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Doe-Eyed & Doll-Faced with Bottom Lash Extensions!

  • posted February 1st, 2011
  • Beauty

While everyone is still raving about the rough-textured glittery nails at the Jeremy Scott show from New York Fashion Week, I on the other hand am still thinking about the raver-inspired, doll-like eye makeup that the models were sporting. Bright neon shadow, white liner, and bottom lashes (complemented by pigtails, no less), made for a playful look that was surprisingly alluring, though perhaps a bit too outlandish for the real world. However, as someone who’s recently become obsessed with false lashes, I’m convinced this wide-eyed makeup look is going to catch on, and Jeremy Scott’s ladies are just the foreshadowing of the more adventurous plays on the trend. After all, emphasized bottom lashes can still be surprisingly wearable — in fact, subtly stylish stars like Natalie Portman and Chloe Sevigny have already been spotted rocking the look on the red carpet, and the result is pretty and doll-like, as long as you have the right products!

Ditch the traditional black liner and rim the bottom lashline with a white liner like Shu Uemura’s Eye Light Pencil, and be sure to have a clear lash adhesive handy (I prefer black for top lashes, but clear is the way to go when testing out tricker lower lash application)! For the runway-esque doll look, choose a pair of strip lashes like Ardell Lower Lashes (112), or for a wispier, more natural look, Make Up For Ever has individual flared lashes made especially for the lower lash line. Top off with Clinique’s new Bottom Lash Mascara to avoid clumping and under-eye smudging, and you’re good to go! Bottom lash application may be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you may get addicted to your new Kewpie-inspired look!

Photo Credit: Ann Lawlor

- Alex Gambardella

Get The Most Out Of Your Fringe With These Lower Lash Mascaras!

  • posted August 23rd, 2010
  • Beauty

Let’s state the obvious: lush, full lashes are gorgeous. But in all your experiments with Latisse and false lashes, and testing every lash-enhancing mascara known to man, you may be totally underestimating the power of your own lashes by not taking full advantage of your fringe! No matter how many coats of the blackest mascara you apply, your applicator could be totally missing out on small corner lashes and your lower lash line, which can add big-time impact despite how insignificant your finer lashes may seem. Don’t fear — I’ve found a selection of mascaras designed specifically for making sure you have equal treatment for all your lashes; in other words, get ready for fuller, lusher-looking lashes without the extra help of falsies or treatments!

For fall, the doe-eyed doll look is totally in (within reason, of course — this is not an invite to apply your blush in garish doll-like circles), so make sure you pay special attention to your lower lash line! Imju Fiberwig slanted Tiny Sniper and Tarte’s Bottoms Up Mascara are made specifically for your lower lashes, with a budge-proof formula and tiny brush to make your bottom lashes really pop without unsightly smudges. If you’re not about to buy an extra tube of mascara just for your bottom lashes, many brands serve double-duty by providing an extra smaller brush for those hard-to-reach lashes, like Femme Couture Lash Detector Defining Mascara and Jillian Dempsey for Avon’s Professional Mascara. For a never-miss-a-lash all-in-one mascara, try Estee Lauder’s MagnaScopic Volumizing Mascara, which has a tapered brush for easier bottom-lash application!

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