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How to Wear Maxis in the Fall

Maxi dresses are a common spring and summer fashion trend, but paired with the right accessories, they can also be a huge statement in the fall. Take a look at these tips on different ways to wear maxi dresses and skirts as the weather changes.

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Credit: Wedding Party App, Refinery29, Pinterest

–       Cardigan/Sweater: One of All Women Stalk’s 7 suggested ways to wear a maxi dress is to wear a cardigan or sweater. Tucking a sweater into a high wasted maxi skirt will accentuate your waist while also making you look taller. Putting a lightweight cardigan over a maxi dress will cover your shoulders nicely for the cooler fall weather and also keep your wardrobe appropriate for more professional settings.

–       Scarf: Scarves are always appropriate for fall weather. They transform a summer maxi dress into a chic fall outfit. Printed scarves can liven and dress up a solid color maxi dress, making you stand out from the crowd.

–       Belt: Maxi dresses don’t always fit perfectly. For dresses that are too loose and baggy, accessorizing with a belt will shape the dress around your figure. This also helps avoid looking like you are wearing a frumpy bag. Along with belts, tying a simple knot at the bottom of a dress is a stylish way to add character to your outfit, while secretly hemming the length to fit shorter girls. These are two trendy ways make oversized maxi dress look more flattering.

Pretty Pleated Maxi Skirts For Ever-Flowing Style

While maxi dresses may always have a special place in summer trends as a go-to for instant, comfortable warm-weather glamour, it’s become pretty clear that maxi skirts have taken their place as the trendiest way to keep cool this upcoming season. Flowing fabric, long lengths, and the importance to be extra mindful of proportions make maxi skirts a not-so-easy trend to pull off, but for those who succeed, the look is romantic but still breezy with a boho-inspired feel, and undeniably comfortable. Sultry sheer panels and fun florals make these ultra-long skirts pretty, edgy, and summer-festive (especially when cinched with a wide belt), and fanciful pleats give them that extra movement so you don’t look or feel like you’re wearing a sheet. Paired with the right sleek blouse or colorful tank (or even a fitted blazer for those chillier nights out) and you’ve got yourself a bevy of day or not options for a look that’s laidback-luxe.

From left to right: NY Collection Sheer Pleated Maxi, Cremieux Miranda Floral-Print Maxi Skirt, and Hive & Honey Pleat Maxi Skirt.

– Alexandra Gambardella

Jersey Maxi Skirts For Flowy Summer Comfort!

Let’s face it — when the weather’s hot, the last thing you want to do is feel stifled by stuffy clothing that’s not nearly forgiving enough in the sweaty weather. For example, despite their breathable nature, jeans are almost always a major no-no when it comes to staying comfortable in the heat and humidity, and though mini skirts do great things for showing off our gams, a tight fit is also unsavory on a sweltering summer day! As a result, free-flowing maxi dresses of all kinds of prints, styles, and levels of dressiness have been everyone’s go-to so far this season, but if you’re more of a separates kind of gal (or just not the type to rock a dress every day of the week), how about investing in a jersey maxi skirt (or several)? Think of a flowy jersey skirt as an oversized tee for your bottom half (as weird as that sounds), as comfortable and breezy as it gets only way, only way easier to get away with in dressy situations as the look manages to look feminine, girly, and put together despite the casual fabric. Walk on the wild side with a print like this snake skin Maxi Skirt by T Bags, avoid the smock look with some pleating that provides movement like this Anthropologie Explorations Skirt, or show a little glimpse of skin with a skirt with a slit like this one by Nicole Miller!

– Alex Gambardella

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