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Advanced Mineral Makeup: Naturally Good For Your Skin

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Every woman’s desire is to look beautiful naturally but many women feel more comfortable enhancing their beauty with makeup.  With Advanced Mineral Makeup it can be done naturally!  Made with ultra-refined all-natural minerals, this line of makeup offers a wide range of products suitable for all skin tones and types.  The line includes:

  • Loose Powder Foundation — If there’s just one product to use, this is it.  This 4-in-1 product can be used as a powder, foundation, concealer and sunscreen (SPF 30)
  • Perfecting Concealer — Need some extra help with dark eye circles? This product effectively conceals dark circles and puffiness without caking or drying.
  • Liquid Mineral Foundation — Available in 7 shades, the product stimulates cell growth and rejuvenates tired skin while providing luminous coverage.
  • Pressed Powder Compact — Similar to the loose powder, this is also a 4-in-1 product for on-the-go touch-ups.

Advanced Mineral products are available in dermatologist offices and high-end spas and have been used by makeup artists on the set of Grey’s Anatomy and NSIS.  Enhance your natural beauty naturally with Advanced Mineral Makeup.


bareMinerals is the mineral makeup revolution

As evidenced by repeated recognition in the beauty industry and an exceedingly loyal useerbase, bareMinerals has taken the beauty industry by storm and serves as the greatest force in the mineral makeup revolution.

BareMinerals employs a layer-by-layer approach to creating the effortless look for which it is so renowned. First layer is the Prime Time Foundation Primer ($23) and Eyelid Primer ($18) which evens the skin’s surface for smooth application and ensures that the entire look is longer lasting.

The second layer includes bareMinerals’ makeup-staple-foundation, which, as stated in promotional materials, “looks like a powder, feels like a cream.” The phrasing is accurate, and application results in an airbrushed, flawless finish. Users need only employ bareMinerals’ steadfast, three-step mantra: “swirl, tap, buff,” to wind up with a perfect finish.

Layer three is the Mineral Veil ($20), a “finishing powder” that results in a matted finish by “diffus[ing] imperfections.” Having worn the veil for over a year, I can attest to having experienced miraculous effects.

In consideration of the start of summer, it is notable that the foundation and the accompanying Mineral Veil are both SPF15. Travelers should also note the travel-friendly twist component to its containers.

Several new additions are now being introduced to this classic line, whereby bareMinerals asks it’s loyal fanbase: Are you READY?

Ready Bronzer ($24) has been developed with a unique, non-pressing process that allows the product to retain sea minerals that enhance skin health. READY Bronzer offers a sun-kissed glow while also offering the benefits of firmer-looking skin. Keep in mind that much like the sun itself, a little goes a long way!

Ready Blush ($22) is available in ten different shades to accommodate a host of skintones, all in need of a unique “flush.” Swimmers worry not – the formula is waterproof and, like the bronzer, also utilizes sea-mineral-retaining technology to avoid the drawbacks of traditional pressed makeup.

Finally, Moxie Lipgloss ($18) is another notable addition to the bareMinerals line of long-lasting and high-quality products. Moxie Lipgloss is comprised of moisturizing, natural plant ingredients combined to result in shiny, fuller-looking smackers. Moxie Lipgloss is available in ten different shades, all of which offer a hint of glossy color. Application is a bit sticky, but this is par for the course for any long-lasting lip color.

From our friends at Short and Sweet NYC

Healthy Coverage Without The Mess With Pressed Mineral Powder!

  • posted April 1st, 2011
  • Beauty

Back in my acne-prone high school days, I relied on heavy coverage makeup to hide behind, even though I knew it was only making my skin worse. Nowadays I have a clearer complexion (thank goodness), and although I still do like a fair amount of coverage when it comes to foundation, I try to be as conscious as possible about what I’m putting on my skin and making sure I have a good balance between the look I want and giving my skin room to breathe! While I strongly dislike loose powder, I’ve been trying to get myself to convert to mineral makeup — the ideal solution for girls like me who want buildable coverage that won’t clog pores, appear caked on, or suffocate skin — but call me clumsy, I just can’t get past the mess and too-sheer feel of most loose powders. As an alternative, I’ve compiled some highly-lauded pressed powder alternatives for those of us who are gradually trying to wean ourselves off heavy-coverage powders like MAC, but still want a matte formula that applies evenly and smoothly!

Pictured above: Jane Iredale PurePressed Mineral Powder with SPF 20, Tarte Provocateur Pressed Mineral Powder SPF 8, Cover FX Mineral Powder Foundation, Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 15, and Sue Devitt SpaComplexion Hydrating Marine Minerals Pressed Powder.

– Alex Gambardella

A Girl’s Gotta Spa! 3 Must-Have Products from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Sure I could’ve cleaned up the Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics products in this picture before snapping it. But that would defeat the purpose of this beauty review…because this is must-have makeup, which means I really do use them. What you see here is Youngblood’s Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder in Translucent (bottom), Ultimate Concealer in Medium, and Pressed Individual Eye Shadows in Orca (top) and Jewel (the teal color.)

Eye shadows: The highlighter is “Orca” and the contour “Jewel.” (On the lid you would wear more of a nude/natural color.) I have hazel eyes, so Jewel really makes my eyes pop. It also creates more of a smoky eye look, as well. I can say that at first when I saw Jewel I was nervous because I immediately had a flashback to a bad 80’s blue eye shadow experience. Thankfully, this teal colored shadow is gorgeous. If Youngblood’s Ultimate Concealer is applied first to your eye area, these shadows won’t crease.

Ultimate Concealer: This is a staple in my makeup bag. Due to the shadowing in the picture, it appears darker than it really is. It is creamy, yet seems to dry to a powdery feel on the skin. It also has buildable coverage, so whether you need light coverage under your eyes or heavy coverage on a blemish or redness, this concealer will get the job done. The best part is that it has Jojoba esters, which prevents your skin from drying out in the areas that you use it in. (Which is great especially in the winter!)

Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder: No, this white powder won’t make you look like a clown or appear paler than you are. It simply gives you coverage like nothing I’ve seen before. I have combination skin, so shine is always a problem for me. I also have a bit of redness on each side of my nose and some wrinkles (good grief the wrinkles!) under and around my eyes. This powder not only mattifies the shine for a long stretch of time, it also diffuses imperfections so that I can look like I have perfect skin (even though I don’t…AT ALL!)

Not seen here, but deserves an honorable mention (because I carry it in my purse all of the time) is their Pressed Mineral Rice Powder (I have it in Medium). It has a super silky feel on the skin and mattifies wonderfully. I keep it on me to use for touch-ups when I’m out and about.

Do you use any of the products mentioned above (or any other makeup from Youngblood)? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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Bare Faced Mineral Makeup for Healthy Skin

Mineral cosmetics are a great way to switch to natural mineral makeup that is good for the environment.  The chemicals in commercial makeups can cause all kinds of skin reactions, but when the products that go into your makeup are natural and the ingredients are easy to understand, you have a better chance of keeping things like allergic reactions and clogged pores at bay.

Bare Faced mineral cosmetics offers a natural, cruelty-free, vegan makeup solution for those who want to look good, but also want to be as natural as possible.  Foundation is one of the things that clogs up pores the most, but Bare Faced’s Velvet Plush and Velvet Glove powdered foundations are mineral-based with a fine matte finish for excellent coverage and comfort.  They come in a range of colors for every skin tone, and are about the same price as liquid foundation, so switching to mineral makeup will break cosmetics budget.

Alima Pure Cosmetics

It’s no surprise why mineral powders seem to be the wave of the future for makeup, with sheer, light feeling, and true-to-color pigments. Mineral powders strip away the harsh chemicals found in traditional makeup. By following this process, you reduce the risk of allergic reactions, while using substances that offer natural UV protection, with a less likely chance of pore clogging. These natural powders feel soft on the face while providing reasonable coverage and a fresh-faced look. Alima Pure is a Portland-based cosmetics company that boasts its use of organic sources and cruelty-free practices in its products. Alima Pure also supports environmental organizations with a percentage of its profits directed to charity. One of the aspects of this company I was most excited about was the opportunity to recycle Alima’s makeup jars for free eye shadow. The feel and luminescence of Alima Pure’s powders were amazing! My skin felt sheer and smooth even with full makeup on. I was eager to try their balancing powder after I heard such promise about these powders can do to create the appearance of even skin tone. Alima has four color balancing powders to choose from: a light green powder to calm redness, a butter yellow powder to provide warmth to the skin, a lavender powder to balance a yellow tone, and a deep pink powder to warm and brighten the complexion. While the powders felt airy and silken on my skin, they didn’t make an obvious difference in the overall appearance of my skin tone. On the whole, Alima Pure’s product line feels great and looks great; with a smooth texture and is true to color.

Check them out at

From our friends at Short and Sweet NYC

Face it: Finding a non-toxic foundation is not easy

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

With all the talk about natural cosmetics, organic makeup and getting the chemicals out of personal products, you’d think that finding basic, non-toxic facial foundations would be a simple matter.

MAKEUP Volkova dreamstime
Finding a pure foundation requires good eyes — with which to read the label. (Photo: Volkova/dreamstime.)

You’d be wrong. We took five foundations that claim to be “natural” and free of concerning chemicals and matched them against Skin Deep, the database that rates makeup for toxicity.

The results surprised us. And they remind us once again that the labels touting “organic”  and “natural” ingredients, can be deceiving in body products. A cosmetic can use those labels, and still contain compounds that raise red flags.

In many cases, the words “organic” on the label may only mean that some of the ingredients are organic. The cosmetics industry is not as tightly regulated as the food business where products must meet certain strict criteria to win the USDA’s “Certified Organic” label. In cosmetics, the wording “organic” may be more about marketing. When products are partially organic, yet use the label, the Organic Consumers Association calls them “organic cheater brands.”

Happily, our search for a non-toxic foundation was not an exercise in futility. We found pure formulations that we can slather on without being dogged by doubts about their long-term safety. We found them among five foundations we tried. We chose these five because they claim to have organic and natural pedigrees and seemed to represent a sampling of what’s out there on the market:

  • Aubrey’s Organic’s Silken Earth Translucent Base mineral makeup
  • Christopher Drummond’s “Beyond Mineral Makeup”
  • Bare Escentuals’ Bare Minerals foundation
  • Physicians Formula Organic Wear cream foundation
  • Almay’s pure blends cream foundation

    Read on after the jump to see the interesting facts on these foundations including each one’s rating in the Skin Deep Database.

Bare Escentuals Get Started Set for Eyes Lips and Cheeks

I have a new obsession-Bare Escentuals cosmetics.  I received a Bare Escentuals Get Started set for eyes, cheeks and lips as a Christmas gift and I love how pretty using it makes me feel.  The set is available in fair to light, medium to tan and tan to deep.  Each kit is designed with those skin tones in mind and contains colors for eyes, lips and cheeks that will suit them beautifully.  The set also includes the tools and directions you need to make the most of it.

The fine powdered minerals of the eye and cheek colors blend well and are easy to work with.  The minty lip gloss is long lasting, keeps lips moisturized and doesn’t feel too gooey.  Since everything in the kit is made to match your personal skin tone and the colors are coordinated to work well together, you can be confident that you’ll look great without much effort.

Raw Natural Beauty: A Flawless Look That Lasts All Day

As a busy mom, having an easy beauty routine that works is essential.  I look for something that is easy to apply, has staying power and is good for my skin. Raw Natural Beauty makes a line of makeup that is all natural and created from the earth’s minerals.

All Raw Natural Beauty products are:

  • Free of parabens and petrochemicals
  • Free of synthetic preservatives
  • Free of artificial colorants and fragrances
  • Never tested on animals

In addition, the ingredients which are imported from around the world are purchased from sources that:

  • Practice sustainable agriculture
  • Reject the use of pesticides and genetic engineering
  • Are committed to the guidelines of Fair Trade Production
  • Help support local farming companies

The Raw Minerals Discovery Kit pictured above comes with everything you need to learn to use mineral makeup. Two shades of foundation are included and can be blended to perfectly match your skin tone. Customize your coverage to fit your needs by applying more as needed.  Raw Minerals glides effortlessly onto your skin and leaves you with a flawless finish that will last all day- something a mom can truly appreciate.

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