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5 Face-Perfecting Beauty Oils, Not Just For Dry Skin!

  • posted June 14th, 2014
  • Beauty


Photo Credit: Alex Gambardella

When it comes to your face, the word “oil” sounds like something you’d like to avoid at all costs. But unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months (no judgement!), chances are you’ve heard at least something about beauty oils, the latest and greatest addition to the sounds-crazy-but-it’s-not realm of skincare products. The idea of adding oil to your face admittedly sounds a little repulsive — especially if you already have oily, acne-prone skin — but if you can get past the initial incredulity, you’ll be rewarded with a surprising treat for your skin! Skin oils are ultra-concentrated, so they can potentially spare you the trouble of stocking up on all those jumbo-sized moisturizers and masks you’ve convinced yourself you need. After all, these handy beautifying oils not only moisturize your skin, but more importantly help regulate your skin’s oil production for skin that’s not only healthy, but, well… more productive, too!

Have dull, dry skin that needs a serious pick-me-up? Try Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil. Looking for something anti-aging and repairing? Check out Lumene Complete Rewind Intensive Recovery Beauty Oil. Other favorites include the ultra-hydrating Jack Black Epic Moisture MP 10 Nourishing Oil for extra-dry skin, Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil, and the gorgeously-packaged Tatcha GOLD Camellia Beauty Oil.

BB Cream For Your Body? Jergens Delivers!

  • posted March 15th, 2014
  • Beauty


Just when you thought you’d seen it all, the ever-popular alphabet beauty trend shows no signs of stopping! Nearly all of our favorite makeup and skincare brands have jumped on the BB bandwagon, but few have expanded into developing BB creams that aren’t just for your face! That is, until Jergens’ latest moisturizer! After all, with spring around the corner and miniskirt weather not too far away on the horizon, skin-perfecting from head-to-toe is essential for prepping for the stylish, sunny days ahead! Available in two different shades (light-medium skin tones, and medium-deep skin tones), Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream boasts 5 skin-boosting perks: it hydrates, illuminates skin with a subtle sheen, evens redness and discoloration, firms, and corrects tone while blurring the appearance of imperfections. It goes on sheer and dries quickly, improving skin with each use while also creating the immediate appearance of a more perfect complexion. And at only $12 a bottle, you’ll be ready for shorts season in no time!

Say Goodbye to Sunburn Sorrows with Coola After-Sun Lotion

  • posted July 15th, 2013
  • Beauty

No matter how badly you covet a natural-looking tan this summer, we can all agree that too much sun exposure is a bad, bad thing. But try as you might to slather on that SPF 50 and stay covered and protected whenever you step outside for extended periods of time in the next few months, let’s face it – you’re not a hermit, and you’re likely to catch some rays as you enjoy the summer weather, for better or worse. After all, accidents happen, and I know from experience what it’s like to fall asleep by the pool and come home with an atrocious sun burn… so what about damage control when the sun has already taken its toll? Coola Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion to the rescue! This ultra-moisturizing, soothing after-sun cream is infused with Agave to provide sunburn relief and protect angry skin from future damage. Lavender oil also helps heal and calm skin that’s been over-exposed to the sun, while Rosemary extract tones and firms up skin by reducing excess oil. Of course, here’s to hoping you won’t need to do any post-burn damage control this summer, but just in case – Coola’s got you covered!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Clark’s Smoothing Marine Cream: Youthful Skin is Yours!

  • posted February 21st, 2013
  • Beauty

While I’m more of a landlubber myself, I have to admit that many of my favorite things come from the sea – sushi, sexy sailors, and now Clark’s Smoothing Marine Cream! This nourishing salve is the perfect gentle go-to multi-purpose anti-aging skin product, whether you’re taking some early preventative measures or are trying to turn back the hands of time and regain your skin’s youthful texture and appearance. This handy cream really does it all – gently exfoliates with glycolic acid to slough away dead skin, moisturizes deeply with marine algae to soften and smooth skin, boosts collagen production, reduces inflammation and redness with the help of Jasmine Absolute to reduce redness. Apply a thin layer to your face in the morning and at night (unless you have especially sensitive skin – in that case, once a day should do it), and let its key natural ingredients do their magic! I dare you to not become attached to this amazing skin savior from the sea!

– Alexandra Gambardella

The Art of Shaving and ‘Mansome’ Present Tips For Better Manly Grooming!

  • posted May 15th, 2012
  • Beauty

Presented by mens skincare brand The Art of Shaving, new comedy Mansome premiered May 9 in Los Angeles. Directed by Morgan Spurlock and produced by actor-comedians Will Arnett and Jason Bateman and Electus founder Ben Silverman, the film deals with the increasing pressures of what it means to be a man in today’s world – expressed through the varying grooming methods different men adopt. But of course, not all mens grooming and skincare needs to be a total pain – figuratively or literally speaking. And in honor of the film’s release, The Art of Shaving provides 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave to look and feel your best and spare yourself the razor burn – and it all starts with the right products!

a. Prepare: To soften the beard and provide protection
Apply The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil before shaving to provide a protective barrier and improve razor glide. Always use hot water while shaving to soften the beard and open pores. For the best results, shave after or during a hot shower.

b. Lather Up! For a close and comfortable shave. Try The Art of Shaving’s Unscented Shaving Cream.

c. Shave: With a good handle and proper technique
Dip a clean, sharp blade in hot water. Using gentle pressure, shave with the grain of your beard. Notice that the hair may grow in different directions. For a closer shave, re-lather and shave gently against the grain.

d. Moisturize: To revitalize and soothe dry skin
After shaving, rinse with cold water and pat dry. Use The Art of shaving After-Shave Balm, formulated with shea butter and jojoba oil to revitalize and soothe dry skin after shaving.

– Alexandra Gambardella

Announcing the launch of Glimpse by TheFind – a new socially-curated shopping experience!

Givenchy’s Gorgeous Pastel Luminizer For Spring!

  • posted April 1st, 2012
  • Beauty

When it comes to face-enhancing makeup, like blush, bronzer, and luminizer, I’m typically less adventurous than I am with lipgloss, eyeshadow, and the like. Instead of stocking up and experimenting with any and all of the newest shades, finishes, and formulas (okay, some may call it hoarding), I typically find a finishing powder I like and stick with it… until it gets discontinued or shatters in my purse, of course. The one exception is that I am a sucker for pretty palettes… and Givenchy’s new-for-spring Le Prisme Visage Bucolique sets the standard relatively high up there in terms of prettiness! Infused with four different pastels, the shades are arranged and layered within the compact to apply evenly (so clumsy makeup-appliers don’t need to worry about showing up in public with unsightly green-tinted cheeks!) and the overall finish is subtle with just a slight neutral, flattering iridescence. With minimal shimmer, but just the right amount of light-reflecting radiance, this luminizer seems like the ultimate universally-flattering addition to anyone’s makeup regime this spring!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Red Carpet Worthy Skin With GlamGlow Mud Mask

  • posted April 1st, 2012
  • Beauty

At-home beauty pampering may easier on your wallet than repeated salon visits, but it’s not exactly easy or time-efficient to turn your bathroom into a makeshift spa on a regular basis, either. So if you are one of those people who figure they have more time than they do money, you might as well make your at-home beauty treatments extra worthwhile to justify the effort, right? Meet GlamGlow Mud Mask, a Hollywood not-so-secret favorite product that’s blowing up in popularity by the minute. Already lauded by Spa Magazine editors, red carpet regulars like Nina Dobrev, and even bad boys like Tommy Lee, this facial mask truly is for just about everyone who needs quick yet dramatic results in making their skin look and feel its healthiest, even on a tight schedule. Incorporating volcanic rock, French sea clay, and green tea leaves, this mask not only helps exfoliate skin, but feels refreshing with a cool tingling effect upon application, and only has to be left on for 15 minutes, once or twice a week, to yield noticeable results! Sure, it’s a bit pricier than your average drugstore facial mask at about $69 a jar, but this one’s Hollywood approved!

– Alexandra Gambardella

3 BB Creams Worth Trying Now!

  • posted April 1st, 2012
  • Beauty

Asia’s hottest beauty and skin care craze has slowly but surely been making its way to our neck of the woods, and just in the past few months or so, the product has seemed to have completely blown up in popularity! It’s hard to open a magazine, scan any sort of fashion blog, or pass by any store that sells makeup without being reminded that BB Creams are taking the makeup world by storm. And as someone who has overcome serious acne and no longer needs to hide behind her makeup, I love the idea of a lightweight, moisturizing product that can camouflage blemishes and imperfections, enhancing skin while still allowing it to breathe and be seen! But in the midst of all the BB cream hype, how do I choose the right one? I’m sure plenty of trial and error will be involved, but here’s the top 3 contenders on my shopping list that I think are worth trying out first, and why!

Dr. Brandt Flexitone BB Cream – I’m a huge fan of the brand’s Pores No More primer, and considering the BB cream is even cheaper (though still a slightly painful $39), I’m hoping it boasts the same amazing pore refining powers in BB cream form! I’m a little skeptical of its ‘Flexitone’ one-shade-adjusts-to-all technology, but if it works, I’ll be glad to spare myself the headache of trying to find my perfect shade!

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 – With summer right around the corner, the idea of having one product that takes care of most of my primer, foundation, moisturizing, and sunscreen needs is pretty darn tempting! While Clinique’s is one of the top-rated BB creams on Sephora, I’m a bit worried that its extremely limited shade offerings might not work with my medium skin tone! Either way, this multi-tasking product is definitely worth a look!

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector – The main draw of Garnier’s take on the skin care trend is the unbeatable price (~$13). At less than a third of the cost of most leading brand’s BB creams, this one requires the least amount of commitment if you’re curious about testing the product out without burning a hole in your wallet!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Soothe Fashion Week Heel-Worn Feet With Muscle Remedy by H. Gillerman Organics

  • posted February 14th, 2012
  • Beauty

We are in the middle of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, and attention all shoe addicts! Unless you’re a nonfiction version of Carrie Bradshaw, chances are your legs and feet aren’t immune to wearing heels running around Lincoln Center and to fashion shows all around town. After all, beauty is pain, and whether you’re a girl who practically lives in heels or just grins and bears it for the occasional dressy night out, you’ve likely experienced your share of shoe-induced discomfort. But that doesn’t mean you should sit there and take it! Let’s face it – your feet deserve a little pampering time, so introduce yourself to H. Gillerman Organics Muscle Remedy. The brand’s roll-on formula infuses a natural blend of olive oil, lavender, sage, spearmint, and vitamin E to relax muscles in your legs and feet, soothing tension and reducing pain. Plus, its refreshingly spicy scent doesn’t hurt either while you unwind after a long day on the go! Of course, it would be extra nice to have your own personal Mr. Big to massage your feet while you test out the relaxation properties of this handy little must-have product, but hey – a girl can’t be too greedy!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Get Sweet Revenge for Valentines Day

  • posted February 10th, 2012
  • Beauty

This Valentine’s Day go for an nontraditional gift. Give a gift to yourself and erase not just the ridiculous Valentine’s stereotypes but tired, dry, aging skin too.  Skin Authority has designed Sweet Revenge, a limited edition, Go! Gorgeous kit packed with amazing products for your skin.

The Sweet Revenge kit contains a  fragrance free daily cleanser that loosens dead skin cells.  A gel resurfacing accelerator exfoliates rough, dry, scarred and aging skin quickly while the tri-power peptide hydrator provides much needed hydration and growth with Vitamins A, B and C.  Lastly, the moisturizing sunscreen, named Editor’s Choice by Allure contains SPF 30 and UVA four stars to fight sun damage and the signs of aging.   Great for hyperpigmentation, hormonal skin and to fight the signs of aging and acne the Sweet Revenge kit is portable too.  Perfect for weekends away with friends, kids and yes, even a significant other.

GO! Gorgeous Sweet Revenge retails for $52 and is available on

-Victoria Mason

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