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Play Peekaboo With Your Lingerie With A Lacy Bralette

Forget everything you know about making sure your bra straps stay hidden — the season’s lingerie-inspired trend is all about playing peekaboo with your intimates, in the classiest way possible, of course. Lacy bralettes are low-maintenance yet pretty undergarments, meant to show strategically through a sheer, drapey, or cut-out top. They’re undoubtedly more for show than for function, making them ideal for modestly-endowed ladies. While my situation requires a little more, um, support than most flimsy bralettes can offer, I can still appreciate the look of peeking lace either with a backless top, a drapey sleeve, or a low-cut neckline.

Bralettes are great for a pop of color under a muted or neutral-colored garment. This lace bralette by Free People Intimates, shown above in Hot Berry, is perfect adding a little color to your outfit from the inside out! If you want to mix-and-match patterns, American Eagle has a selection too, from floral to flirty polka-dot. If you have more upscale taste when it comes to your undergarments, this scalloped halter bralette from by 3.1 Phillip Lim, available at Net-A-Porter, is sweet and feminine, perfect for peeping out of a low neckline. After all, if it’s going to show, it might as well be luxe, right?

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