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Rebagz Cinchy Tote: Sustainable & Fashionable

  • posted July 10th, 2011
  • Green

Rebagz is taking eco-friendly to the next level by pairing sustainability with vivid fashion.  You won’t find “beige and itchy” at Rebagz.  Instead you’ll find beautiful, stylish bags made from brightly colored recycled rice sacks or other recycled materials.  Not only are Rebags eco-friendly, they’re human friendly too because all bags are made under fair labor conditions and carry Green America’s Seal of Approval.  This Cinchy Tote is perfect as a handbag, carry-on, shopping bag or gym bag.  It’s sturdy enough to hold almost anything and features 3 spacious inside compartments.  The strap drop length is 10″ making it easy to carry over your shoulder.  Cinchy Totes come in different designs and retail for around $68.

- Holly Duce


Eco-Foil: Socially Responsible Disposable Bakeware

  • posted June 27th, 2011
  • Green

Did you know that you can use disposable bakeware and still be socially responsible?  It’s true!  Just use Eco-Foil products.  Not only are they 100% recyclable, but they are made from 100% recycled aluminum, a phenomenon called “closed-loop recycling.”    When you recycle your Eco-Foil products after use you complete the cycle.  Your old pans will be made into new ones.  Eco-Foil products are available in different sizes including an oval King Roaster pan great for turkeys, 13 x 9 cake pans, square cake pans and a roaster/baker size which is perfect for freezer cooking.  The Cook-n-Carry line of pans features plastic lids made from 100% recycled materials.  This line of Eco-Foil products is excellent for potlucks and barbecues .  Transport your food easily without having to bring home a dirty pan or accidentally leaving it behind.  Save natural resources and protect the earth by using Eco-Foil.

(image can be linked to

dsolv Bags: From Corn to Compost

  • posted June 25th, 2011
  • Green

Paper lawn bags, while environmentally friendly, aren’t very practical.  They can easily turn soggy and spill their contents before they are picked up for the composting facility.  A better alternative is dsolv.  dsolv bags are compostable mesh yard waste bags made from corn-based bio resin.  These large bags are designed for strength and durability when you need it, yet break down completely and return to the soil when composted.  The dsolv Starter Kit includes 8 dsolv bags, a spring-loaded sleeve, carrying handle, and a storage pouch.  The sleeve is a handy tool that pops up to hold your bag upright for easy filling.  The handle allows you to carry more than one bag at a time.  Yard work isn’t easy but properly disposing of yard waste is with dsolv bags.  Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to dsolv.  The starter kit retails for about $25.

- Holly Duce

LivingEthos: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Gift Wrap

  • posted June 24th, 2011
  • Green

A California mom with a background in solar energy marketing decided one holiday season that her family would go green and not use any disposable wrapping paper.  Instead, she got out her sewing machine and some pretty fabric came up with an idea to sew and use cloth gift bags.  Her idea was such a hit that she took it a step further and LivingEthos was born.  Now everyone can gift items the eco-friendly way, even if they can’t sew.  LivingEthos cloth gift bags come in sets of four and range in size from mini to large.  From fancy styles to kid friendly patterns, LivingEthos cotton bags are the perfect and simple alternative to disposable gift wrap.  You won’t need scissors or tape.  just slip the gift in the bag and tie the ribbon. The bags are washable and can be re-used or re-purposed as storage for toys and trinkets.  A set of four LivingEthos gift bags retails for around $28.

- Holly Duce


Gertrude’s Green Ec’o Towel: Just Add Water

  • posted June 22nd, 2011
  • Green

Entrepreneur, Gertrude Skinta wanted a portable, environmentally-friendly alternative to paper towels, tissues, and disposable wipes so she created the Ec’o Towel.  These dime-sized tablets expand to the size of a standard washcloth (about 10.5″ x 8.5″) when moistened with water. Perfect for sticky fingers, cleaning up spills or even cleaning windows around the house, Ec’o Towels are also ultra convenient for on-the-go. Toss a few into the diaper bag, lunch box, gym bag or backpack and you’ll always be prepared.  Keep disposable paper products out of landfills by using Ec’o Towels instead.  A tub of 10 retails for around $6.  Larger quantities are also available.

(image can be linked to’s-ec’o-towel)



Anamalz Pose-able Animals: Fun, Earth-Friendly Toys

Anamalz are an awarding winning line of toy animals made from sustainable maple wood and azo dyed fabric.  Designed in Australia, these pose-able animals are made to meet the highest standards and international regulations.  Each animal can be bent into a number of funny poses making play time more interesting.  There are over 35 Anamalz figures in four categories:

  • Farm- donkey, horse, llama, pig, goat, cow, sheep, etc.
  • Wild- baboon, buffalo, moose, giraffe, lion, elephant, hippo, panda and more.
  • Australian- emu, wombat and kangaroo
  • Prehistoric- Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, T-rex, Torosaurus, and Brontosaurus

Anamalz accessories are also available including a play mat and a variety of trees.  Engage your kids in creative and imaginative play with Anamalz.  Prices range from around $5-$17 for each individual animal.

- Holly Duce

EcoBeauty: Scrubs, Rubs, Masks, Rinses, and Bath Bombs for You and Your Friends

  • posted June 11th, 2011
  • Green

Do-it-yourselfers and crafty types will love Lauren Cox’s book, EcoBeauty,which is full of recipes for eco-friendly beauty  products like Avocado Hair Conditioner, Chocolate Brownie Lip Gloss and Espresso Yourself Facial Mask, that you can make at home.  All 100 recipes use natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen, local supermarket or health food store to help you achieve gorgeous skin and hair naturally.  EcoBeauty goes a step further by providing green gift giving ideas that show you how to beautifully package your homemade products as gifts.  EcoBeauty will have you whipping up scrubs, rubs, masks, rinses, and bath bombs for you and your friends while saving you money and helping the environment.

- Holly Duce

Greenzys: Buy Me, Plant a Tree

While many companies are celebrating Earth Month with special promotions, Greenzys celebrates and contributes to the earth year round. Greezys is an eco-friendly children’s brand that promotes green living through their environmentally safe products. Their plush toys are made from soy fibers and non-toxic dyes in socially responsible factories. They are packaged in recycled paperboard. For every toy purchased, a tree is planted. Willow the Elephant, Yew Yew the Panda, Peat the Penguin and Violet the Giraffe all come with a printable, digital certificate that can be personalized which documents the planting of the tree. A storybook that helps instill earth friendly values is also available for purchase.

- Holly Duce



Green Toys Flat Bed Truck & Race Car: Racing the Eco-Friendly Way

Green Toys is a company that makes toys out of recycled milk cartons. They reprocess milk containers into a clean fresh plastic called high-density polyethylene which is considered one of the cleanest and safest plastics around. Then they mold it into different toys.  The latest addition to the Green Toys collection is this Flatbed Truck with Race Car.  The truck which hauls the hotrod features a flatbed that tilts up allowing the car to roll off.  These sturdy toys are BPA, PBC and Phthalates free.  Children, start your engines!  You’re off to the races with this eco-friendly race car and hauler set from Green Toys.  The best thing about these two vehicles is that they are powered by imagination which is much cheaper than $4 per gallon and will not pollute the air!  This set retails for around $25.

- Holly Duce

Recycled Billboard Banner Totes: Upcycled Coolness

Do you ever wonder what happens to those large billboard banners once they are outdated?  Some clever folks are upcycling them into one-of-a-kind hand bags.  The doctor’s style bag pictured here by Seen1 is made from a cleaned and sanitized re-enforced vinyl asian advertising banner.  It features a green polyester interior lining and an inner pocket to help keep you organized.  This waterproof bag is stitched to the highest standards and offers a unique and stylish accessory for your wardrobe.  Billboard banner purses are available in many different patterns and styles with a prices varying from around $25 and up.  Save a banner from a landfill by purchasing a banner bag!

- Holly Duce

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