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Perfect Your Night-Out Makeup With Sonia Kashuk’s Smokey Eye Brush Set

  • posted July 10th, 2012
  • Beauty

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a bit of a makeup freak, but despite my ever-growing collection of shades, products, and tools, my beauty routine itself remains rather boring. Maybe I’m too set in my ways, or maybe I’ve become too comfortable with the same makeup application I’ve known and trusted for years, but aside from switching to more dramatic shadow shades to transform my look from day to night, I don’t do much branching out with my eye makeup… and I think it’s time to change that! Thanks to Sonia Kashuk’s Smokey Eye Brush Set, avid makeup collectors like me and beauty newbies alike can experiment with new night-out looks with a set of brushes that actually spells it all out for us. Seriously! This handy 4-piece set includes step-by-step instructions, including a “paint by numbers” technique and clearly labeled brushes to help us makeup mavens achieve Sonia’s perfected smokey eye look. It’s practically fool-proof, even for experienced gals like me who have a hard time breaking a beauty habit – plus, they’re great quality brushes at a bargain price!

– Alexandra Gambardella

The Hello Kitty For Sephora Brush Set Is The Purrfect Purchase For Collectors!

I’ll say it loud and proud — I freaking love Hello Kitty! Most people wouldn’t guess from their first meeting with me (unless of course, they looked down at my HK rubber rain boots), but I definitely have a serious addiction to everything Kitty-adorned. Pair this Sanrio obsession with my even more lethal addiction to makeup, and I’m basically the world’s biggest sucker for HK-branded beauty loot. When MAC released their Hello Kitty collaboration two years ago, I was likely one of the first to jump on and pre-order the necessary pieces, so you’ll have to try to imagine my excitement when Sephora released their Hello Kitty collection early for Beauty Insiders (I knew that account would come in handy at some point!). When it comes to limited edition products that sell out fast, I tend to like to purchase (that is, when I’m forced to limit myself!) things that last — for example, the makeup brush set! Not only does it come in an adorable silver Hello Kitty figurine case, but the five brushes are also pretty darn cute themselves! While I’ve already had the chance to do my own little pre-Christmas shopping spree, be sure to get your hands on these HK goodies fast!

Lancome Holiday Brush Set For The Practical Beauty On Your List

  • posted December 1st, 2010
  • Beauty

Normally, makeup brushes are hardly something to get excited about — whether you’re gifting them, unwrapping them, or buying them for yourself. Sure, they’re a great purchase, especially when you find quality at an affordable price (nice brushes get expensive!), but you don’t typically squeal with glee upon receiving them and run off to experiment. After all, they’re usually more of a makeup necessity (if you consider cosmetics application a necessity — I sure do!) than an indulgence; in other words, brushes are something you need as opposed to something you want. However, the holiday season always seems to have a knack for transforming those ‘blah’ necessities into a totally adorable gift. Take the Lancome Holiday Brush Set, for example, a 5-piece set of brushes that covers all your bases (foundation, blush, contour, shadow, and blending) and comes in a pretty jeweled clutch! It’s perfect for the girl on your list who appreciates practical beauty gifts, but doesn’t necessarily want to be bored! And the best part? They’re recognizably holiday-festive with their shimmery grip and jeweled clutch, and therefore the ideal stocking stuffer, but not so much so that you’re unseasonably reminded of Christmas all year round!

– Alex Gambardella

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Eco Beauty Tools Help You Pamper with a Conscience!

  • posted November 1st, 2010
  • Beauty

I may not be the most eco-conscious gal around, but I try to do my part. I recycle. I take public transportation (or walk!) as much as possible. I’ve even planted a tree or two in my day. But if we’re being honest, my beauty routine isn’t doing the best job at minimizing my carbon footprint. You know, tons of hairspray, more than one occasion of leaving my flat iron on for hours at a time. But despite my missteps, I am open to revamping my beautifying to fit a more green regime (a little early 2011 resolution-making perhaps?), and the first step is to upgrade my arsenal of beauty tools with more eco-conscious options! For example, switch out your usual brush set for a sustainable Eco Tools set — you’ll be surprised how soft they are! And instead of a wooden hairbrush, opt for a more eco-friendly brush made from bamboo, like this one from Sephora Brand. And if you can’t live without your hair styling tools, blow-dry and flat iron with energy-conserving heated tools like this Sedu Revolution Pro Green Dryer and this Pure Heat Earthstik Flat Iron!

– Alex Gambardella

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Beautify On The Go With Sephora’s Color-Dipped Travel Brush Set

  • posted September 15th, 2010
  • Beauty

I’ve mentioned my newfound love for Sephora Collection makeup brushes before, and I have to say, they’ve struck again in the realm of beauty tools! I’m totally loving this mini travel brush set, not only because it’s compact (read: travel-friendly!) and affordable, but because it’s gorgeous to boot! After all, when the product is something boringly functional like makeup brushes, it definitely helps to make them fun and pretty to serve as a more festive addition to my makeup collection. Plus, it’s a little extra incentive to take good care of them!

This particular set comes with either purple or blue-dipped brushes with a matching case, and contains a foundation brush, powder/blush brush, and a shadow brush — basically anything you’d need for an emergency touch-up on the go! While the brushes may be downgraded in size for easier portability, they’re mighty and definitely don’t sacrifice quality for convenient transportation. The bristles, aside from being colorful, are super soft and perfect for face and eye makeup application on the go! And at $18 for a $50 value, I’d take these pretty Sephora brushes over a wallet-burning set from MAC any day!

-Alex Gambardella
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