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Lazy makeup, no brushes required!

I will gladly entrust my hair to professionals, but I hate having my makeup done. This is because makeup artists almost always make me look like a drag queen. (“Oh, look at these cheekbones!” they exclaim, eight layers of bronzer later.) I even did my own makeup for my wedding. I prefer a “natural” look, but as any woman knows, achieving that “I don’t have any makeup on” effect requires, well, a lot of makeup. That said, I am incredibly lazy about doing my makeup, to the point where I avoid using brushes. So, in an effort to balance speed with actually looking like a presentable human being (ha!), this is what my daily routine looks like:

My makeup regimen begins with Clé de Peau concealer, which comes in a handy stick form. I dot under my eyes and on any pimples, then blend with my fingers. I know what you’re thinking: $70 for concealer? Not only is it worth it—the texture is creamy, it doesn’t sink into your wrinkles, and yet it manages to reflect light and make you look fantastic, no matter how little sleep you got the night before—but it lasts forever. Case in point: I am just coming to the end of a stick I bought in 2011. Yes, as in two years ago.
Next is Laura Mercier foundation powder. I know everyone and her mother raves about Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer, but if you’ve ever seen me without makeup (and I’m sorry if you have), you’d know that my pores need the big guns. This powder has sheer but buildable coverage, giving my schnoz a starlet-like airbrushed quality. I apply it with the sponge that comes with the compact.
In spite of an overplucked period in the ’90s, I have pretty decent eyebrows, so all they require is a quick coating of Benefit Speed Brow, which comes with an indeed speedy mascara-like wand.
One of my least favorite things is when you read an article (or watch a video) on natural makeup that requires like six different eye shadows and four different brushes. I use one item, and it comes in pencil form: Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow. I like 28E, which is a pearly beige color, kind of like the natural shade of my skin but a little more glowing. I smear it directly onto my eyelids (it’s like a big crayon!) and blend with my finger if necessary.
More Lazy Makeup tips from Cheryl Shops, after the jump.

L’oreal MagicSmooth Souffle Makeup

There is something about whipped beauty products that makes them that much more enticing.  Throw in the word mousse or souffle and you have yourself a winner.  L’oreal’s latest creation MagicSmooth Souffle makeup is air-whipped goodness in a jar.

Smoothing lines and blurring pores is what MagicSmooth Souffle is all about.  Providing even coverage and seamless blending is the magic behind this fantastic new product that is part of L’oreal’s Studio Secrets Professional Face line.  MagicSmooth Souffle is a very lightweight foundation formula that provides sheer coverage.  Its silky, smooth texture glides onto your skin easily giving you a natural, blended, even-toned look.  MagicSmooth Souffle has twelve amazing shades to choose from so finding a good fit is easy.

Available at drug and retail stores nationwide, including L’oreal MagicSmooth Souffle makeup sells for about $15.

- Victoria Mason

Go Bold. Go Orange for Spring Lip Color

  • posted January 24th, 2011
  • Beauty

For spring 2011 the runways showcased a lot of color blocking, minimalist sportswear and bright, bold colors. The makeup was no different.  One of the most interesting and easily accessible trends this spring (and last spring)  is the use of an orange-toned lip.  The coral lip is great in a gloss or even a creamy finish, especially for daytime use.  It’s a great alternative to red lipstick and a look that goes great with the neutral tones that are also popular this upcoming spring season.

Dior Addict Lip Polish in Glow Expert is a great example to the coral lip with a high gloss shine.  It’s 3-D effect will wow you and add a pop of color to what may be a rainy and gray spring day.  It is a true orange that will look good with the nude makeup and camel colored tones that are a big hit this year too.

L’oreal’s Color Riche No. 410 (Volcanics) looks incredibly rich and creamy when applied and hydrates your lips while you wear it with the use of Vitamin E and Omega 3.  It is a good color to help ease you into this trend.

MAC has a slew of orange toned lipsticks to choose from with names like ‘Morange’, CB96 and Charismatic you can find a lip color that works well with your skin tone.

Unsure about incorporating such a bold color into your every day lip palette?  Just remember to follow the same rules you do with any other makeup.  If you have warm undertones to your skin then choose something with a bit of a pink or more coral hue to it.  A cooler skin tone and you will want to find an orange that has a hint of blue to its undertone.

photo courtesy Teen Vogue

- Victoria Mason

L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

recently sent me the newest addition to their line up of mascara’s: Telescopic Explosion. I will start off by telling you that I do indeed like this mascara, but I will burst your bubble if you think your lashes will look like Penelope Cruz’s on their website (around these parts, we call that PhotoShop and/or eyelash extensions.) Aside from that, let’s talk about why I loved Telescopic Explosion and how it made my lashes pop…

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