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Must-Have Gadgets for Fall

  • posted October 22nd, 2014
  • Home

The autumn season’s cooler weather brings a sense of cozy comfort. Fill your home with warmth this fall and snuggle up! From food to home décor, these appliances will help create a comfortable and loving vibe.


Credit: Over the big Moon, Gizmodo, Daily Herald 

–       Crockpot: One of the best ways to warm up after being in the chilly weather is eating delicious warm meals. Crockpots are great for preparing slow-cooked meals that will be ready by the time you get home at the end of the day. They are perfect for busy parents who are exhausted from working a full day then picking children up from school. Check out Over the big Moon for a variety of Crockpot recipes like soup, chili, lasagna and much more.

–       Humidifier: Cooler air will surely fire up the use of heaters in every home. One downside of this is how the dry air affects you. Chapped skin and dry lips are quite unpleasant to deal with. Fortunately, humidifiers can help relieve this problem. They release moisture into the air, keeping your skin nice and hydrated. Stay tuned for Dyson’s new innovative humidifier equipped with a germ-killing UV light that will prevent bacteria-ridden moisture from entering the atmosphere.

–       Electric Fireplace: Many people love to warm up their homes with a nice fire. Homeowners who don’t have fireplaces shouldn’t have to miss out on the coziness of a nice fire. Getting a fireplace does not have to be an elaborate and expensive construction plan. Electric fireplaces are great alternatives for homes that lack real ones.

Festive Holiday Hair: Get Cute with the It Style ‘Cinnabun’

  • posted November 20th, 2013
  • Beauty

Halloween is over and the slippery slope of holiday goodies is now in full swing.  Go guilt-free with the newest ‘it’ hair style that is a fun variation on the sock bun.  The “Cinnabun” is a zero calorie fall look that looks like more of a hair wrap than a looped bun.   So put down the sock or bun “donut” and pick up a Cinnabun!

Creating the Cinnabun is easy with just a few steps.

1.  Make sure hair is clean and dry.  Adding a dose of frizz-free serum helps.

2.  Pull all your hair to the back of your head, making sure it is sleek.  A fine tooth comb works well for this step.  Gather the hair into a ponytail directly at the back-center of your head.  Secure with an elastic.

3.  Take a small section of hair at the base of the ponytail (about 1-1.5 inches) and make a small loop.  The loop should loop under and face down towards your neck.  Pin it under the elastic.

4.  Take the rest of your hair and separate it into two parts- right and left from the center of the ponytail. Start on the left side first and loosely wrap it around the loop.  Make sure the hair is smooth.  Pin it in place under and into the bun as you come to the end of this hair piece.  Do the same thing with the right side but wrap it in the opposite direction.  Keep it smooth with the fine tooth comb.  Pin the ends under and into the bun as well.

5.  Smooth out the wrapped pieces with the fine tooth comb and then lightly spray the hair into place.

You now have a cute, very stylish Cinnabun!

-Victoria Mason

This style was create by Guido for Redken and was featured on the Nina Ricci Fall 2013 Runway. Mario Russo, owner and lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo!

5 Stylish Sweatshirts for a Comfy-Chic Fall Season

  • posted October 17th, 2013
  • Fashion

Aside from the stress that comes with the start of the busiest business quarter of the year, the Fall season in general makes me want to just nest, nest, nest. There’s nothing better than cozying up in a warm blanket while watching new episodes of Fall TV and drinking one of the many delicious seasonal lattes of the year. But if I must be out in public on occasion, this lazy-girl fashionista is a huge fan of anything that will allow me to look fashionable and feel extremely comfortable at the same time. So it’s only fitting that this season, stylish sweatshirts are having a major moment – from chic prints to leather panelling, rocker chick embellishments, and other updated details that clearly establish that these aren’t your average lounge-wear/workout fare. Feel too casual pairing these crew-necks with jeans and flats? Try vamping things up with a mini skirt and booties, leather leggings, or even layering over your favorite summer dress for a total mastering of that tricky summer-to-fall style transitioning thing. Check out some of my favorite uber-cool sweatshirts in the links below!

From left to right: MSGM Faux Leather Sweatshirt, Markus Lupfer Embellished Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt, Halston Heritage Printed Sweatshirt Blouse, Kenzo Cotton Embroidered Sweatshirt, and Timo Weiland Eve Sweatshirt.

– Alexandra Gambardella

First Look: Isabel Marant for H&M!

Since Fall’s official kick-off, I’ve totally been bitten by the shopping bug. Leave it to H&M to provide the ultimate fix: their upcoming Fall collaboration with Isabel Marant! Since the partnership was first announced back in June, fashion fiends have been anxious to get a glimpse of what the extensive collection would have in store, and now, thanks to some leaked photos online, we can finally feast our eyes! Skinny pants in a variety of textures, prints, and colors, cozy outerwear, boucle jackets, fringed boots, and sweaters galore – it looks like the collection is basically going to serve up a fall fashion explosion, in the very best way possible. And aside from all the awesome women’s apparel and accessories (worn by some pretty big fashion names like Milla Jovovich and Alek Wek!), don’t forget that Isabel Marant is also creating bargain-friendly men’s, kids’, and home goods as well! Like what you see? Get ready to storm your nearest H&M store on November 14th!

– Alexandra Gambardella

We’ve Got The Blues For Julep’s Frosty Nail Hues!

  • posted October 24th, 2012
  • Beauty

Growing up, blue nail polish was the first nail trend I ever experimented with (gotta love the 90s!), and I remember feeling so hip and edgy showing off my nails next to my mom’s “grown-up” red manicure. Nowadays, blue polish is hardly the sign of a rebel, but it continues to be a funky-fresh way to make your nails stand out in a way that’s effortlessly cool. At New York Fashion Week, TheFind team was excited to partner with the lovely girls from Julep Nail Color at IFBCon, where they did complimentary nail color changes and DIY nail art demos for the fashionable attendees who were demoing our new Glimpse shopping app, and we couldn’t help but notice fall’s love affair with updated blue nail hues! From bold cobalt tips to funky granite-textured nail art in two-toned blue, we love how blue nails work for almost anyone, whether you’re looking for a sophisticated-yet-fun new go-to mani shade that’s not too in-your-face, or wanting to spice things up this fall with icy metallics or cold-weather pastels!

From left to right: Julep Nail Color in Gunta, Annie, Melanie, Taylor, and Jessica.

– Alexandra Gambardella

Fancy Pearl-Embellished Pieces for Fall!

  • posted September 1st, 2012
  • Fashion

Let’s face it – the bad girls are definitely ruling the roost this style season. From studded moto boots to edgy leather jackets, vests, and pants, plus dangerous spike adornments everywhere, it can be hard for a girlie-girl to find her own room to shine this fall. Make way for pearl embellishments, which are slowly bur surely finding a home on silky tops, cute cropped jackets, and even dresses for a sophisticated yet stylish night-out look. Think of these modern-day pearl-studded pieces as the “anti-spike” – effortlessly elegant and undeniably feminine, yet updated with a sexier edge than the vintage ensembles they draw inspiration from. Whether your look is sultry or preppy-chic, consider adding some pearl-embellishments to round out your otherwise rebellious fall wardrobe!

Pictured above: ASOS Cropped Lace Tank with Pearl Embellishment, Moschino Faux Pearl Embellished Jacket, Alexander McQueen Britannia Skull-Clasp Clutch, Topshop Pearl Embellished Shorts, and Rare Lace Shirt Dress with Pearl Collar.

– Alexandra Gambardella

Zoya Designer Collection Gets Us Pumped For NYFW!

  • posted August 29th, 2012
  • Beauty

After a summer full of bright neon polish and equally blinding, bright attire, fall-friendly neutrals and moody jewel tones are a welcome change for this nail lacquer fiend! Zoya’s Designer Collection, one of three Fall 2012 collections created in honor of New York Fashion Week, boasts a series of six sparkle-free, no-nonsense, sophisticated creme nail shades. Two shades in particular were actually created with specific designers in mind – Rekha for Bibhu Mohapatra and Evvie for Peter Som. Although NYFW doesn’t kick off until September 6th, you can already start collecting these stylish shades now and prep for some fierce nail pairings with your upcoming fall wardrobe! Love what you see? Each shade retails for a mere $8 a pop, or you can get your hands on a sampler pack for $48 total. Missing the excitement of shimmery metallics? Then check out the Diva Collection, also available now!

From left to right: Rekha, Toni, Monica, Natty, Evvie, and Noot.

– Alexandra Gambardella

Fly Into Fall With Bird-Printed Pieces!

Just because the leaves are dying, the flowers have wilted, and the birds are migrating out of town in preparation for winter, it doesn’t mean your favorite pretty prints have to go into hibernation. Lively prints like florals and birds may typically have an automatic springy feel by default, but you might be surprised at how the latest fall trends have a knack for so seamlessly translating your favorite warm-weather patterns for a stylish summer-to-fall transition. The key to pulling off cheery bird prints when the weather is more on the dreary side is to keep up with fall’s tell-tale silhouettes and trends. If you’ve been on the lookout for the perfect sheer blouse, this Equipment Long Sleeve Button Top incorporates a subtle seagull print that doesn’t look a bit out of season, while the 70’s-inspired long-sleeve dress gets a festive modern update with a crimson bird print. And if you were gutsy enough to pull off printed shorts in the summer, try these bird-printed pants for a cool alternative to solid trousers!

– Alex Gambardella

Fall Must-Have: An Olive Green Leather Jacket

  • posted September 30th, 2011
  • Fashion

Aside from your favorite cozy peacoat, warm puffer jacket, and trim-and-tailored blazers, everyone needs a leather jacket (or faux leather one!) to carry them through the fall season! And nowadays, as the leather look has expanded from everything to sporty bombers and moto styles to even military jackets and blazers, leather jackets are no longer best reserved for just achieving the biker look. And what better way to update your classic black leather jacket than with a fresh, fall-friendly shade like olive green? While a green leather jacket sounds like a bit of a fashion risk, a toned-down neutral like olive still goes with nearly everything and really pops with fall’s favorite jewel tones, and adds a dose of seasonal color to otherwise monochromatic autumn ensembles. Whether you’re looking for something moto-inspired, military chic, or a casual bomber style for cozy fall layering, olive green is a cool way to stay warm in leather this season!

Pictured above: Isabella Oliver Luxe Biker Jacket, Obey Jealous Lover Olive Bomber Jacket, and Joe’s Jeans Jerome Leather Jacket.

– Alex Gambardella

Go To Great Lengths With a Long-Sleeved Maxi Dress For Fall!

  • posted September 26th, 2011
  • Fashion

Long, flowing maxi dresses of all styles, shades, and patterns have been this summer’s hottest ticket — paired with a cool fedora or just some stacked bangles for a little extra glitz — but who says this season’s favorite style has to go into hibernation come fall? For all the fashionistas who aren’t ready to part with this easy-to-wear, effortlessly gorgeous (not to mention extremely comfortable!) style, fear not — the fashion gods have answered your prayers and come up with ways to transition the trend from summer to fall (and beyond)! Long-sleeve maxi dresses still keep that breezy, romantic feel with a glamorously long hemline, but the look gets a weather-appropriate update with long sleeves to match! If it sounds like way too much material for your body to handle (after all, it is a lot of dress), don’t worry — you can break it up and add balance and shape with a belt, or even a cropped blazer to give it a streamlined look. Whether you’re digging this season’s groovy 70s-inspired looks or just like to keep things girly yet sophisticated, you’re bound to find the perfect new fall-friendly maxi dress!

From left to right: Rachel Zoe Peacock Print Maxi Dress, Rachel Pally Long Sleeve Full Length Caftan Dress, and Cynthia Vincent Cascade Ruffle Maxi Dress.

– Alex Gambardella