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Drugstore Buy of the Week – Maybelline Eye Studio Master Smoky Mechanical Eyeshadow Pencil


Do you long for an EASY (and I do mean EASY) way to give yourself a quick, smoky eye look?

Then, it really doesn’t get much easier (and cheaper) than Maybelline EyeStudio Master Smoky Mechanical Eyeshadow Pencil

Step 1. Line upper lids the pencil.

Step 2 Line lower lids.

Step 3. Use the rounded sponge tip on the opposite side of the eye pencil to smudge out the lines, creating the smoky effect.

Voila! A perfect smoky eye :)

The retractable pencil itself is very soft and creamy and blends so well it really is as easy as above to achieve the smoky eye. The sponge can be used at an angle or straight on the tip to blend the lines out to your desired effect. I used Black Smoke (shown, above), which is a slightly light black color, with a hint of gray, once smudged out. I think this is perfect for a subtle smoky day time eye look,

in particular.

There are also a some very pretty jewel tones in the line like Smoldering Violet and Emerald Fury (all the shades have a fairly diffused quality to them from application to smudging, which help create that “soft cloud” of color around the eye that you get with a smoky look, so it should be noted that these are not very bright/deep colors in the collection).

Once I smudged the liner it was set and I could literally forget about it. I didn’t get any fading, smudging or transfer on to my lids during the day, and it was fairly water resistant as well. Of course, if you’re just looking for a pretty, longwearing creamy eyeliner to line eyes simply without any smoky effect, this is perfect for that as well! – RLB

From our friends at Palacinka Beauty Blog

Drugstore Buy of the Week – Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara














The first time I swiped Maybelline’s Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara across my lashes, my first thought was: WOW.

The differences between this new, updated version of their mascara and their classic Great Lash mascara began with the brush. It’s a completely new shape, a sort of inverted, elongated “heart” which has the bulk of the bristles at the base, tapering to a point.

This shape allowed me to coat practically each and every lash (including the inner corners and bottom lashes) with just a few swipes. The formula is on the wetter side, but does dry fairly quickly and glides through the lashes easily, with absolutely no clumping or stickiness.

The mascara gave me so much additional volume and length, that after two or three coats, it looked almost like I had false eyelashes on! The separation was perfect, and for those of you who curl your lashes, this formula also holds a curl.

During the day there was no smudging or flaking and the black shades give a beautiful deep, glossy color to the lashes. The mascara was also very easy to wash off at the end of the day. If you’re a mascara addict, need a new mascara replacement or are on a budget, this new Maybelline is destined to become your new love. – RLB

- From our friends at Palacinka Beauty Blog

Be Kind to Your Wallet with My Fave Drugstore Makeup Picks!

  • posted January 16th, 2011
  • Beauty

I’m all about beautifying on a budget, but realistically, some drugstore makeup picks aren’t much of a deal at all. Sure, Sephora definitely has some ridiculously-priced beauty buys, but when it comes to the more affordable quality picks, some products aren’t that much pricier than the drugstore alternatives in the beauty aisle. To help make sure you make the most of your convenience store cosmetics purchases, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite drugstore makeup picks that actually do help you save while not skimping a bit on quality!

While I used to swear by MAC Studio Fix pressed powder, in a recent emergency run to Walgreens I unexpectedly discovered Neutrogena Healthy Skin pressed powder ($12.99). It provides great coverage for redness while feeling much more lightweight — and for half the price of what I used to be pay! When it comes to liquid liner, I swear by CoverGirl Line Exact liner ($6) — it has great color pay-off that you expect from liquid liner and with an easy-to-use applicator to avoid unsightly smudges. If you prefer gel or cream eyeliner (depends on my mood, personally), Wet ‘N Wild Mega Eyes creme liner ($3.99) goes on smooth and won’t budge! And as a gal recently addicted to false lashes, designer ones make for a super-expensive habit. Instead, I opt for Andrea Modlash lashes ($4.29 a pop) and try my best to take care of them after a night out so they can be reused! And finally, for trendy nail shades that won’t break the bank (or chip after just one day!) I love Maybelline Express Finish lacquer (around $4), which dries quickly — perfect for my spur-of-the-moment shade switches!

– Alex Gambardella

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

The Falsies. It’s a very polarizing mascara. People either love this, or hate this. I am more towards the love camp, myself. I definitely do not hate it. I’m not sure I completely love it, but it’s pretty darn good. I wish it gave me a bit more length. I get great volume and definition from it though. Maybelline sure is getting creative with their mascara brushes. This one is “spoon shaped”. I have no idea if the wand is really helping my lashes or not, but they look nice.

As far as wear goes, I do not have any problems with smudging or flaking. A blanket recommendation for all Maybelline mascaras though is to open them for a minute, then wait about a week before using. Or if you’re patient, you’ll just notice that with regular use, about a week after you start using it they get a little better. Weird, but whatever works, right?

Onward to PICTURES! I am pretty sure I didn’t comb my lashes after applying this because unless there are like mega clumps I usually just swipe on mascara and go. Not wearing it on my lower lashes. Lashes have not been curled, or primed.

Photographing one’s own eyeballs is so awkward…

From our friends at Gloss Menagerie

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara Giveaway!

Fashion Pulse Daily
has teamed up with Maybelline to provide three lucky readers with the brand new Pulse Perfection mascara! We recently wrote about the amazing new Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara, which produces 7,000 vibrations per minute for impeccably long, thick, lashes and retails for $14.95. Enter below for a chance to win — we’ve got three of them to give away!

How to Enter:
Go to Fashion Pulse Daily and press the “comment” button below and enter your name and email address (note: only the Winner’s name & city will be posted).
3) 1 entry per person, per contest, and entrants must be 18 and older, and residents of the U.S.A. only please!
4) The winner has 24 hours to confirm their acceptance of the prizes via email; if a response is not received within that time frame, the prizes will be forfeited and a new winner picked.

Good luck!

*Contest ends at 11:59pm EST Monday, June 15th.  The winner will be announced by Friday, June 19th.

From our friends at Fashion Pulse Daily

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