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.35.20 AM For more on Valeria check out her personal blog here.

Wearing White After Labor Day: Because it Feels Good to be Bad

  • posted September 5th, 2014
  • Fashion

Fashion rules can be oppressing, in fact the tradition of not wearing white after Labor Day was created in order to make distinctions between classes even more apparent. Looks like Regina George wasn’t the first one as this practice began in the late 19th century. Fashion stylists today are flaunting the snobbery of no whites and embracing this color year round. Whether you want to stick it to the snobs of the 19th century or simply feel like white goes with everything, there are so many ways to rock this style trend. Put your elbows on the dinner table and hold your teacup with your pinky at ease while you peruse these daring fall fashion ensembles.

White Outfits

Source: HuffingtonPost

White denim is nearly as versatile as your trusty blues. Paired with rich greys and charcoals you’ll truly fit the season. For an added punch, tie in a colorful scarf that mimics the beauty of fall’s changing leaves.

White dresses aren’t just for cool summer days; they can be kept up through the fall and right into winter. With style choices like lace, embroidery, flowing or fitted – you can perfect this trend with your own individuality, because you really are as unique as a snowflake!

Chunky White Sweater

Source: Sheinside

Chunky white sweaters over tighter fitting jeans are effortlessly classy. The only problem is that you might be too cozy to leave the house and display your ensemble! Go curl up in your favorite coffee shop with a great book before the day is through – ‘tis the season.

Fall Fashion Trends

The end of summer is slowly approaching, but that only means it is time for a wardrobe change! These fashion trends will definitely get you excited about the fall season.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 9.47.38 AM

Credit: Glamour, The Boston Globe, Hollywood Life

-       Capes/Ponchos: The fall season can be tricky when it comes to fashion. The weather can be too cool for short sleeves but too warm for sweaters and hoodies. Capes and ponchos are perfect cover-ups to help keep you comfortable. They are lightweight and help make a lazy day outfit look “super-chic.”

-        Shoes: Fall weather allows you to wear many different shoes styles. According to Leah Karp, InStyle accessories director, leopard print, jewel tones, and textures are going to be popular trends in shoes this fall season. These are great ways to add a pop of color and fun to your wardrobe!

-       Shirt Dresses: Shirt dresses are becoming extremely trendy! You can pair a shirt dress with a big, chunky statement necklace and go for a professional look in the office. You can also add a belt, a pair of boots, and a scarf for a more casual style.

Pre-Labor Day Fashion

“Don’t you know you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day?”

-Prisoner #2, “Dukes of Hazzard” (2005)

With Labor Day around the corner, now is your last chance to show off your best white ensembles. Get inspired with Refinery 29’s all-white fashion ideas below:

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.29.05 AM (2)

Credit: Island Company, Refinery29

 -       Shirt Dress: If you want a more professional appearance, go with a white shirtdress. A tailored piece will give you a clean, crisp appearance—plus it can be worn after work or on weekends when paired with flats or sneakers.

-       Simple: Wearing white doesn’t need to be complex. Keep it simple with a classic crewneck top paired with fitted trousers, shorts or a skirt and some white brogues.

-       Accent Color: Balance your sleek white look with an accent color. Look for a piece with design details that incorporate another shade—as long as it doesn’t overwhelm the white.

-       Layer: Layer various shades of white for a more interesting monochrome appearance. To pull off this look, focus on only a slight variation of shades. Try mixing a white dress with an off-white jacket.

Q&A with 5280 Magazine’s Fashion Editor: Georgia Alexia Benjou


Welcome to another  installment of TheFind’s Q&A series with style leaders from our favorite publications. International stylist and fashion editor of 5280 Magazine, Georgia Alexia Benjou shares her tricks for staying up to date on the latest trends and finding style inspiration. We’re thrilled she chose to share her favorite fashion essentials and shopping finesse with us.

How do you find out about new trends / brands?

For trends, I review the runway shows from NYC, London, Milan, and Paris. I’ll also check out trend forecasting sites. Discovering new brands is a bit more difficult. With so much merchandise in the market right now, finding well-designed clothing or accessories that also offers something original can be a challenge. Even if you do find an exciting new brand, whether or not they’ll have enough media and consumer support to survive is always a big question. In an effort to give young designers additional support, Denver-based photographer Hans Rosemond and I are in the process of launching a website with a focus on new brands.

What are some of your favorite trends / brands?
Right now, I’ve been really interested in the work of Chitose Abe of Sacai for how she mixes fabrics and creates shapes; Gareth Pugh and Junya Watanabe, who are conceptual designers and create some of the most beautiful Ready-to-Wear pieces each season; Haider Ackermann for his romantic draping and layering, as well as his eye for color; and for luxury houses, Céline and Bottega Veneta, because both have a very modern take on luxury for women aheadshot cropnd bring functionality to their designs. Finally, I’m interested to see how New York-based designer Chris Gelinas continues to develop his line (his Fall 2014 collection had a lot of strong pieces).

Do you search for specific brands for your readers and do you try to stay within a specific price range?

I don’t focus on specific brands; I’m more interested in good design and if a piece or look fits the story I’m working on. Because everyone’s budget is different and what someone is willing to splurge on is a very personal decision, I tend to operate within a broad price range. Plus, I know even if I can’t afford a specific, high-end piece, I want to be inspired by it and figure out how I can find something similar, but within my budget. It’s the hunt and discovery for that perfect item that’s still half the fun.

How do you decide which styles/trends to splurge on? 

Because of my job, my wardrobe needs to be multi-functional and go from day to evening easily. An item is worth splurging on if it suits my style and I feel good in it. Some of the designers I wear include Helmut Lang, the now defunct Theyskens’ Theory, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Zoe Karssen T-shirts, and Preen. I mix these lines with tailored pieces I own from Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana (from when I worked in NYC), and 1960s and 70s vintage.

Do you have any online shopping habits?

Like many people, I research a lot online. If a local store has an item I’m interested in, then I will purchase it through them.

What tips do you have for our readers?

  • Always choose quality over quantity.
  • Your style changes as your life changes. If your old wardrobe isn’t working any longer (or if you’re uncertain about it), start a restyle by honestly assessing your day-to-day and how it’s changed.
  • When shopping discount or sale items, it’s not a deal if you’re not in love with a piece, if it requires a lot of tailoring to fit properly and/or if it doesn’t work with the rest of your closet.

What is one item in your home you couldn’t live without?

My MacBook Pro. I feel like my entire life is on it: photo shoots, concept notebooks and story ideas, Christmas gift and card lists, family photos, bills to pay, music (so important!) – the list goes on and on.

What inspires you?

I routinely turn to photography, art, music, film, and travel for inspiration. However, lately I also like checking out things my 9 year-old niece is into.


Guys & Girls Back-to-School Fashion

Is your wardrobe ready for the upcoming school year? Check out our back-to-school fashion tips and head to class in style:

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 3.42.40 PM

Credit: Seventeen


-       Grunge: The 90’s are making a comeback and grunge fashion pieces are one of the top trends for back-to-school fashion this fall. Look for grunge pieces that have a feminine touch with floral prints and flirty shapes such as scoop neck tops, oversized sweaters, faux leather skirts and bowler hats.

-       Plaid: Incorporate plaid into your ensemble with shirts, dresses, skirts or leggings. Give plaid pieces a twist by looking for plaid in pastel shades, sheer fabric or mix them with other prints.

-       Kitchy Prints: Quirky graphic prints are a fun trend that gives your style a unique feel. Look for prints such as stars, lips or animals on sweaters, jewelry, skirts and dresses.

-       Pastels: Bright shades don’t just have to be worn in Spring. Pastel colors look great with cozy knits and wool jackets. We recommend pairing them with darker shades for a fall fashion and interesting contrast.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 3.44.54 PM

Credit: ShopStyle, Esquire, AE


-       Corduroys: Skinny corduroy pants are a great alternative to jeans. Not only do they give your style a classy feel, but they also look better the more worn and abused they become. We recommend a deep olive green color that is ideal for fall and winter.

-       Plaid: A plaid shirt never gets old. Make sure to find one with a fit trim that lines up with your shoulders and don’t tuck it in.

-       Sweater: A sweater is an essential wardrobe piece for fall. Don’t be afraid to go bold—look for bright colored sweaters that help you stand out.

-       Polo: Swapping out simple T-shirts for Polos is a simple way to give your look a more grown up and fashion-forward appearance.

-       Florsheim Boots: Fall weather means a good pair of boots will come in handy. Florsheim boots are both a stylish and practical option that are made to last.

This Week on TheFind Blog: Back-to-School College Gear, Gadgets for Grade Schoolers, Outside Lands Survival Guide & Study Spaces for Success

Did the week fly by? Catch up on what’s happened on TheFind blog this week with the recap below:

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 9.28.25 AM

Credit:, Mashable,, Real Simple

-       Send your college students back to school with this must-have school gear.

-       Consider these kid-friendly educational gadgets for your grade school kiddos.

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