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Drugstore Buy of the Week: Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara Review The good news is Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara is a fantastic mascara for a drugstore price. It will lengthen, define and even leave your lashes soft and silky. However, if you were looking for significant lash growth, I’m not sure this is the product for you.

The formula and brush however are brilliant! It gave me tremendous length, volume and great definition without any clumping or flaking. I was able to get into the inner and outer corners with the narrow brush tip design as well to get them fully coated.

The plus is that this wet mascara formula (it does take a few minutes to fully dry) does contain ingredients that make the lashes super soft and silky, and the effect after three coats definitely compares to wearing false eyelashes. If you need more curl however, it’s best to curl lashes before using this formula. After using for almost a month exclusively, I can say that my lashes became slightly longer, and were very soft and smooth to the touch.

The mascara lasts all day with no running or rubbing off, and it was easy to remove with both cleanser and makeup remover at the end of the day.

So, all in all, I recommend this mascara to give you “va va voom” lashes that will also be silkier and smoother. If you do find it also make your lashes longer as a result – then that’s a great bonus, isn’t it? – RLB

From our friends at Palacinka Beauty Blog

Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara: Better Than Pro Extensions?

  • posted October 29th, 2011
  • Beauty

In recent years, there’s been a revived infatuation with lush, enhanced lashes… and I totally get it. I’ll jump on any excuse to glue on some false lashes from the extensive collection that lives in my messy makeup case, and while I haven’t sprung for professional extensions just yet, it’s only out of laziness (and addiction to my aforementioned tried-and-true falsies), not lack of want! Enhanced lashes give that instant feminine look that make us feel automatically prettier, even if it’s just brushing on a couple coats of mascara before heading to the grocery store. But what if you could have lush, lengthy lashes – rain or shine, wet or dry, no daily application needed? Lauded as one of Allure’s Biggest Beauty Breakthroughs this year, Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara gives you gorgeous fringe courtesy of custom-blended fibers applied by a trained professional, depending on your desired fullness, that lasts up to 2 weeks – no budging, no smudging, no harm to your natural lashes! It’s the perfect special-occasion pro treatment for brides (especially those prone to get emotional on their big day!) or vacationing beauties who can’t afford to touch up their mascara every time they hit the beach! Plus, at a fraction of the cost of most lash enhancement treatments (depending on your local salon!), you can afford to pamper yourself within reason! As long as you don’t mind sparing the 30 minutes for the initial application appointment, the time you’d normally spend applying regular ol’ mascara for those 2 weeks can really add up!

– Alex Gambardella

Snob Worthy Links 7.7.11 -Tod’s Ava Python Tote + Le Metier Mascara + Cool Summer Dresses

The Bag Snob choose the Tod’s Ava Python tote which marks the brand’s return to classicism with it’s sharp angles and expandable center.

The Beauty Snob thinks Le Métier de Beauté’s Anamorphic Lash Mascara in “Midnight Blue” is genius with a touch of indigo that makes your lashes look darker when layered over your black mascara.

The Couture Snob is staying cool this summer with this round-up of  chic little summer dresses.

Arbonne Triple Action Mascara

  • posted June 10th, 2011
  • Beauty


Lots of great things come in threes: wise men, blind mice, musketeers, bears, lots. Now joining the list is Arbonne’s Triple Action Mascara, promising to give (1) volume, (2) length, and (3) definition to lashes. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what the “triple” action refers to, because as it turns out (according to the press release), this product is also triply great for being vegan certified, made without gluten (who knew mascaras were otherwise made with gluten?), and safe for contact-lens-wearers.

Arbonne started in 1975 in Arbon, Switzerland and maintains a commitment to using botanical ingredients and abiding by a policy of environmental responsibility in offering high-quality, beneficial products. The policy carries over into harvesting practices, commitment to not testing on animals or using animal by-products, and in source reduction (i.e. using less materials for products and packaging), among other green practices.

The Triple Action Mascara has a particularly significant quality: smudge-resistance. Truth be told, after a full day of wear, including a trip to the gym, I did not experience the raccoon look that has otherwise unfortunately resulted from quite a few other mascaras I’ve tried. Moreover, lashes came out defined and absent of clumps for the most part.

So long as Arbonne is in your makeup budget ($30), those looking for an environmentally friendly, reliably smudge-proof mascara should purchase one. In fact, you just might want to pick up three.

From our friends at Short and Sweet NYC

My 4 Favorite Sweat-Proof Mascaras To Get You Through Spring Break!

  • posted April 4th, 2011
  • Beauty

Spring Break season is here, and it’s time to get your beauty arsenal equipped for whatever a much-needed spring fling or vacay can throw your way. A sweat-proof mascara is likely on your list, especially as the weather is starting to heat up, and chances are you’ll be active in the sun on your days off. But which mascara to choose? Trust me — I’ve been through my share of so-called waterproof mascaras. Somehow, many formulas conveniently smudge just enough to get on your cheeks, and then don’t budge off — probably not what you have in mind when you need to depend on a mascara that will really stay locked down. As a result, I’ve compiled a small collection of my favorite sweat-proof mascaras that actually perform and stay put — not sacrificing high-impact lashes for a budge-proof formula!

If you’re looking for something subtle just to look put-together (but not necessarily done-up), go for Shiseido Lash Lifting Mascara, which is feather light and precise and can be layered on for alternative levels of impact. On the flip side, for lashes that “wow” without melting off your face within an hour, try FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen mascara, which gives doll-like lashes without the potential mess. Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Splashes Mascara is a tried-and-true favorite of beauty mavens everywhere, which curls, volumizes, and conditions no matter what the weather, and Stila Lash Visor mascara is also a best-seller for its lengthening formula that doesn’t dry out or flake!

– Alex Gambardella

Prep For Luscious Lashes with a Conditioning Primer

As a gal who’s addicted to mascara (and I know I’m not alone), I know all about brittle, breaking lashes from first-hand experience — partly due to the fact that I’m not nearly as diligent as I should be when it comes to fully removing my eye makeup before hitting the hay at night. Bad habits aside, however, your lashes could always use an extra boost if you’re constantly curling, applying coat after coat of mascara, and glueing on false lashes from time to time. Instead of just slicking on mascara right from the get-go, start prepping lashes with a conditioning primer, which boosts growth, gradually thickens lashes, and and softens and protects them against breakage. Sure, it’s an extra step to add to your beauty routine, but you’ll not only see an immediate difference with the way your lashes look after applying mascara, but also a long-term difference as your lashes get the boost and protection they need on a daily basis. And you thought conditioner was just for your hair!

Pictured above: Paula Dorf Perfect Lash Conditioner, Elizabeth Arden Lash Optimizer, Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Primer Serum, Smashbox Lash Primer, and Jane Iredale Lash Conditioner.

– Alex Gambardella

Q&A: Must-Have Winter Makeup Tips

Q:  My makeup needs some serious help during the winter! What do you suggest to look your very best during the cold winter months? I feel washed out and dull. Help!

A: I always dread the winter season, and most of all, the cold weather it brings. My summer makeup never seems to make the cut.  But there are plenty of ways to brighten up that beautiful face of yours, even if it isn’t 80 degrees outside. My five must have wintertime makeup products are below.

1. Clean Tools

Remember all those hot summer days a few months ago? (I know, I remember too :( ) Believe it or not, your brushes are great for picking up the sweat, dirt, and oils that your face wash couldn’t scrub off.  Hidden bacteria loves to make a home in your cosmetic brushes. Purchase yourself a brush cleaner. It will get rid of any unwanted bacteria that could potentially harm that beautiful skin of yours. I recommend using Bare Escentuals ‘Well Cared For’ brush cleaner.

2. Moisturizer with Sunscreen

I admit I am guilty of sometimes forgetting to use sunscreen. Most of us do not associate winter with sunscreen but it is just as important as it is in any other season. Start using a moisturizer with at least a SPF of 15 to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays. Check out e.l.f. Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20.  It provides a lightweight, hydrating formula and will give you a bolt of color too! This moisturizer is only $3.00! Click the link to purchase online.

3.       Cheek Stain

During the winter, it is common to sometimes feel that your makeup is washing you out. No fear! Give Benefit Cosmetics Benetint a try. This fab product will give your cheeks a luscious rosy look. You can even try it on your lips! You will be beaming a ray of color in a matter of seconds.  You can visit Benefit Cosmetics at 852 W Armitage or shop online.

4. Waterproof Mascara

Ever been walking down the street on a cold day facing the wind? Did your eyes start tearing and would not stop? Yes, happens to all of us! I am a BIG fan of waterproof mascara especially when those dreadful “I swear I was not crying” tears make an appearance. Tarte CosmeticsLights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara’ is a great product to use. Not only is it waterproof, but it gives your lashes volume and length. It is only $19.00 too!

5. Lipstick

Winter means Holidays, and Holidays mean parties, parties, parties! Lipstick is back, so use it to your full advantage! Choose a lip color that matches your personality and wear it proud. You will stand out from the rest of party-goers because of your confident lip color. I suggest Stila Cosmetics ‘Long Wear Lip Color.’ This lip-color will keep your lips hydrated and shiny all night long! I really like the long wear rendezvous lip color because it will match your rosy cheeks! Click to purchase at Stila Cosmetics online!
long wear lip color rendezvous

Hope these tips keep you looking vibrant these winter months!

– Violet

From our friends at Violet Revolution

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

The Falsies. It’s a very polarizing mascara. People either love this, or hate this. I am more towards the love camp, myself. I definitely do not hate it. I’m not sure I completely love it, but it’s pretty darn good. I wish it gave me a bit more length. I get great volume and definition from it though. Maybelline sure is getting creative with their mascara brushes. This one is “spoon shaped”. I have no idea if the wand is really helping my lashes or not, but they look nice.

As far as wear goes, I do not have any problems with smudging or flaking. A blanket recommendation for all Maybelline mascaras though is to open them for a minute, then wait about a week before using. Or if you’re patient, you’ll just notice that with regular use, about a week after you start using it they get a little better. Weird, but whatever works, right?

Onward to PICTURES! I am pretty sure I didn’t comb my lashes after applying this because unless there are like mega clumps I usually just swipe on mascara and go. Not wearing it on my lower lashes. Lashes have not been curled, or primed.

Photographing one’s own eyeballs is so awkward…

From our friends at Gloss Menagerie

Get The Most Out Of Your Fringe With These Lower Lash Mascaras!

  • posted August 23rd, 2010
  • Beauty

Let’s state the obvious: lush, full lashes are gorgeous. But in all your experiments with Latisse and false lashes, and testing every lash-enhancing mascara known to man, you may be totally underestimating the power of your own lashes by not taking full advantage of your fringe! No matter how many coats of the blackest mascara you apply, your applicator could be totally missing out on small corner lashes and your lower lash line, which can add big-time impact despite how insignificant your finer lashes may seem. Don’t fear — I’ve found a selection of mascaras designed specifically for making sure you have equal treatment for all your lashes; in other words, get ready for fuller, lusher-looking lashes without the extra help of falsies or treatments!

For fall, the doe-eyed doll look is totally in (within reason, of course — this is not an invite to apply your blush in garish doll-like circles), so make sure you pay special attention to your lower lash line! Imju Fiberwig slanted Tiny Sniper and Tarte’s Bottoms Up Mascara are made specifically for your lower lashes, with a budge-proof formula and tiny brush to make your bottom lashes really pop without unsightly smudges. If you’re not about to buy an extra tube of mascara just for your bottom lashes, many brands serve double-duty by providing an extra smaller brush for those hard-to-reach lashes, like Femme Couture Lash Detector Defining Mascara and Jillian Dempsey for Avon’s Professional Mascara. For a never-miss-a-lash all-in-one mascara, try Estee Lauder’s MagnaScopic Volumizing Mascara, which has a tapered brush for easier bottom-lash application!

Review: Avon MagiX Cashmere Finish Foundation & superExtend Mascara

In this beauty video review I’m dishing on Avon’s MagiX Cashmere Finish Foundation and superExtend mascara. MagiX Cashmere Finish Foundation is a weightless liquid mousse that creates a smooth, luminious finish. It’s as close to air brushing as makeup can get! superExtend mascara is a creamy formula (available in 4 shades) that claims to build long, sleek, separated lashes that create the look of lash extensions. But did they? Watch the video and find out!



From our friends at A Girl’s Gotta Spa

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