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Banish Blemishes All Day Long With an Under-Makeup Spot Treatment

  • posted January 1st, 2012
  • Beauty

If you’ve ever been surprise-attacked by a blemish (who hasn’t?), you know that feeling of panicked desperation that overcomes you. So many questions run through your mind – Where did this come from? How do I cover it? Do I dare go out in public with this blotchy zit cream on my face? and WHY, GOD, WHY? Luckily, you can be discreet as possible and kill two birds with one stone with a spot treatment that tackles your blemish while still appearing invisible under makeup. Yes, some of our favorite beauty and skin care brands realize that zits are not meant to be broadcasted, so they’ve developed treatments that will help minimize the appearance of blemishes and still blend seamlessly under your regular makeup without irritating the unsightly bump even more! Of course, these don’t work miracles, but they’ll at least ease your morning panic and help you fight blemishes without interrupting your beautifying!

From left to right: Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal, TheBalm Liquid Spot Concealer, Clinique Acne Solutions Post Blemish Formula, and Le Metier de Beaute Correcteur Concealer.

– Alexandra Gambardella

Fabulous Find: Surf’s Up in Sass & Bide’s “Take it to the Streets” Tank Dress

The beach is calling, can you hear it? The sun is shining, the breeze is cool, I can hear the waves crashing on the shore and washboard abs slamming on the surfboards. Yes! We’re in Northern California and despite what you may have heard about San Francisco, we have sexy, supermodel-like surfers in this area, too! And I found the cutest tank dress to wear in front of those studs that will catch their eye without you even having to try: Sass & Bide’s “Take it to the Streets” oatmeal cotton and linen-blend tank dress. Playfully printed with the words “Defend the People” in multicolored letters, you won’t be short of color or questions from intrigued onlookers. A great cover up to your own bikini, it’s a no-brainer, beach-ready chic ensemble that only needs to be worn with a pair of gladiator sandals and sunglasses. Switch it up for casual wear with a pair of tights and a cropped denim jacket. Now, the only thing you’ll have to think of is a witty conversation-starting answer to snag surfer boys number.

– Mira Torres

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