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Kid-Friendly Easter Activities

With Easter just a couple of weeks away, it’s time to start planning how you’re going to spend it. Check out the ideas listed below for some fun activities to make Easter a bit more exciting this year:


Credit: Spoonful

-       Easter Bunny Photo Craft:  Turn your child’s face into a funny, framed art project with this Easter bunny photo craft. To make it, you’ll first need a mini frame – you can purchase one or cut it out of cardstock. Make ears by cutting a square of felt, folding it in half and cutting 2 ear shapes at the same time – do the same for the pink inner-ear part. Leave a bit of space at the bottom of the ears so you can attach them to the back of the frame. Then make the nose by cutting a small triangle shape of felt and glue three pom-poms on to it. Finish the frame by cutting a square for the teeth and gluing the teeth and pom-pom triangle to the bottom of the frame.

-       Treasure Hunt: What would Easter be without the traditional Easter Egg Hunt? Make the hunt a bit more interesting by hiding your youngster’s basket, too with this Easter Treasure Hunt. Start by numbering plastic eggs that hold clues leading to their basket. Hide the basket, then write a clue to its location, place it inside egg number 6 and hide it. Write the clue to the hiding place of egg number 6, and place it in egg number 5, and so on. Start the hunt by giving your child the first clue in egg number 1 when they get up Easter morning.


Credit: Parenting

-       Easter Bunny Sock Puppet: This sock puppet craft is not only fun to make – you’re kiddos will also have a blast playing with their creations after. To make it, begin make a cut from the toe of a crew sock all the way to the beginning of the heel – make sure you cut through the center of the foot section so that you have two equal-sized ears. Turn the sock inside-out and use a whip stitch to stich the ears together. Then turn the socks right-side out, cut a nose out of pink felt and glue it on with tacky glue. Use felt, wiggly eyes or buttons for eyes and glue or stitch them into place.

Get The Look: Happy Easter Home Decor

  • posted April 6th, 2014
  • Home

Credit: KnockOffDecor

It’s time to decorate for spring and what better way than to celebrate Easter.  Pottery Barn has a great selection of versatile pieces to create a gorgeous centerpiece, mantle decoration or side table display.  Start off with a white Langdon Vase made of earthenware with a distressed glazed finish.  They are available in 4 different sizes so you can find one just right for your space.  Add a faux cherry blossom branch. With it’s wire stem, it can be bent for shaping the arrangement. Then, use a set of faux eggs hanging from twine to spell out “Happy Easter” from the branches.  The set is hand painted in ivory with hand-applied black letter decals.  Finally, surround your arrangement with candles, Sisal Bunnies or any other items that make you think spring.

Would You Splurge on Essie’s At-Home Gel Manicure System?

  • posted April 5th, 2014
  • Beauty

012314-gelCredit: NailsMag

Although it doesn’t leave my nails in the best condition, I love me a gel mani! I quickly got hooked on gel manicures after finally taking the plunge and popping my Shellac ”cherry” last summer, after too many years of wasted money on insufficient, chip-prone “regular” manicures. And then last fall, like it was meant to be, one of my favorite nail polish brands Essie released their own professional LED gel system. Essie’s system boasts a gentler, care-conscious take on the traditional in-salon gel manicure that won’t leave nails in crappy condition when it’s time to take them off, and also comes equipped with a line of 36 gel shades to keep your nail game on-point! Of course, a salon-worthy tool like this doesn’t come cheap; the lamp itself will cost you a pretty penny ($199 to be exact), but think of all the money you’ll save on salon manis in the future!

Have you tried Essie’s at-home LED gel system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

On the Go: Green Transportation

  • posted April 5th, 2014
  • Green

Green transportation is not only good for the earth but can also be cost-efficient, healthy and relaxing. Check out the tips below for how to make the best of earth-friendly transportation:


Credit: San Diego Green Transpiration

-       Public Transportation:

o   Apps: Most major cities have public transit apps for both iPhone and Android. If yours doesn’t, consider getting an app like iNextBus or Google Maps that have useful bus schedule tips and information – all you need to do is type in your current location and destination and let the apps tell you the best way to get there.

o   Bus Stops: Make sure you arrive at your stop early because public transpiration is not perfectly timed. It is also wise to check the weather before you leave so you are dressed properly and comfortably while you wait.

o   On the Ride: If you don’t feel like socializing with other commuters, noise-reducing headphones are an easy way to avoid unwanted social interaction. Make the ride even more enjoyable by doing whatever activity you like best – whether it be crossword puzzles, sudoku, podcasts or books. With all the people that pass through public transit everyday—and the germs that come with them—it is also a good idea to bring hand sanitizer with you.

-        Biking:

o   Attire: If your commute is longer than 20-30 minutes, you may be more comfortable in cycling shorts. If you are heading to work, consider bringing a change of clothes to your office the day before you ride or carry them with you in a backpack.

o   Gear: To ensure you are prepared for any accidents, protect your head by wearing a helmet.  If you are commuting in the early morning or late evening hours, wear reflective gear and put a flashing tail light on your bike.

-       Walking:

o   Attire: If you are walking to work, leave a pair of work appropriate shoes at the office so you can wear comfortable walking shoes on your trek.  If your walk is more than 20 minutes, consider wearing walking clothes and changing into your work clothes once you get there. Since you’ll be outside be sure to wear sunscreen and for extra protection, a hat. Carry your belongings in a backpack or messenger bag to help you keep a good walking form.

o   Apps: Your walking route may be different than driving, so use an app like Google Maps to find the best route. It can also be helpful to track how fast you walk and how long it takes you to get to your destination with an app like RunKeeper, so in the future you can plan for the appropriate amount of time it takes you to get to your destination.


Five Pairs of Sexy Cage Booties That’ll Give You Spring Fever

011614-cageCredit: Alex Gambardella

There’s something undeniably appealing about cage booties – several things, really! For one, they’re totally sexy without being overly glammed-up, like the happy medium between a strappy heel and your favorite trusty pair of goes-with-everything boots. Plus, unlike more fall-friendly takes on the classic bootie, cage booties are perfect for warmer weather, giving your feet some natural breathing room in the best way possible. But with so many on-trend options, how does one even know where to start? Well, for your perusing pleasure, I’ve rounded up five pairs of cage booties (including both dressy and casual versions) that’ll suit any budget, and most importantly, get you geared up for the spring season ahead! Browse away, courtesy of the links below!

Pictured above: MICHAEL Michael Kors Yvonne Bootie, Franco Sarto ‘Salito’ Bootie, Sam Edelman ‘Ellie’ Cage Peep Toe Bootie, Jeffrey Campbell Brianza Shoe in White Patent, and MIA ‘Sherri’ Bootie.

Spring Attire – Skirts

With so many lengths, cuts, colors and patterns, figuring out which skirt to wear – and what to wear it with – is not an easy task. Check out the tips below we spotted on InStyle to help you find the most flattering combinations:


Credit: InStyle

-        Form-Fitting Pencil Skirt: Pair a flattering, form-fitting pencil skirt with leg-lengthening nude pumps to give your ensemble even more glam. For an exceptionally glitzy style, look for a skirt with an embellished fabric.

-       Asymmetrical Skirt: Asymmetical skirts are ideal for showing off your limbs. Wear flattering ankle strap heels to give your legs and extra oomph.

-       Monochromatic:  A continuum of color will create an elongating silhouette. We recommend a silver skirt and pumps for an especially glamorous and sophisticated look. 

-       Tweed Skirt: Give a textured skirt such as one with tweed fabric an upgrade with patterned heels. This unexpected combo will give your outfit a surprise boost of glam.

-       High-Waisted Midi Skirt: Highlight your calves with a form-fitting, below-the-knee midi. Accent the piece with easy-to-walk in wedges.

-       Mini Skirt: A high-hemline skirt is great for showing off some leg. Show them off confidently with a pair of patterned flats.

-       Full Skirt: For a chic fashion, dress up a full, knee-length skirt with platform pumps. 

-       High-Split Pencil: A high-split pencil skirt creates a flattering long line – wear it with strappy sandals for an even more slimming effect.

How to Use TheFind When Purchasing a Tablet

Purchasing a new tablet can be an overwhelming and stressful process. TheFind can help eliminate the stress with some useful tools available online or via smartphone apps. First, to help you narrow down the list of options, check out our blog post on the top tablets options here.


-       Search Local: We recommend getting your hands on a tablet to see what you think. Use the local search feature to show nearby retailers with your specific device choices.

-       Barcode Scan & Price Comparison: When you check out the tablet in person, you can barcode scan the item you like best and perform a price comparison. Simply scan a barcode in-store by touching the ‘barcode’ icon in the app to get all available published prices. If an item qualifies for Price Match, just show the sales associate the Price Match screen to get that deal.

-       Purchase & Track: Once you feel you’ve found the best product, its time to purchase. If you aren’t happy with the price in store, use TheFind to purchase your tablet online, then track your order and keep an eye on your ship dates, expected arrival times and return window.

Happy (Almost) April Fool’s Day

Not sure how to prank your kids this April Fool’s Day? Check out the ideas we’ve collected below for some fun practical jokes to play on your kiddos – or any unsuspecting victims:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 4.15.05 PM

Credit: Parenting

-       Got Milk?: Put a few drops of food coloring in a solid container of milk and watch their puzzled faces when they pour their morning cereal.  

-       Mouse Malfunction: This one is perfect for older kids that check their computers often. Stick a piece of tape over the tracking ball on their computer mouse, it prevents it from working and they won’t understand why.

-       If The Shoe Fits: Stuff bunched up toilet paper into your victim’s shoes – they will wonder why their shoes suddenly don’t fit.

-       Chain Reaction: Sneak into their underwear drawer and safety pin all of their undies so that when they pull out one, all of them will come out behind it.

-       Veggie Chips: Carefully open the bottom of a single-serving chips bag and dump out the chips. Fill the bag with baby carrots instead and reseal the bottom of the bag with double-sided tape. Your kids will be shocked and confused when they go for a snack.

-       Backwards Dinner: Throw your kids for a loop by making a backwards dinner. Bake meatloaf in a 12-cup muffin tin and frost them with mashed potatoes for a “cupcakes” dinner – if you want to go all out add food coloring to the spuds. Then for desert, toast strips of pound cake for a dessert of “French fries” and top it off with red frosting for ketchup.

Stamp Into Spring: Embossed Easter Cookies

easterCredit: Williams-Sonoma

Little bakers will delight in making Easter cookies with this easy-to-use stamp set.  The spring loaded stamp comes with three different decorated egg designs that emboss each egg-shaped cookie as it’s precisely cut out.  The stainless steel construction slices cleanly through the cookie dough while the stamp leaves behind decorative details that are fun to embellish with icing and sugars.  To use, just press firmly into your rolled out dough to cut the edges, then depress the spring to release the embossed shapes.  You’ll love the fine detail that this specialty stamp offers.  The Easter Stamp Cookie Cutter Set from Williams-Sonoma retails for around $10.


Get Crafty: Easter Egg Chalk Decorating

Credit: Williams-Sonoma

Forego smelly vinegar and traditional Easter egg dye this year in favor of the much more trendy chalkboard style decorating.  The Williams-Sonoma Chalkboard Easter Egg Decorating Kit comes with everything you need to transform your eggs into mini chalkboards creating one-of-a-kind works of art.  The chalkboard base paint comes in light blue, pink and black, all of which make a beautiful background for the blue, white, yellow and lavender chalk you’ll be writing and drawing your designs on with.  The kit also includes an egg blower to hollow out the egg shells, a paintbrush and egg tray.  Get ready to celebrate spring in style!  The Chalkboard Easter Egg Decorating kit retails for around $13.





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