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Daily Obsesh – Knitted Coffee Sleeve

Around Stylehive, we are obsessed with accessories that are cute, cozy and practical, and we are also obsessed with being environmentally friendly, which naturally means we are just about crazy for the Knitted Coffee Sleeves on Curiosity Shoppe! Hand knit by artist Jacqueline Dufresne, and available in both white and red (perfect for the holidays!), these little cozies for your to-go tea and coffee will have you the envy of all the fashionistas at your local corner Starbucks. Not only are these sleeves adorable and unique, they are reusable and make a cardboard beverage sleeve unnecessary, so you can feel good about saving some trees while sipping on your cup of joe. And don’t forget to spread the love, these knitted sleeves will make the perfect gift for any coffee or tea lover in your life!

Where to Buy – Curiosity Shoppe Online

From our fabulous friends at Stylehive

Allie Walker Designs Hip Grip Sherpa Reusable Cup Sleeve

If you’re reading this then it’s likely you already have a reusable coffee cup but you can take a small step towards living greener by adding a re-usable cup sleeve too. According to About My Planet , In the US, 16 billion cups are used for coffee each year. This equals about 6.5 million trees. Overall, North Americans use 58% of all paper cups, amounting to a staggering 130 billion cups – including hot and cold beverages. But other countries, particularly China, are starting to catch up.

When I started looking around I saw a lot of really cute and stylish reusable coffee sleeves but by far my favorite is this Sherpa Reusable Cup Sleeve by Allie Walker Designs. The Sherpa fabric cup sleeve is reusable and has a soft fluffy white border. This eco-chic insulated alternative to throw-away cup sleeves would make a great gift too!

From our friends at Deal Hippie

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