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Would You Splurge on Essie’s At-Home Gel Manicure System?

  • posted April 5th, 2014
  • Beauty

012314-gelCredit: NailsMag

Although it doesn’t leave my nails in the best condition, I love me a gel mani! I quickly got hooked on gel manicures after finally taking the plunge and popping my Shellac “cherry” last summer, after too many years of wasted money on insufficient, chip-prone “regular” manicures. And then last fall, like it was meant to be, one of my favorite nail polish brands Essie released their own professional LED gel system. Essie’s system boasts a gentler, care-conscious take on the traditional in-salon gel manicure that won’t leave nails in crappy condition when it’s time to take them off, and also comes equipped with a line of 36 gel shades to keep your nail game on-point! Of course, a salon-worthy tool like this doesn’t come cheap; the lamp itself will cost you a pretty penny ($199 to be exact), but think of all the money you’ll save on salon manis in the future!

Have you tried Essie’s at-home LED gel system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Deborah Lippmann Unveils New 2014 Spring Reveries Collection

  • posted February 7th, 2014
  • Beauty



Photo Credit: Citizens of Fashion

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge fan of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes — yes, even at $18+ a pop — so it goes without saying that I couldn’t wait to see what she’d come up with for her next Spring collection. While her 2013 line featured a series of speckled Staccato glitter shades, this year the celebrity manicurist has gone decidedly simpler with a back-to-basics approach to spring pastels, courtesy of her Spring Reveries collection. Now, if you’re going to go the “expected” route when it comes to spring beauty trends, you better do it really well, and Deborah Lippmann’s Easter egg hues are the perfect glossy, opaque formula that you’ll want to wear the whole year through. Of course, aside from its array of traditional pastel hues — from minty green to creamsicle peach — it manages to keep things interesting with the shimmery La Vie en Rose shade, which is more on the sheer side with pink and gold shimmer.

What’s your favorite Spring Reveries shade? Sound off in the comments below!

All I Want For Christmas is Mariah Carey’s New Holiday Collection for OPI!

  • posted November 5th, 2013
  • Beauty

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the post title. But It’s been almost two decades since the release of Mariah Carey’s first Christmas album, and few holiday albums since then have managed to evoke the same amount of seasonal cheer. You can’t deny it – Mariah definitely has the whole Christmas spirit thing under her Mrs. Claus belt, so it seems only fitting that she’d put her recent partnership with OPI to good use with another aptly-timed nail polish collection! The 18-shade Holiday 2013 collection is heavy on the red shades (though that’s hardly surprising), with some frosty, snow-inspired tones and of course, plenty of glitter. Mariah’s first collaboration line of polishes featured the debut of OPI’s Liquid Sand shades – gritty yet shimmery, ultra-fine glitter formulas – and this time, Mariah is unveiling six more limited-edition Liquid Sands, just in time for stocking-stuffing season! Not glitzy enough for you? Don’t fret – the holiday capsule collection also includes a top coat made out of genuine 18k white gold leaf, which is bound to put you right in cocktail party mood!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Get the London Chalkboard Manicure by Ciate

  • posted August 25th, 2013
  • Beauty

Crazy about nail art and just can’t get enough?  Check out Ciaté’s newest take on manicures, the Chalkboard manicure.  It’s all about letting your creativity fly and sketching or doodling to your heart’s desire.
Perfect for back-to-school this bit of youthful fun uses chalk crayons to create mini works of art on your nails.  The texture is like a pastel and a topcoat seals the design.  If you want to start again, simply wash it all away with water.  It is that easy!  The whole kit includes mini liquid chalk pens, a Ciaté Chalkboard Paint Pot, and their Mattnificent topcoat.  In just three simple steps you can create your own squiggle and art.  Just brush on two coats of matte black Ciaté Chalkboard Paint Pot and let it dry.  Next, take a mini chalk pen and press it into the nail. This releases the liquid chalk to start your design.  Then, just start drawing! Doodle away, sketch and play!  The choice of design is all yours and the possibilities are endless. Let the design dry again and then seal it with the topcoat.  The whole look can be removed with a basic nail polish remover.

Ciaté is 3-Free meaning it contains no Dibutyl-Phlalate, Toulene, or Formaldehyde. The sets are available at Sephora,  Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Henri Bendel, Lord & Taylor, Kitson, Von Maur and The Bay Canada.

-Victoria Mason

Clinique Reveals Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skin

  • posted July 10th, 2013
  • Beauty

For people with sensitive skin, irritation can come from many things, not just skincare products.  Even nail polish can cause eyes and the surrounding skin on the nails and hands to become red, itchy and suffer.  Always looking out for those of us with sensitive skin, Clinique has created a whole, fun line of nail enamels that aren’t just pretty on the outside.  They offer results and show that what is inside counts.

The Clinique nail lacquer for sensitive skin is super glossy and long-lasting.  Opening the bottle and applying the polish won’t cause the users eyes to tear up, burn, or itch which is a major plus in my book.  It’s ophthalmologist tested and dries in a flash.  With fifteen shades to choose from you won’t be searching for one to love.  From traditional colors in reds and light, bright and soft pinks you can create classic manicure looks or get a little wild with ’70 and Sunny’ yellow or ‘Black Honey’ which is a deep purple-black shade that looks just like Clinique‘s well-known and best-selling lipstick of the same name.  There are four metallic shades ranging from a coppery ‘Indie Rock’ and ‘Fizzy’ to the silver shades in ‘Made of Steel’ and ‘Strappy Sandals’ (one of three limited edition summer colors for 2013).  Each one is perfect for summer.  ‘Concrete Jungle’ a creamy gray is my personal favorite.

Clinique nail enamel for sensitive skin is available online at and at Clinique counters everywhere.

-Victoria Mason

Prep Your Fingers for the Fourth! NCLA’s United States of Glitter

  • posted July 4th, 2013
  • Beauty

While the Fourth of July is meant to be a celebration of the Declaration of Independence, nowadays it’s really just an excuse to enjoy time off work, eat some hot dogs, watch fireworks (and maybe even set some off yourself, if you’re sneaky), and kick the summer season off right. And sure, maybe you’ll don some red-white-and-blue gear for the sake of looking spirited at your friend’s barbecue, and maybe even wave around a few mini American flags from the neighborhood party good store, but chances are, you’re just trying to have a good time. Well, whether you’re just trying to fit in and be festive, or take your red-white-and-blue gear very seriously this Independence Day, we’ve got a spirited addition to your Fourth of July uniform. NCLA’s new special edition glitter polish, United States of Glitter, is pretty much begging to be put to use this summer. I mean, after all, there aren’t too many occasions where you can get away with rockin’ star-spangled, red-white-and-blue, blinged-out nails… so why not go all out? Go for a full-on glittery mani, or opt for navy nails with a super-festive accent nail. Either way, those Fourth of July fireworks ain’t got nothin’ on your sparkly nails!

Priti NYC ‘Bahamas’ Collection 2013


Founded by Australian model, Kim D’Amato, Priti NYC is one of the fastest growing green beauty brands around.  For those of us who like to be green while in fashion Priti NYC is a product line that delivers.  Using Priti NYC means you support organic farmers each time you polish your nails and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Non-toxic and 4 Free (that means toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and camphor-free) Priti NYC is a truly fantastic set of polishes that are also little UV inhibitors, chip-resistant and dry in a flash.   Even better, there is a whole new ‘Bahamas’ collection just in time for summer. The quartet of colors includes such high gloss shades like City Girl Rose, a pretty peach that will look perfect at brunch or the beach.  Baby Blue Eyes is a gorgeous light blue that compliments Scotch Thistle‘s milky soft green.  The medium and muted pink of Hedge Hog Rose is the perfect anytime, anywhere color that will look great on your fingertips or toes.

Priti NYC is sold in over 800 stores worldwide including and Whole Foods.

-Victoria Mason

Product Description and Pricing:

Priti NYC Baby Blue Eyes (.43 fl. oz.): $13.50
Priti NYC Hedge Hog Rose (.43 fl. oz.): $13.50
Priti NYC Scotch Thistle (.43 fl. oz.): $13.50
Priti NYC City Girl Rose (.43 fl. oz.): $13.50

Zoya Sun-Filled Summer Collection

  • posted June 23rd, 2013
  • Beauty
Zoya Summer 2013

Summer nail colors are a different breed.  Unlike the creamy pastels and muted neutrals of spring or the intensely dark and glossy hues of of fall and winter, summer shades are vibrant, sparkly and fully saturated with color.  Zoya gets it really right with their 2013 summer collection inspired by the sun itself.  Irresistible and quite stunning you won’t want to settle on just one.

The Zoya summer set features twelve professional lacquers.  The full coverage colors are Vegan friendly, long-lasting and Big5Free.  That means no camphor, phthalate, formaledehyde, toluene or dibutyl.  Yes!  That’s what I’m talking about! The collection includes a range of colors from a sunny yellow ‘Darcy’ to its sister color ‘Kerry’ sprinkled with an exclusive gold pigment.  Pretty grass green ‘Josie’ and blue sky ‘Rocky’ join other red, orange and a poppin’ pink cream shades.   Shimmery colors ‘Tinsley‘, ‘Bobbi’ and ‘Amy’ mimic those bright sun-filled polishes.  The last two cool tones are a silver-swirled green ‘Rikki’ and a true glimmering silver ‘Hazel’.

Buy one shade or all twelve and your toes and tips will be sitting pretty all summer long. Zoya’s 2013 Summer Collection is available at fine salons and spas or online at

-Victoria Mason

Jin Soon Choi Dreams Up Special-Edition Nail Shades for Space NK

  • posted May 14th, 2013
  • Beauty

Famed nail expert Jin Soon Choi doesn’t play around when it comes to world-class color – after all, it’s no coincidence that she’s the preferred backstage manicurist by the likes of Prabal Gurung and Derek Lam, just to name-drop a couple. And considering how much time she’s spent perfecting the perfect runway-worthy manicures for some of fashion’s biggest names, it’s surprising she only just launched her own nail color collection, Jin Soon, last year. It’s unsurprising, however, that her latest venture is inspired by her experiences backstage at various Fashion Weeks, and all the contrasting colors, layered fabrics, and luxe textiles her nail art has helped complement and showcase over the years. Created exclusively for British retailer Space NK, the limited-edition nail duo includes Voile, a vibrant creamy violet, and Gossamer, a pearlescent shimmer with pink and purple flecks. Wear them separately or layer them together for your own custom layered look, but one thing’s for certain – this high fashion nail duo won’t last forever! Buy them before they’re gone from Space NK!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Essie Perfects the Snakeskin Manicure – This Time with Magnets!

  • posted January 7th, 2013
  • Beauty

From China Glaze to Deborah Lippmann and beyond, it seems like all our favorite nail lacquer brands are jumping on the magnetic polish bandwagon. And let’s not forget all those other store-bought nail art fads on the market right now – stick-on appliques, 3D stickers, and even textured “caviar” nails. Let’s face it – the modern at-home manicure has become far more complicated than just choosing a signature shade. Now Essie is joining in on the fun with their newest collection, Repstyle – a magnetic series of metallic polishes that deliver a mani with snakeskin-like finish. Cool, huh? With cleverly-named shades like Crocadilly, a metallic evergreen, and Lil Boa Peep, a shiny taupe shade, this mini collection is an easy way to switch up your mani routine without going too crazy. And although the finished pattern is a bit subtle for girls who have already mastered those patterned nail transfers a la Sally Hansen, it’s still a pretty sexy polish option for the winter ahead!

– Alexandra Gambardella

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