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Go Fancy in Feather-Embellished Pumps

While feathers may not be treasured as dearly as the more popular animal-inspired embellishment, faux fur, this holiday season, feather details are having a serious moment. Platform pumps and strappy heels are getting fancied up with feathers of all kinds, from dramatic statement-making peacock to wispy bursts of color and texture that are sure to steal the show at your next holiday cocktail party. Who cares if you have nothing to wear – bust out your tried and true little black dress and slip on a pair of these festive feathered heels and you’ve got yourself a look-at-me new look that’s right on-trend, no matter how many times you’ve recycled the same dress! If a lofty price tag doesn’t make you cringe, you must take a look at these fierce suede heels from Chiara Ferragni, but if you’re on a more modest budget (with just the slightest wiggle room for splurging), these Kate Spade pom-pom heels have loads of character! Seeking a pop of color? Look no further than these Enzo Angiolini Thaddea ankle-strap pumps, or these sexy purple platforms from Nine West!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Make a Statement With Elaborate Feather Earrings From Saint Claude!

Whether you get your inspiration for accessorizing from the magazines and blogs, friends, sifting through the jewelry stands at your go-to boutiques, or even from your favorite summer guilty pleasure TV shows, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the undeniable fashion force that is feather earrings! Saint Claude jewelry, which has already been lauded by the likes of Lucky Magazine and several popular fashion blogs despite its small online boutique, has jumped on the trend bandwagon and given it their all with an impressive range of styles, colors, and embellishments! The earrings manage to all make a statement despite their unique styles, beading, and patterns, plus given the natural variation of feathers, no two pairs are exactly the same! Ranging in price from $50-65, in color schemes from subtle neutrals to neon brights, and in styles from simple and elegant to funky and embellished, you’re bound to find at least a handful of pairs you need to add to your jewelry box this season!
- Alex Gambardella

Trend Alert! Would You Take Flight With a Feathered Skirt?

Calling all summer party-goers! Ditch your leather-banded pencil skirts and your silky wrap dresses — this season is all about feather-detailed pieces like flight-ready sexy miniskirts! Forget the flapper association, Dancing With The Stars costumes, and other tacky stigmas related to feathers — let these feather-detailed skirts change your mind about modern clubwear! Go “simple” with an embellished version of your typical straitlaced slim back skirt with a little black number courtesy of ADAM’s ostrich feather skirt, or mix it up with a printed version like this tiered Alice + Olivia leopard-printed feather skirt. After all, leopard is so hot right now! If you’re not afraid to mix textures and stand out, this J. Crew Naomi skirt packs plenty of sparkle with a little feather embellishment to keep things modern and interesting. But can you pull it off? What say you — are you feeling the feather embellishments, or is the look still a little too comstume-y for what the fashion world is ready for?

– Alex Gambardella

Do These Feather Printed Dresses Suit Your Fancy?

If actual feather-embellished skirts are a little too flapper-fabulous for your taste, I don’t blame you. It’s fierce on the runway, but it’s a bold statement to make for even the most fashionable of real folk. But you can still rock the feathered look without looking like you’re molting while you’re working the dance floor (or the yacht, beach party, what have you!). Feather printed dresses help capture that carefree inspiration without incorporating real feathers, and the look is definitely more casual than embellished pieces, but let’s face it — they’re much easier to wear! Think of feather prints as the boho-chic answer to last year’s Ikat and tribal-inspired trend. The look is pretty, earthy, and free as a bird without verging on “hippie,” as long as you don’t go overboard with the wind-swept hair and 60s circular shades, of course. It’s summery without being too literal and on-trend without verging on “passing fad of the moment.”

From left to right: Ella Moss Feather Dress in Punch, Collective Concepts Printed Shirtdress, Forever 21 Falling Feathers Strapless Maxi, and Daughters of the Revolution Column Dress in Feather.

– Alex Gambardella

Sultra Feather Hair Accents: Would You Try This Trend?

Feather earrings — and even long feather chains worn in just one ear — have been making quite the wave in the realm of summer accessories, serving as a sort of jewelry/hair accessory hybrid. The look has a cool earthy, hippie-chic sort of vibe if you go the boho route, and has the knack of adding a little visual interest to your tried-and-true daily style. Now the hair mavens at Sultra (typically known for their multi-tasking beauty tools and styling irons) are taking the trend a step further with clip-in feather hair “accents.” Skip the commitment and the price of professional feather extensions and add some temporary texture and dye-free color to your tresses with the easy-to-use and easy-to-remove Sultra Accents, made from natural rooster feathers. Not only are they reusable, but they can also be curled, ironed, and straightened to more seamlessly blend into your style (while still making a statement)! Choose from 4 different varieties, depending on your hair color or summer style, all $25 each at Sephora!

– Alex Gambardella

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Long Feather Earrings Are Taking Jewelry By Storm!

Despite the fact that I have multiple piercings in my ear (four in each lobe), I’m surprisingly not as adventurous as I could be when it comes to earrings. In fact, I usually stick to simple white gold studs or silver hoops — maybe switching out the earrings in the front with fancier danglier and chandelier styles when an especially nice occasion comes along, or my outfit is in desperate need of accessorizing. So typically a somewhat out-there trend like long feather chain earrings isn’t something that would normally suit my fancy, but somehow I’m intrigued! Feather-adorned accessories have been gradually resurfacing over the past handful of years, but often get written off as too earthy or too funky, but now feather earrings are going gung-ho with super long styles, some braided with shimmering chains or beads. Because of their length, they even double as hair accessories as they intertwine with long wavy locks for a cool woman-of-the-wild effect. Take a cue from all the trend-setters at Coachella and rock feather earrings for an, organic, boho-chic flavor this summer!

Pictured above: Lady Amherst Pheasant Moon Earrings, Urban Outfitters Cascading Feather Earring, Gilded Lily Goods Green Feather Bullet Earrings, ALDO Shulz Earrings, and Arden B. Linear Bead and Feather Earrings.

– Alex Gambardella

Fancy Up Your Fall Wardrobe with Feather Details

Unless you’re particularly fond of fashion risks, you may turn up your nose at the thought of feather details. You’re probably thinking, sure, feathers were fashionable once… back when flappers were the pinnacle of style and social edginess. But much like fur, feathers are slowly but surely making their comeback into the realm of what’s considered haute, making their way on bags, jewelry, and even skirt hemlines. No, despite whatever horrific images are flooding your head at the moment, feather trim won’t necessarily make you look like an ice skater, a Vegas showgirl, or Bjork in one of the most epic red carpet disasters in fashion history. In fact, when done right (read: less is more), the look is slightly boho, kind of earthy, yet at the same time adds just the right touch of extra drama. It’s not necessarily easy to pull off, but then again, didn’t the thought of faux fur sound completely heinous when it hit the racks again last year? Just don’t get carried away if you find yourself loving the look despite all your preconceived notions — I’m pretty sure the fashion world isn’t quite ready to bring back the feather boa.

Pictured above: Opening Ceremony Two-Tone Full Skirt, Rebecca Taylor Fly Away Feather-Hem Dress, Forever 21 Tribal Beaded Necklace, and Diane Von Furstenberg Marlene Evening Bag.

-Alex Gambardella
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Float Like a Feather…

  • posted June 1st, 2010
  • Home

Who would have thought a feather could be a work of art for an apartment? When I think feathers, I think birds, and when I think birds, I think of the pigeons who sit on my air conditioner in my living room window and make noises all night long.

These feathers are different though. The floating feather set from Sprout Home offers a creative way to decorate a space, something unexpected and unique. Feathers in glass? Who would have thought it could look so good together?

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