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Soothe While You Shine with These Lip Balm/Lip Gloss Hybrids!

As the weather warms up and we’re slowly but surely getting enticed to brave the sunny outdoors for summery activities, it’s always important to make sure to be adequately protected from the sun. And while it may be easy to remember slathering on SPF for all your vital exposed skin, it’s also important to give proper attention to extra-sensitive areas like your lips! Having chapped lips is one of the #1 summer beauty woes (not to mention that fact that it makes sipping salt-rimmed margaritas much more painful than necessary!), and lets face it — regular gloss often just doesn’t cut it when it comes to providing the moisturizing power you need. My quick remedy is usually to layer balm and gloss to make sure I have my bases covered, but why not opt for a multi-tasking gloss-balm hybrid that shines while it soothes and protects? Perfect for girls who want a little sheen and color, don’t want to skimp on protection, and also want to lighten the load in their purse, these balm glosses are bound to be your #1 beauty must-have for the summer!

From left to right: Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss, Philosophy Kiss Me Very Emollient Lip Balm, By Terry Rose Balm Gloss, Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss, and Givenchy Gelée D’Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm.

– Alex Gambardella

Mama Mio O Mega Wonder-Full Balm

Although there may be hints of spring upon us, as well as the ensuing shift of attitude that tends to accompany said hints along with pastel hues and lighter jackets, judging by this reviewer’s cuticles, winter is far from over. Essential to allow our skin to catch up with the slowly-changing weather system is the consistent use of a decent moisturizer. Consider Mamma Mio’s O-Mega Wonder-Full Balm.

Mamma Mio was founded by four female beauty experts spanning the US and UK with a shared interest of wanting to “feel good in [their] skin.” ( O-Mega Wonder-full Balm abides by the same principles applied to all Mamma Mio products: that is, it follows the “No Nasties” rule (no parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sodium laureth, soduym lauryl sulphate, colourants, synthetic fragrances or xenoestrogen), and a portion of proceeds from its sales is contributed to the Reach Leukaemia Appeal of the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London.

The product itself is cased in a user-(particularly traveler)-friendly pump, equipped with a solid cap to prevent any dreaded leaking into ones purse or carry-on. It is also convenient as it services essentially any surface of the skin at risk of dryness, including lips, cuticles, elbows, hands and feet. The gentle scent is the result of nine combined oils set in a beeswax base. Beware: very little goes a very long way, so use sparingly, or else you may wind up a bit greasy. That said, this product may just be the very best way to kiss that cold weather goodbye – with unchapped lips, no less!

From our friends at Short and Sweet NYC

Noodle & Boo Glowology: The Balm

is for you ($24, 6.5 oz). The Balm comes from the Glowology line by Noodle & Boo and glowology is defined as “the art of celebrating the beauty in every woman.” What lip balm is to dry lips, the Balm is to hands and feet, providing exceptional softening and hydration. The Balm is all natural with ingredients like organic shea butter, sunflower, bilberry, lemon, orange, sugar cane, and sugar maple. You could almost whip it up into something edible with ingredients like that! I used the lotion morning and night on my hands and after a week, my hands were smoother and hydrated. Due to its texture, I also used the lotion following a pedicure for a foot massage working the product into my feet and calves. While it is extremely hydrating, it doesn’t absorb immediately and takes some working into the skin. The only other shortcoming is the $24 price point, but The Balm is the bomb of lotions.

From our friends at Short and Sweet NYC

Organic Find – Revolution Organics

Revolution Organic’s motto is, “Guilt-free Glam” and that’s exactly what founders Melissa Shabinsky & Alexandra Zanella deliver with their line of skin care and cosmetics!

The two created Revolution Organics out of their own personal desire to simplify their lives and to make healthy, responsible lifestyle choices, beauty products included. Theye wanted luxurious, beautifully formulated, healthy multi-purpose beauty products that could do more so they could use less.

Revolution Organics products are all USDA certified Organic and contain no synthetic cehmicals, parabens, sulphates or artificial ingredients.

Revolution Organics All-Over Body Balm (pictured, above) is a multi-purpose body moisturizer in solid stick form and one of my favorite products in the line. It provided fantastic moisturization for my body without being too greasy, and was perfect to use on my cuticles before bed, and touching up lips, dry hands, heels/feet, & elbows. It’s travel-friendly and lightweight and even better – a little goes a long way, so you’re also saving money. If you have very dry facial skin, a thin coat can also be used as a moisturizer/primer as well. It’s a pricier balm than some on the market, but absolutely worth every penny!

Go–> Revolution Organics All-Over Body Balm

Beauty Glow Balm
This is another wonderful product. It can be used as a blush, lip color, highlighter and eye shade. The consistency was very creamy, soft, silky and blended like a dream!
My favorite shades were Sunkissed, which is a deep peach shade and Bronzed, which is a warm golden bronze shade. The great thing about the colors and formulas is that you can even mix them together for a great look with more depth.
For instance, I would often apply Sunkissed on the apples of my cheeks and on the brow bone and highlight my cheekbones with bronzed. I also played with combining the two to create a nice shimmery/bronze neutral lip shade as well.
Even as a lip shade, it had great staying power without drying out my lips. It gave a nice, light semi-matte finish that was perfect for day time. When I’m super busy and really don’t have time to apply much makeup, this product just makes it so easy to still feel pretty and pulled together!

Freedom Gloss
The gloss is really proof that a company can create beautiful cosmetic products in great, flattering colors using organic ingredients.
The wand for this gloss is a sponge tip applicator with a slant tip, and the formula is silky and extremely light. It went on smoothly and had very good color payoff. My favorite shades were Vibe, which is a fresh, warm peach shade with a bit of shimmer, and Integrity, which is a shimmering golden rose that will work on many skin tones.
As a matter of fact, another great feature of the colors that this line features is that they really do work well on many skin tones – from those with very yellow undertones, to olive complexions to very dark brown and everything in-between.
Again, I found that different Revolution products work extremely well together. I occasionally applied the Beauty Glow Balm first on my lips and then topped it off with the Freedom Gloss for a more finished, color-dense lip shade. I loved how the shades looked together and they also had great staying power layered this way. – RLB

From our friends at Palancinka Beauty Blog

The Ultimate Beauty Multi-Tasker and It’s Organic Too!

  • posted May 1st, 2009
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This little beauty all-in-one balm does it all. hair, skin, face. The perfect solution for busy women on the go. Made of certified organic ingredients, Revolution Organics beauty balm has over 22 uses, it is the ultimate beauty multi-tasker. Toss in your handbag, diaper bag or desk drawer. The handy portable twist up product is a moisturizing balm instantly softens and smoothes skin. It is great at soothing chapped lips, rough knees, and parched cuticles. Tame unruly flyaway hair and eyebrows. Preps your makeup and improves skin texture. Moms will love the preventative effects on stretch marks. The balm is enriched with organic butters and oils rich in vitamins A, B, C and E.

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