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Locks Stay Lush Between Treatments Thanks to Minardi Luxury Color Care

  • posted February 1st, 2012
  • Beauty

Unless you’ve been compulsively refreshing your email inbox waiting for the perfect hair salon deal to arrive (like I have!), salon visits for professional hair coloring can get really pricey. And there’s nothing worse than paying top dollar for a quality treatment, only to have your fabulously expensive new shade fade after a few washes. Haircolor expert to the stars Beth Minardi may not feel your pain herself, but she certainly sympathizes, which is why she’s created her own line of color treatment products – Minardi Luxury Color Care. This way, you can spare yourself the salon visits every 6 weeks and just take better care of your color – making the most of each application by nourishing your locks with the right products. Whether your ‘do is thirsty and requires plenty of moisture, or has the tendency to get easily weighed down by too much product, Beth has the product for you with a series of conditioning wash and after-wash treatments that range from lightweight to ultra-conditioning. The result is lush, color-rich hair that stays that way much longer! Plus, taking care of your hair in your own home certainly beats spending hours on your rear in the salon chair!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Give Your Locks Some Love With Davines Smoothing Conditioner

  • posted November 3rd, 2011
  • Beauty

Ditch all those envious feelings that bubble up inside every time you see a Pantene Pro-V commercial on TV. Smooth, silky, lustrous hair actually doesn’t come so effortlessly for most people… and it usually isn’t cheap, either. Getting beautiful, perfect locks also rarely involves processes or products that green or natural, of all things… that is, until the eco-friendly hair mavens at Davines got involved! Davines’ Lovely Smoothing Conditioner, straight from their Love line, has earned an ultra-coveted spot on Allure’s Best of Beauty 2011 as one of the beauty world’s natural wonders. Its less-than-glamorous “bucket” of product completely skips the excess bells, whistles, and harmful ingredients and gets straight to the point – luscious, moisturized hair that’s healthy, shiny, and gorgeous! Infused with Vitamin E and borage oil, its natural, creamy formula fights frizz and softens locks. While specially-created for gals with fried hair, it can also be used more sparingly for girls whose locks aren’t quite so damaged, as a weekly conditioning treatment to quench a thirsty coif!

– Alex Gambardella

Amika Hair Tools Take the Dullness Out of Tedious Styling

  • posted March 1st, 2011
  • Beauty

If there’s one thing about my almost-daily grooming that really makes me yawn, it’s straightening my hair. Not like that would ever stop me (I can’t do without my shiny, freshly-ironed signature ‘do!), but sometimes I wish there was a way to spice up that part of my primping routine. Now, I’m not saying that having a really pretty flat iron from Amika will make the process into a party all of a sudden… but let’s face it — it doesn’t hurt! I gave a shout-out to printed flat irons a little while back, but new-to-Sephora haircare brand, Amika, brings fancified straighteners to a whole new level! Swarovski crystals, snaky prints, bold colors, and even matching blow dryer and flat iron sets — this line has just about the coolest styling tools I’ve ever seen, and I’ve definitely shopped through my fair share! At about $115-160 for a flat iron, these tools are definitely on the pricier end, but considering they do more than just look pretty (impressive temperature range, dual voltage, quick heat-up time), it’s a worthwhile and fun beauty investment!

– Alex Gambardella

Black 15-in-1: The Quick Fix-It To Any Bad Hair Day?

  • posted February 24th, 2011
  • Beauty

Even if your hair can be considered relatively manageable compared to your friends’ more troublesome tresses, you probably still find your countertop cluttered with an array of products designed to target any minuscule hair woes that a bad hair day might bring about. Frizziness, breakage, split ends, sun damage, dullness, dryness, the list goes on — it’s hard (if not impossible) to find a product that does triple or double duty and actually does everything it claims to on the label. Enter Black 15-in-1 Miracle Hair Treatment, a spray-in serum that claims to tame all kinds of hair, from coarse and curly to limp and fine. Whether you’re looking for a smooth, voluminous blow-dry, the perfectly sleek flat-ironed look, or just want the ability to wear your hair natural without looking like a frizzball once and for all, Black 15-in-1 claims to be the answer to any and all of your hair troubles, eliminating the need for a whole drugstore’s worth of separate products. It makes quite the bold statement (15 bold statements to be exact), so as a girl who has always longed to find the perfect product that will let me go au natural without scaring passers-by, I’m dying to try it! With huge celebrity fans like Jessica Stroup, Ashlee Simpson, and Vanessa Minnillo, I’m curious to see if this so-called miracle worker really has all 15 tricks up its sleeve!

- Alex Gambardella

Let Your Hair Down This Holiday Season with Romantic Curls

  • posted December 1st, 2010
  • Beauty

While I normally stick to my signature sleek-straight look, both for everyday and special occasions, thanks to all the retro-inspired glamorous styles this season, I’m considering branching out and embracing a more polished version of my “natural” curly look. Undone yet polished pin curls are romantic for the holiday season — voluminous, shiny, and the perfect mix of laid-back and sophisticated — the look is glam yet with the right products, isn’t nearly as high-maintenance as it looks!

Make sure to prep hair with a heat protectant like GHD, which helps boost shine and eliminate static as it protects. Opt for a one-inch barrel iron like The Bombshell by Sultra, which allows busy gals like us to curl hair in half the time of most clip irons! To make sure curls keep their bounce rather than getting weighed down, spritz roots with a volumizing spray like Victoria’s Secret “So Sexy” Big & Full Root-Lifting Spray, and top off with a flexible hold hairspray like Living Proof’s to keep your ‘do looking its best all party long!

Eco Beauty Tools Help You Pamper with a Conscience!

  • posted November 1st, 2010
  • Beauty

I may not be the most eco-conscious gal around, but I try to do my part. I recycle. I take public transportation (or walk!) as much as possible. I’ve even planted a tree or two in my day. But if we’re being honest, my beauty routine isn’t doing the best job at minimizing my carbon footprint. You know, tons of hairspray, more than one occasion of leaving my flat iron on for hours at a time. But despite my missteps, I am open to revamping my beautifying to fit a more green regime (a little early 2011 resolution-making perhaps?), and the first step is to upgrade my arsenal of beauty tools with more eco-conscious options! For example, switch out your usual brush set for a sustainable Eco Tools set — you’ll be surprised how soft they are! And instead of a wooden hairbrush, opt for a more eco-friendly brush made from bamboo, like this one from Sephora Brand. And if you can’t live without your hair styling tools, blow-dry and flat iron with energy-conserving heated tools like this Sedu Revolution Pro Green Dryer and this Pure Heat Earthstik Flat Iron!

– Alex Gambardella

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