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Kate Hudson to Design Jewelry Line

Can Kate Hudson design a ring like her engagement ring?

This is such an awesome undertaking for Kate Hudson now that she’s engaged and touting a giant diamond ring!.  Kate’s just announced that she’s teaming up with Chrome Hearts to design her own jewelry line. I wish she could design an affordable replica of her stunning engagement ring.

Kate Hudson’s new jewelry line sounds like it’s going to be soo much more than diamonds. Womens Wear Daily has reported that the jewelry will consist of 18 and 22-carat gold pieces set with white diamonds, fresh water pearls and aquamarine, green tourmaline, peridot and citrine gemstones. The jewelry will allegedly recall a Bahamian Beach. Well, if I can’t have her engagement ring, I guess this is the next best thing.

The collection is set to be called CH+KH and Kate is designing the jewelry with Chrome Hearts co-founder Laurie Lynn Stark, who is one of her good friends. Two good friends designing jewelry together? Sounds like a dream come true!

Kate Hudson says in a statement, “What excites me most about this collection is the spirit that inspires our collaboration. It truly reflects the essence and the history of our friendship and the free-spirited and spontaneous nature of our lives, which are constantly evolving. These pieces are a creative expression of the time Laurie Lynn and I have spent traveling around the world together and we hope that spirit will inspire the woman that wears them.”

If I had to choose one word to describe Kate Hudson’s style, I’m pretty sure “free-spirited” would be it. I’m so glad she’s staying true to her personal style with this collection. The collection is set to be released in late summer in selected Chrome Hearts stores.  In the meantime, I’m going to be very curious about what Kate Hudson will wear for her wedding to Matt Bellamy!

For more Celebrity Fashion News visit our friends at LimeLife


Alison Deyette’s Finds: Get the Celebrity Maternity Look for Less

As if buying the coveted bag, gold necklace or platform peep toes that celebrities are seen wearing on TV and in the tabloids weren’t enough, we, the “regular” people also want to look as good in our maternity clothes as they do. And why shouldn’t a pregnant gal look stylish. There’s no reason to drop the ball from your pre-pregnant fashionable self and pull on over sized cartoonish or boring basics when you can look GOOD.  So I went on E! News to show off how you can get the stylish look that those “it” pregnant gals like Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Rachel Zoe are wearing and found it all on

Our version of Jessica Alba’s look:
BCBG Blouse
A Pea in the Pod knit vest
A Pea in the Pod black jeans
Frye boots from

Our version of Natalie Portman:
Laundry by Shelli Segal Dress Drapefront Maternity Dress in electric blue
Type Z red “Wicked” patent pumps

Our version of Rachel Zoe:
A Pea in the Pod black long sleeve top
7 For all Mankind “Gwenevere” super skinny black jeggings
BCBG large satchel bag
Gabriella Rocha skinny wedge heeled boots from

Our version of Kate Hudson:
Love Quotes scarf
Maternity white long sleeve top
Rachel Pally patterned maxi skirt (can be worn as a skirt or dress)
Flat Sandals

From our friend and style expert Alison Deyette. Read Alison’s blog, Ali On The Go for more style tips and fashion trends.

Fall Eye Trend: Green Goddess


Over the past few months, olive and mossy tones have been everywhere – from military-inspired camp shirts, jackets and skinny cargo pants, to starlets’ eyes. Sporting a green hue isn’t always the easiest thing, especially if you have yellow or olive undertones in your skin. But picking the right color for your lids and pairing it with a hefty serving of jet black mascara will leave you looking like a goddess.
If you’re still sporting a bit of your summer glow, be sure to pick out a green shadow (or liner) that has gold flecks in it (such as #1 and #2 below) to play off your luscious tan. This olive-gold shade works great for blondes or green-eyed ladies, like Kate Hudson. If you have pink undertones and brown eyes, stick to a slightly more emerald, cool-toned green, such as #3 and #4 shown.
To get the look, bush your mossy or forest green shade heavily on your upper lash line and blend upwards into the crease. Apply a light amount of the color below your lower lash line, and finish the inner corners of your eyes with a helping of gold shadow. To keep the look seamless, use your eyeshadow wet as a liner to add depth to your autumn look.
2. NP SET Eye Palette in Dublin, $20,
4. DuWop Green Eyes, $32,

From our friends at StyleBakery

Kate Hudson Signs Deal with Almay

kate hudson

Courtesy of


Beautiful new deal.

Kate Hudson is a natural, glowing beauty, and I’ve always found her one of the more relatable celebs out there, in terms of body type and height. Oooh, plus her hair… it’s hard to find celebs who keep their hair curly most of the time! Congrats to Kate for her Almay deal.

Kate celebrated the deal last night at the Almay Rainforest Concert at Carnegie Hall, and she’s due to start appearing in ads this summer.

“Almay is known for its fresh, effortless approach to beauty,” she told Women’s Wear Daily.

“I share that philosophy and I’m honored to be partnering with a brand that believes cosmetics should bring out the natural beauty inside every woman. At the end of the day, we all want to have fun and feel beautiful — that’s what Almay is all about.”

I don’t even care that Kate got her breasts done; it’s not as if a reasonable breast augmentation destroyed her natural beauty. Since Kate Hudson is going to be working on philanthropic events sponsored by Almay, it’s even cooler that she’s signed on. Giving back and looking beautiful is perfect!

What do you think about Kate Hudson working with Almay? I’m obviously excited, but I also know that she’s one of those celebs you either love or love to hate. What can I say? I adore rom-com queens! Other Almay girls included Stephanie Seymour, Mila Jovovich, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Lauren Hutton, by the way.

From our friends at LimeLife

Fast Glam on the Weekend

beauty news

Courtesy of

Weekend beauty made easy.

Are you the “lazy beauty” type? Sometimes I have no idea what to do when it’s a weekend and I’m lounging. It’s easy to say that natural beauty comes from within, but after a long night out and a long week before, I want tips that make me glow, even if I’m only seeing a few people. Kate Hudson recently looked glam in low-key clothes, and we got plenty of inspiration from her.

For quick beauty, try these simple tips:

*Take a couple of minutes the night before to dampen your hair and put it in braids– French are best, but anything will work. Braid all the way down to the bottom, and then spray with some non-aerosol light hairspray. Wrap your hair in a scarf, sleep on it, unbraid, and tousle, and then style your hair in a loose twist with sexy escaping tendrils.

*Wash your face with a citrus-infused product in the morning, and use a washcloth to exfoliate. Use a mild lotion to remove any traces of makeup and go for blush to perk up your cheeks. Throw on sunglasses to cover the eyes, and beware of bottom-eyelash mascara if you are prone to dark circles.

*Use a refreshing, natural scent like cinnamon, lemon, or geranium. If you aren’t sure whether you’ll be sleeping at home on Friday night, keep a tub of solid perfume (love!) in your purse. It’s a lot safer and cheaper than toting your favorite perfume, even in a sample vial. Have you ever had someone step on your purse and explode your vial? It’s horrible.

*Use Aquaphor to tame your eyebrows and add gloss to your lips, as well as clear up any dry spots on the body. It’s a great fix-all that can save problem eyebrows, cut down on chapped lips, and you can even use it on cuts. I keep a tube in my purse.

Do you have any weekend beauty secrets?

From our friends at LimeLife

The Best Dresses of the Decade


Courtesy of

10 years of pretty dresses

Another decade has ended, which means taking a look back at the best fashions of the past 10 years. There’s no denying, the first decade of the 2000s had a lot of fashionable dresses, especially when it came to celebrities at red carpet events. InStyle compiled a list of the top 100 dresses of the decade and we want to hear what you think about their choices!

The #1 dress goes to Kate Hudson for her Versace dress at the 2003 Academy Awards. I had actually completely forgotten about this dress, but as soon as I saw it again, I remembered how beautiful the dress was. Especially with Kate Hudson’s beautiful skin and hair; she was like a golden goddess! While I’ve always believed Kate Hudson to be super fashionable, I’m actually a bit surprised she was wearing the best dress of the decade, but can’t say I disagree with InStyle’s choice!

In another forgotten dress and another unlikely celebrity, Anne Hathaway takes spot #2 with her Armani Prive at the 2009 Academy Awards. Though the awards weren’t so long ago, this dress didn’t seem to get as much hype as it deserved at the time. It took place #2 for almost the opposite reason that Kate Hudson and her Versace took #1. While Kate and her dress were absolutely golden, Anne Hathaway and her dress were perfectly pale.

Charlize Theron took spot #3 with her Vera Wang at the 2000 Academy Awards. The dress is a classic and could probably take a best dress award in any decade. According to InStyle, “The color is just great and, of course, the diamonds are perfectly placed. It’s Old Hollywood without looking old.”

The rest of the top 10 are as follows:

#4- Eva Mendes in Dior at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards

#5- Penelope Cruz in Atelier Versace at the 2007 Academy Awards

#6- Gwen Stefani in Valentino at 2004’s Golden Globe Awards

#7- Jessica Alba in Dolce and Gabbana at 2005’s International Cannes Film Festival

#8- Kate Winslet in Atelier Yves Saint Laurent at 2009’s Academy Awards

#9- Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel Couture at 2003’s Emmy Awards

#10- Drew Barrymore in Alberta Ferretti at 2009’s Grey Garden‘s premiere.

To see the rest of InStyle’s picks for best dresses of the decade, head over to their site. Do you agree with their picks? Viewing the list is like reminiscing about the beauty of the past decade. And it will likely help you to get excited about what the coming decade will bring in fashion!

From our friends at LimeLife

Kate Hudson’s Cute and Curly

kate hudson

Courtesy of

Kate Hudson’s Beautiful Photoshoot ‘Do

Kate Hudson was snapped by paps while posing for a long photoshoot this week, and we simply adore her cute look! She may have been wearing a Marilyn Monroe style dress, but that’s not what we were checking out this time around–it was her hair that we were after.

Some of us simply love curly locks, but it’s hard to keep them looking relaxed but not drooping, and not frizzy, either. This week, I dug through my box of send-away samples (you know those ones you get from magazines?) and found some of John Freida’s Brilliant Brunette. Kate Hudson would obviously need the blond version.

The right shampoo truly is the perfect way to kick off your curly hairstyle properly. On the first wash, I noticed increased shine, and–this is actually kind of crazy–my husband asked me why my hair was looking so bright and lustrous.

With the proper foundation in place, I’d say the quickest way to get curls like Kate Hudson is to whip out your curling iron and get to work. If you’re feeling clueless about what size to use, a medium-barrel curling iron is a good choice. Be sure not to make things look too perfect!

Let’s say you don’t have a curling iron, and you still want to experiment. Sometimes, I wash my hair, apply light quantities of gel to the lower half, and rag curl my hair before wrapping it in a scarf to sleep. In the morning, ta dah!–I’ve got curls on the cheap. Tousling is another inexpensive option for a sexy look.

Are you a fan of Kate Hudson’s curls?

From our friends at LimeLife

Kate Hudson’s House in Pacific Palisades

  • posted May 27th, 2009
  • Home


Kate Hudson turned 30 years old on April 19 and she celebrated her birthday with a big party in her house in Pacific Palisades..the same house that she bough with her ex-husband Chris Robinson in 2003. After a long search in which she and Robinson unsuccessfully bid on five different Malibu properties, she finally found a nest to feather when she was six months pregnant with Ryder..the irony is that it was Hudson’s own childhood home, which Goldie Hawn had bought when she was six months pregnant with Hudson in 1979. Hudson, understandably, jumped at the chance to move back in. Robinson, though, was reluctant. “I said, ‘Trust me. Please,’” Hudson remembers. “You will love this house when I’m done with it.”
The house has a style that could be summed up as lived-in eclecticism, with lots of patinated wood surfaces, rich textiles and piled-up books. It’s a bohemian look perfectly in sync with Hudson’s own taste.Hudson told the decorators she wanted a house that was livable but with a hint of formality—“comfortable but with one uncomfortable piece in the room” is how she puts it—and a touch of Asian influence.


Soon after she and Robinson moved in, Hudson walked out by the pool and, feeling the warmth of the brick patio beneath her bare feet, suddenly burst into tears. She explains that she and her brother used to soak up the warmth on those same bricks after swimming.

The house is currently valued at $6M and has 7-beds and 5-baths and a swimming pool. After the separation she continues to maintain this home.
I personally love the master bathroom (first picture) and the poolside loggia….
Now my question to you…would you buy again your childhood house to build a new family or would you start fresh in a new house?? Source

From our friends at Everything Fabulous

Kate Hudson’s On Court Tennis Style

Today is about 90 plus degrees in Los Angeles. I played my usual Monday morning doubles tennis game in the sweltering heat and was thankful I had air conditioning at home waiting for me.

Kate Hudson has been seen back on the tennis courts as well sans Lance Armstrong.

She was seen playing sometime last week around tax day and wore a cute navy tennis dress and white Nike tennis shoes with the white swoosh.

I found some great Nike tennis shoes for you too so that you can start playing again now that the weather is warming up for Spring and Summer.


Go to Shopping and Info to shop of these Nike tennis shoes for women.

From our friends at Shopping and Info

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