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Get the London Chalkboard Manicure by Ciate

  • posted August 25th, 2013
  • Beauty

Crazy about nail art and just can’t get enough?  Check out Ciaté’s newest take on manicures, the Chalkboard manicure.  It’s all about letting your creativity fly and sketching or doodling to your heart’s desire.
Perfect for back-to-school this bit of youthful fun uses chalk crayons to create mini works of art on your nails.  The texture is like a pastel and a topcoat seals the design.  If you want to start again, simply wash it all away with water.  It is that easy!  The whole kit includes mini liquid chalk pens, a Ciaté Chalkboard Paint Pot, and their Mattnificent topcoat.  In just three simple steps you can create your own squiggle and art.  Just brush on two coats of matte black Ciaté Chalkboard Paint Pot and let it dry.  Next, take a mini chalk pen and press it into the nail. This releases the liquid chalk to start your design.  Then, just start drawing! Doodle away, sketch and play!  The choice of design is all yours and the possibilities are endless. Let the design dry again and then seal it with the topcoat.  The whole look can be removed with a basic nail polish remover.

Ciaté is 3-Free meaning it contains no Dibutyl-Phlalate, Toulene, or Formaldehyde. The sets are available at Sephora,  Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Henri Bendel, Lord & Taylor, Kitson, Von Maur and The Bay Canada.

-Victoria Mason

A Sweet Sprinkle-Effect Manicure, Courtesy of Ciaté!

  • posted April 1st, 2012
  • Beauty

Ever since becoming quite the Pinterest enthusiast, I’ve developed an obsession with pinning all sorts of awesome nail designs. And while I’m mostly far too lazy (not to mention not nearly dextrous enough) to recreate all my creative findings on my own nails, I still can’t help but to click through to cool tutorials to see how the Pinterest pros pull it off. That said, I’ve still always wondered how certain nail art prodigies manage to create that awesome “sprinkle” effect on their nails. Do they actually pour sprinkles on their nails after slathering them in a healthy coat of lacquer? Dip them in the spill-over after a particularly messy baking frenzy? Well, our friends at London-based Ciaté have the answer, and it’s certainly much easier (and much more glamorous) than raiding your pantry! The just-released Caviar Manicure kits, available now at Sephora for $25 a pop, provide a 2-part process to achieve the editorial-worthy effect you see in the picture above (though I’d recommend sticking to just your nails – not your lips)! Available in rainbow, black, and white, this awesome nail art manicure lasts just 48 hours… but that’s 2 days of envious glances, rad-looking nails, and of course, your own collection of uploaded Pinterest pins that will definitely get you a few dozen more followers… am I right?

- Alexandra Gambardella

Black & White Striped Nails Inspired By Alice + Olivia!

  • posted March 1st, 2012
  • Beauty
Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet never fails to serve up plenty of feminine frocks and sequined sheaths season after season, but for a change, we’ve got our sights set on the trend-setting beauty looks demonstrated in the line’s Spring/Summer 2012 runway show several months back. As predicted, we beauty mavens still have an obsession with nail art, and we’re digging the models’ fresh black-and-white striped mani as a chic alternative to the tried-and-true solid brights and barely-there nudes. Luckily, this luxe mani isn’t nearly as difficult as it looks, and you can cop the style yourself, no appointment required (in fact, you don’t even have to leave your house)! Start off with a couple coats of a nice pure, opaque white hue, like China Glaze’s White Out. Make sure it’s been given ample time to dry, then hand-paint some sleek stripes with a black nail pen like Sally Hansen’s Nail Art Pens. And just to make sure your effort doesn’t go to waste, be sure to top off with a no-chip top coat; personally, I’m a fan of Essie’s No Chips Ahead! Photo Credit: Alice + Olivia
- Alexandra Gambardella

Nail Down Your Perfect Shade with New GelColor by OPI!

  • posted January 1st, 2012
  • Beauty

If all these new developments in nail technology, from Axxium to Shellac and beyond, have you feeling dissatisfied with your typical run-of-the-mill spa treatment, you’re not alone in wanting more from your mani! OPI has answered your prayers with yet another way to boost lasting power for your lacquer, and after much speculation and anticipation, the brand’s brand-spanking-new GelColor shades are slowly but surely arriving at a salon near you… if you’re lucky! After just 30 seconds under a salon’s LED lamp, you’ll have glossier color pay-off and a tough-as-nails finish that doesn’t feel any thicker than your regular manicure. For the trend-spotters who can’t wait to get gel versions of the most recent collections, you may be out of luck for now, but the good news is, GelColor comes in 30 of the brand’s most popular classic shades, including Lincoln Park After Dark, You Don’t Know Jacques, and I’m Not Really a Waitress. And there’s no better way to improve on the original than with a long-wearing gel coat that’ll keep your favorite shades chip-free for several weeks!

- Alexandra Gambardella

Get The Perfect Manicure With a Ridge Filler Base Coat

  • posted November 11th, 2011
  • Beauty

Unless you’re a do-it-yourself pro when it comes to self-manicuring in the comfort of your own home, chances are that your nails never look quite as perfect as they do when you take the time and money to splurge for a salon treatment. It’s not just their perfectly even application or their pro tools or their glistening top coat…. it’s the fact that nail technicians also take the time to even out your nails’ surface before applying color. Your own natural nails are prone to imperfections like tiny bumps, ridges, and cracks, which can easily interfere with the smoothness of your color’s application, no matter how practiced and steady your hand! Help fix that problem and achieve a smoother, professional-looking coat of color with a ridge-filler base coat. It not only helps strengthen and condition the nail plate for a longer, chip-resistant wear, but it also fills in ridges and erases imperfections on the nail’s surface to create an even base for your manicure. Assuming you have the patience to do your own nails on a regular basis (or at least invite a friend over to do it for you), you may never visit a salon again!

From left to right: Deborah Lippmann Ridge Filler Base, Essie ‘Fill the Gap!’ Ridge Smoothing Base Coat, and Dior Diorlisse Nail Ridge Filler.

- Alex Gambardella

Sula Paint & Peel Polish Duos For a Blast-From-The-Past Manicure!

I remember back in the day when the closest thing I could get to my mother’s glamorous red manicure was Barbie pink peel-off nail polish. Even as a kid, I was annoyed by the lack of staying power (though arguably that was the point of peel-off nail polish), but it was undoubtedly more fun to peel off than paint on in the first place. Despite my childhood frustrations with “kiddie” lacquer, given how often I switch my polish nowadays (sometimes multiple times a day!), the old-school concept is starting to sound less lame and more just-plain-practical. Take Sula Beauty, for example, who is working to reinvent peel-off polish into something modern, convenient, and polish remover free! Their double-sided Paint & Peel nail duos include both an enamel and a top coat, ensuring that the shade stays put for days until you want it to come off… in which case, you peel away! This isn’t the crappy, chip-prone, peel-off polish of your past — this is some pretty genius revamped polish of the future! Would you revisit the peel-off trend if it meant kicking nail polish remover to the curb for good?

- Alex Gambardella

Deborah Lippmann Goes Back to Basics With Her “Get Nailed” Manicure Essentials

  • posted April 1st, 2011
  • Beauty

Reigning nail polish queen of the Fashion Week runways, Deborah Lippmann, is known for her trend-setting neutral shades and show-stopping, in-your-face glitter polishes. But just because a lady knows how to turn heads doesn’t mean she can’t take a step back and provide some much-needed essentials for us girls who just want a darn-good manicure. After all, awesome-looking nails starts with the basics, and Deborah Lippmann’s got our back (and our tips!) with her Get Nailed Manicure Essentials Set. At $49, the set includes The Stripper, her lavender anti-bacterial polish remover, Ridge Filler base coat for smooth application, Addicted to Speed quick-dry top coat, and Before He Cheats and It’s Raining Men lacquers (so you can switch it up between naughty and nice)! The kit is a must-have for all Deborah Lippmann fans, those just starting out, and gals who don’t mind paying a little extra for quality at-home manicure basics. It also makes a great gift for fellow beauty addicts that like to enjoy a little pampering in the comfort of their own home!

- Alex Gambardella

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Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

  • posted March 4th, 2011
  • Beauty

Sally Hansen offers up an array of nail products from polishes to cuticle care.  Now you can create nail art all by yourself with their unique nail art pen.  The fast-drying formula comes in eight colors (black, white, gold, silver, hot pink, red, blue and light pink) that allow anyone to “Design & Go!”.  Creating nail art is no longer a salon only deal with this fine-tip pen.  It is easy to control and draw precise lines making it perfect for flowers, leaves, swirls and even a French Manicure.  Mistake proof, the nail art pen can be applied over any type of nail polish and it can be removed or corrected easily (a moist cotton swab is all it takes) and it still won’t damage your already dry nail polish.  It’s pretty simple yet completely amazing!

Water-based and environmentally friendly Sally Hansen nail art pens are great for pedicures and are DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene free as well.  Available now at your local drug and beauty store and retailing for under $10 you can’t go wrong with this new nail creation from Sally Hansen.

- Victoria Mason

Help Dry Hands Through The Season’s Nippy Weather With a Soothing Cuticle Cream

  • posted December 1st, 2010
  • Beauty

Even in San Francisco, where it isn’t very cold at all compared to places that are actually seeing snow in these early December days, the chilly weather is already wreaking havoc on my beauty routine. Flaky dry skin, brittle hair, you name it — I’ve been having to add a few necessarily moisturizing steps to my morning regime — but my cuticles are really what’s taking the brunt of the cold-weather abuse! In fact, my parched, cracked fingertips are not only unsightly — they’re painful — making them a distracting beauty woe in more ways than one! If I could afford to visit the salon for a weekly manicure to heal my aching cuticles and keep them moisturized and in tip-top shape, believe me, I would; however, busy gals like me and you need a quick fix on those days (and weeks… or months) that you don’t have the time or the funds for some much-needed professional pampering. I find it helpful to keep an intense therapy hand cream or cuticle butter on hand or at your desk so you’re always prepared for the onslaught of the nippy air outside and can treat already dried-out skin with some serious moisture. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra protection with a chic pair of gloves, too, but whether or not you’re fully accessorized for the climate, cuticle cream is definitely your new must-have beauty pick-me-up!

Pictured above: Clinique Deep Comfort Hand & Cuticle Cream, Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick, Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream, Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter, and Bobbi Brown EXTRA Soothing Balm.

- Alex Gambardella

Clutch-Worthy Beauty and Fashion Products

Do you have very little room in your evening bag? I was recently carrying a tiny clutch and had to choose exactly what would (and wouldn’t) fit inside. Here are some popular options for beauty and fashion touch-ups when you’re on the town.

Let’s take a look at what’s simple to store!

Benefit Ooh La Lift: Pop this eye-brightening stick in your clutch to brighten your eyes up very quickly. In place of one of your lip gloss sticks, store this instead. You’ll find that your face brightens up under bad lighting quickly.

Embrace Threesome: You think I’m a sicko, don’t you? Actually, “threesome” Embrace packs are little packets of things like wardrobe tape and bra barrettes to save you from slipping-down straps, ripped hems, and busting-out bras.

DuWop Lip Gloss Tin “Pure Venom”: The perfect size and 90% organic, this lip gloss still has plumping powers tucked inside its unassuming tin. Since the red Pure Berry color is very pigmented, you will find that it stains better than those bigger, bulkier tubes and pots.

Sally Hansen Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen: What I liked about this product is the multi-purpose quality. I wear tights and leggings a lot, and I’m petrified that my long nails will snag the fabric. Not now! You can get a Color Pen, put it in your bag to save your manicure, and use it to stop runs in your tights–assuming you have the correct shade, of course.

Quick Tip: I recently read the most amazing tip to fix manicure smudges, too! If you have a smudge on barely-wet nails, you can use a saliva-moistened finger to smooth the smudge. That won’t take up any room in your bag.

Do you have anything that fits in a clutch, and that you won’t leave home without?

From our friends at LimeLife

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