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Haven’t Found Your Signature Scent? Tocca’s New Set Lets You Try Them All!

  • posted December 7th, 2013
  • Beauty

I’ll be honest – fragrance is one realm of beauty that rarely gets me excited. I mean, sure, I’ll spritz some on as I walk out the door in the morning, just for the sake of smelling like a lady… but it’s not something I ever feel motivated to splurge on. Maybe it’s because I haven’t found my signature scent – one that suits my personality, makes me smell and feel more attractive, and is undeniably ME! Tocca’s new ‘Meet the Girls’ fragrance collection has definitely piqued by curiosity with the vast variety of perfumes out there. With 10 mini spray fragrances that span the feminine scent spectrum, you can spritz away and experiment – and even combine scents and create your own perfect musk – from the spicy Cleopatra to the subtly floral Liliana. Plus, this set makes a pretty adorable stocking stuffer, if you’re looking to cross out a few beauty-loving pals off your Christmas shopping list!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Estee Lauder Looks to the Stars for Holiday Beauty Inspiration

  • posted November 17th, 2013
  • Beauty

I admittedly flip through to the final pages of a magazine to check out my monthly horoscope (hey, why not?), though I don’t exactly seek the planets’ advice when it comes to making major life decisions. That said, astrology’s influence on the latest fashion and beauty trends is undeniable – from Charlotte Olympia’s whimsical smoking flats to Valentino’s Spring 2014 accessories, and beyond. Beauty brand Estee Lauder isn’t one to let a major trend pass it by, so just in time for the Holiday 2013 gifting season, they’ve unveiled a new limited edition version of their Zodiac Powder Compacts. Redone in matte gold with rhinestone detailing, these sleek, astrology-inspired compacts house the brand’s Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder and are refillable, so you’ll be sure to get plenty of use out of it! Each collectible compact will set you back $50 apiece, which is a small price to pay for something that makes mid-day touch-ups infinitely more glamorous.

– Alexandra Gambardella

All I Want For Christmas is Mariah Carey’s New Holiday Collection for OPI!

  • posted November 5th, 2013
  • Beauty

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the post title. But It’s been almost two decades since the release of Mariah Carey’s first Christmas album, and few holiday albums since then have managed to evoke the same amount of seasonal cheer. You can’t deny it – Mariah definitely has the whole Christmas spirit thing under her Mrs. Claus belt, so it seems only fitting that she’d put her recent partnership with OPI to good use with another aptly-timed nail polish collection! The 18-shade Holiday 2013 collection is heavy on the red shades (though that’s hardly surprising), with some frosty, snow-inspired tones and of course, plenty of glitter. Mariah’s first collaboration line of polishes featured the debut of OPI’s Liquid Sand shades – gritty yet shimmery, ultra-fine glitter formulas – and this time, Mariah is unveiling six more limited-edition Liquid Sands, just in time for stocking-stuffing season! Not glitzy enough for you? Don’t fret – the holiday capsule collection also includes a top coat made out of genuine 18k white gold leaf, which is bound to put you right in cocktail party mood!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Spread Some Holiday Cheer With The Help of This Holiday Gift Guide From Fossil!

  • posted December 7th, 2012
  • Fashion

As much as I love shopping, Christmas shopping is one task I routinely dread. Maybe it’s because I over-think my gifts, or maybe it’s because I just get too overwhelmed that I just don’t know where to start! After all, the more stylish your friends are, the more difficult it can be to shop for them. How do you choose a gift for the fashionable gal who has everything? Luckily, the accessories mavens at Fossil are here to help – and you can never have too many accessories! From adorable printed tablet cases for your geeky-chic gal-pal, to pretty statement necklaces and a goes-with-everything, on-trend wrap watch, Fossil has something for just about every lucky lady on your holiday shopping list! Got a jet-setter friend who’s always on the go? Gift a gorgeous pair of shades to help her say sayonara to the gloomy winter weather. Have a family member with a serious handbag addiction? Look no further than this stand-out metallic shoulder bag. The possibilities are endless – and thanks to Fossil, these gift options are fashionable and functional to boot!

Pictured above: Georgia Leather Watch, Red Long Necklace, Key-Per Tech Sleeve, Erika Cat Eye Sunglasses, and Explorer Flap Bag.

Fossil is offering FREE shipping on all orders.

– Alexandra Gambardella

Shopping For the Man In Your Life: Affordably Luxe Gifts From Fossil

  • posted November 6th, 2012
  • Fashion

Try as you might to deny it, it’s about that time of year when it becomes a wise idea to kick-start your holiday shopping. Whether you’re really ambitious and want to cross all the names of your list by Thanksgiving (and maybe save Black Friday shopping for your own treats), or just want to make a sizable dent on all those gifts before it gets too late, trust me – you’ll be glad you started early! And in my own experience, men can be some of the toughest people to shop for (or rather, the easiest gifts to over think), so why not get started on the special men in your life – boyfriend/husband, brother, friend, dad, grandfather, uncle, etc. And what’s one thing they likely all have in common? They could probably use an upgrade to their accessories collection – and they don’t even know it – and Fossil is the perfect place to shop for manly digs that’ll help them clean up just a little bit nicer, but won’t make your shopping budget explode. Leather goods (wallets, work bags, etc.) are things almost every guy uses – whether he’s into style or not – but hates to shop for, so do your man a favor by picking something nice that will actually last. Is Uncle Joe always late to family get-togethers? Drop him a hint by gifting one of Fossil’s best-selling watches, like the Machine Leather Watch, which is sturdy and masculine but still stylish. And if you can’t get your boyfriend to wear anything but his fading vintage tees and worn-down sneakers that have definitely seen better days, upgrade his casual look with a solid pair of lace-up boots for the winter ahead, and a casual plaid button-down shirt that’s comfy without verging on sloppy.

Browse the rest of the male-approved gifts in Fossil’s men’s section!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Unwind This Valentine’s Day With a Relaxing Bubble Bath

  • posted February 14th, 2012
  • Beauty

Whether you’re spending your Valentine’s Day romancing your sweetie, freezing your butt off through the mid-winter cold, stressing out over your day at work (after all, it is still a Tuesday), or just taking pride in your singledom, I’ve got two words for you: bubble bath. It’s the perfect solution for kicking off the romance, warming up and unwinding after a busy day, or giving yourself some much-needed self-pampering, and it doesn’t hurt to make things extra-festive with some cute Valentine’s Day bath goodies! Philosophy’s Sweet Talk candy heart scented formula does triple-duty as a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath, while Jo Malone’s bath oil spares us the bubbles but doesn’t skimp when it comes to sweet-smelling, aromatherapeutic fragrance. Lush’s natural “It’s a Date” Bubble Bars aren’t much to look at outside the tub, but when dropped in the bath, they make the perfect romantic bubble bath for two (or one)! Forget a dozen roses – these Bubble Bath Roses can be sprinkled in the tub to add just the right touch of romance to the occasion! Want to keep it simple? Lollia’s In Love Classic Petal Bubble Bath has a delicate rose and Apple Blossom scent – and just a dash of the formula makes for an amazing frothy bath!

– Alex Gambardella

Make Mother’s Day Extra Fabulous with Alexis Bittar ‘Flora’ Jewelry

Traditionally lucite hasn’t had the best reputation in the world of fashion. What usually comes to mind is ridiculously high platform heels — maybe hollowed out with a gold fish inside. Let’s just say that lucite  is about as classy as multiple one-dollar bills, and it’s certainly nothing you’d ever see your mother wear! But then Alexis Bittar came onto the jewelry scene. Known for his line of handcrafted Lucite baubles, with the help of a little imagination and some sparkle in the form of dazzling Swarovski crystals, Alexis Bittar has a knack for transforming the stereotypically tacky textile into something gorgeously elegant and feminine. In honor of spring, May flowers, and most importantly, Mother’s Day, I’m falling in love with the line’s Flora collection — a series of delicate floral jewelry pieces, from daisy petal necklaces to pink primrose pins. Sure, these beautiful little trinkets may be a little out of your gift-giving budget, but hey — Mom deserves to be spoiled on her special day, right?

– Alex Gambardella

Ali on the Go – Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

A card, a phone call-those are some of the simple things mom would request from you this Mother’s Day, but this year step it up and give her a gift that really says thanks.

donni charm’s line of beautiful, airy scarves that give the perfect pop of color to any wardrobe, providing mom a great way to accessorize her day-to-day outfits. The line is designed by Alyssa Wasko in honor of her father, Donny, who passed away a few years ago. Each scarf bears a special charm, designed as a tribute to Donny who always referred to Alyssa as his “charm,” and provides a thoughtful way to keep loved ones close. Celeb mommies including Halle Berry and Isla Fisher are huge fans of the scarves, which all retail for UNDER $

Two enterprising women teamed up to found CALM (an anagram of their names), a line of summery, pretty caftans handmade in Lebanon.

Each caftan is lovingly crocheted and sewn in the homes of underprivileged Lebanese women, many of whom are widows, of diverse backgrounds. These one-of-a-kind pieces intricately trimmed with beads and printed in bold solid hues or graphic botanical patterns are more than the perfect summer frock. The resulting caftans represent a means of financial support for the women who make them. $250,

Looking for a personable, unique gift? Kindred Stones is a CUSTOMIZABLE jewelry line with necklaces for mom including the Kindred Pregnancy necklace (starting at $115), which is designed for expecting mothers (the baby’s gemstone is surrounded by smaller stones that represent each family member, and the necklace is accompanied by a small moonstone — a powerful feminine stone that promotes new beginnings, intuition and calmness) and the Kindred Tree necklace(starting at $70), which is perfect for a mom, grandma, aunt or other maternal loved one (her zodiac stone is hugged tightly by smaller stones representing each family member in this unique symbol of togetherness).

Provide a place for her jewelry collection to grow. Each branch and leaf has been sculpted to hold rings, bracelets and necklaces, creating a well-ornamented tree. $70,

A little out of the ordinary, but a gift that will last months and perhaps years. Instead of a vase with flowers that will be tossed after a week consider sending mom a small succulent garden.  She can use it as a centerpiece, put by a window or replant it in larger pot for the patio. $45,

Gardens grow with a little help from Mother Nature and a lot of the right tools. This stylish garden tote keeps garden tools organized and easily accessible in one place. And more than her initials, her tote will bear her name. Add a few packets of seeds to get her started. $59.95

For the moms-to-be… Ms. & Mrs. is a mother-daughter company founded by two sisters and their mom to provide fun and functional collections for almost every modern emergency. The Labor & Delivery Survival Kit ($45) helps soothe and support moms on delivery day, providing 12 childbirth essentials (including a back massager, lip balm, slipper socks, breath mints, bubblegum cigars and more) all in a portable mesh tote.

From our friend and style expert Alison Deyette. Read Alison’s blog, Ali On The Go for more style tips and fashion trends.


Beauty Stocking Stuffers For $10 Or Less!

  • posted December 24th, 2010
  • Beauty

When it comes to completing the perfect gift, or perhaps when trying to meet a very precise gifting budget (like with my friends’ ridiculously organized Secret Santa gift exchange), it can be tough finding that one last little something to top it all off. After all, you don’t want to go too overboard with your spending, and you certainly don’t want to gift something totally useless just for the sake of making your gift seem more substantial in size. As a gift-buying expert when it comes to gal pals (trust me — I’ve had my share of Secret Santas!), I find that mini beauty gifts are a great way to go. From mini lip gloss sets to refreshing fragrance trios, they may not be the crucial part of your gift, but think of them more as a little extra beauty treat for some much-deserved post-holiday pampering! These teeny value sets also make great mini hostess gifts or party handouts for a cute, indulgent gift that doesn’t require too much in-depth knowledge about the recipient’s tastes or preferred color palette. After all, who doesn’t love a little extra lip gloss, especially when it comes in such cute packaging?

Shown above: CLEAN Fragrance Trio, Stila Travel Palette, Victoria’s Secret Sparkle Eye Liner Ornament, Ulta Mini Lipgloss Set, and Sephora Collection Color Wand for Lips.

Philosophy’s Holiday Greetings Set Bottles The Spirit of Holiday Baking!

  • posted December 1st, 2010
  • Beauty

Philosophy is known for its whimsical and imaginative scents and bath products, from their multi-purpose shower gel to their soothing lotions and lip balms, and the holiday season is always time for the brand to shine with festive scents and adorable gift sets that are fun, creative, affordable, and most importantly, smell delicious! Aside from their slew of peppermint and candy cane scented products that are undoubtedly refreshing, but a bit more expected during the holiday season, one of my favorite new sets for the 2010 holiday gift-giving season is the 3-piece Holiday Greetings set. Featuring Brown Butter Cookie Shower Gel, Coconut Macaroon Body Butter, and Frosted Cookie Lip Shine, the set is decidedly festive without smelling overwhelmingly like Christmas, making it enjoyable for the post-holiday season as well! Plus, you have to love a gift set that comes with its own adorable seasonal packaging!  Skip bringing the platter of homemade cookies to your next holiday shindig (or hey — bring those too!), and opt for a hostess gift that boasts a bit of calorie-free indulgence!

– Alex Gambardella

Need help for your holiday shopping? Download TheFind Mobile app for finding the best prices and selection for shopping on the go. TheFind mobile app makes you a smarter shopper.

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