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  • posted February 25th, 2008
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There’s a great place where real voices rule, where women can write and publish stories about anything that matters to them. It’s called and it’s full of words and wisdom just the way women like them – dripping with honesty. We’re talking about Style, Relationships, Body & Soul, Home & Food, Travel and much more.

You can find stories from just like what you get here at DivineCaroline plus a whole host of other stories and topics from other members as well! Hope to see you soon at

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Interactive Shopping — New!

  • posted December 11th, 2007
  • Fashion

New, from…introducing miniShopper! What is miniShopper, you ask? It’s a great interactive widget that allows you to keep a running list of items you’d like to buy and who or what (reason) you’d like to buy them for. In addition, when you hover the mouse over the product name on the shopping list (left side), you’ll see a great preview of the search results. When you click on the product name, you’ll be taken to the full-blown search results!

To date, miniShopper can be found at MyAOL, Net Vibes, and iGoogle. Just in case you don’t know already, you can set up really cool "homepages" for your browser at each of the sites listed. Load up your "homepage" with cool widgets like ours and you’re all set.


miniShopper Features:
- create shopping list
- create corresponding notes for each shopping list item
- preview shopping list items by mousing over each link
- view full search results by clicking shopping list item
- check the box to the left of shopping list items to gray out text (purchased)
- delete shopping list and corresponding note (click the "x" icon)
- edit shopping list item and corresponding note (click the pencil icon)
- change the order of items by dragging and dropping from the notes section
- add new items to list by clicking "add another item"
- scroll through the list of items using the scroll bar on the right (must have more than 5 items listed)
- search for any product in the search bar — doing this will not add the item to your list
- change the background color by clicking the color icon (top right)
- check out cool gift ideas by clicking the "cool gift ideas" link (bottom right)

Try miniShopper today and let us know what you think by commenting on this post. We’d love to hear your feedback so we can incorporate it in future upgrades.

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Check Out’s New Home Page! is taking you Back to School with a brand new home page with a fresh new look. For your convenience, we’ve restructured our "hot searches," created a nice space for announcements, and integrated "MyFinds" nicely into the bottom of the page.

In addition, we have some fun Back to School guides! "Get Back to School Ready" with this really helpful guide created just for by ConnectingMoms. Also, check out’s Trends Report — This is a weekly snapshot of what Back to School shoppers are searching for on our site. Here you’ll find the most popular brands, stores, styles and colors as a result of what hundreds of thousands of people just like you are shopping for this week. Be sure to check back every week to see how the trends change. If you’d like to see any products added to the report, please leave a comment and we’ll add it for you.

What are you shopping for? What can we find for you?

Happy Searching/Shopping,

Good Times at BlogHer 2007

We had a great time at BlogHer 2007! It was really cool to meet so many bloggers at one venue. What a treat! We had some really great conversations and gave away 100s of branded pens, shopping lists and t-shirts. It’s too bad there wasn’t enough time to meet everyone who attended the conference! We collected business cards from many of the bloggers who came by our table, but I know we missed a whole lot more than we collected. I’ve posted a link back to all those that we know came by our table. If you came by and want your link included, please comment below and I’ll add you to the list.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope to see you again next year!!!

In the meantime, happy blogging/searching/shopping,

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Add Comprehensive Product Search (Widgets) to Your Blog

Have you heard about’s widgets yet? They provide an easy way to add shopping to your blog, whether you want to add content or something as simple as text links within your posts. Check out this press release for more information.

Using our widgets enhances your blog readers’ experience and enables you to earn revenue without doing much more than you already do to publish your blog!

You say: This sounds great! How do I sign up?
We say: Click here and fill out the form. It only takes a few seconds to sign up. We will notify you directly with an URL to log into so you can add comprehensive shopping search to your blog.

If you have any issues or questions, please leave a comment here or email blog(AT)thefind(DOT)com.

Happy Blogging/Searching/Shopping,
Payton Launches Specialized Widgets Enabling Bloggers to Easily Add Comprehensive Product Search Content

Mountain View, CA – July 26, 2007TheFind, Inc., a leading, comprehensive and unbiased discovery shopping engine that has become an online shopping destination for lifestyle goods, today officially launched four new widgets that provide direct access to its comprehensive index of over 170 million products consolidated from over half a million online stores. Bloggers now have multiple easy-to-use options to immediately monetize their existing editorial content and provide more value to their readers by linking posts about products directly to comprehensive and unbiased product search results on’s new widget offerings include:

1)    Shoplinks – a real estate-neutral tool that enables bloggers to easily monetize all posts about products by linking directly to’s product search results.

2)    Search Widget – a shopping search box that sits on a blogger’s site, and allows readers to directly search for products on

3)    FindIt Widget – a pre-populated search link that can be added by the blogger to posts, and is especially useful alongside product images.

4)    Marketplace Widget – an instant marketplace of category-specific product search links, which the bloggers themselves can customize.

All four widgets provide unique methods to quickly add “drop and go” shopping search functionality to any site. Revenue from advertising placements on is shared with blog publishers, based upon the number of page views and click-outs driven from the blogger’s site. 
“ widgets provide bloggers with content-targeted, comprehensive shopping search tools for their blogs, and open a whole new way of connecting actionable shopping to blog readers discovering new and innovative things,” said Siva Kumar, CEO of “Because our search index is extremely comprehensive and our unbiased relevance ranking determines the best results, we believe that we are an ideal partner for bloggers wishing to maintain a reader-friendly, editorially unbiased and informative atmosphere. We are excited to offer a revenue earning opportunity that is much more fun, flexible and versatile than traditional banners or text advertisements and in fact, our widgets coexist with existing revenue options adding to the money that can be earned by the bloggers” will introduce the new widgets at the BlogHer Conference, held at Chicago’s Navy Pier on July 27th and 28th, 2007.

About debuted in October 2006 as a discovery shopping engine that delivers a comprehensive, unbiased and visually compelling shopping search experience optimized for lifestyle goods. From the most popular e-commerce sites to the most unique brands, crawls the entire Web to find over 170 million products from over 500,000 stores.  By using its patent-pending “product ranking” technology, displays the best-selling products, styles, brands and stores for any shopping search right on the first page of results – saving you time and money., headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., is backed by the leading investors Bain Capital Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, and Lightspeed Venture Partners. For more information, visit


For more information contact:
Hillary Houser, Sparkpr for

The Power of USB

Back in November, I blogged some "hot" USB toys. The USB port(s) on your computer provide power for a number of fun toys and cool gadgets that can enhance your computer experience.
I’m a sucker for fun/silly toys, so I’d have to say that the USB Missile Launcher is at the top of my list of fun things to buy. I haven’t actually tried one of these yet, but how fun would it be to fire foam missiles at people who enter your cubicle or office. I think it would be especially effective for the times when you can’t afford to be disturbed.
Another thing that I enjoy doing is celebrating people’s birthdays. Here at TheFind, I decorate everyone’s
cubicle or office for their birthday and anniversary with the company. I just found this really cute USB Birthday Decoration Kit and thought it would be a fun addition to the decorating scheme. The best part are the USB powered birthday lights — fun!

Usbcell The real winner for USB gadgets, in my opinion is USBCell which are batteries that plug into your USB port to recharge. Right now, they only come in AA size, but AAA, C, D, 9V, and phone/device batteries are on the way! Toys and gadgets are great fun, but anything that contributes to the health of our environment scores BIG in my book. You may already know this, but I’ll tell you anyway…we’re no longer allowed to throw away alkaline batteries. And no, they’re NOT recyclable! Aaaak!!! Consult your garbage/recycling service for information on their Household Hazardous Waste Program, as their are special ways to dispose of most standard household batteries. I’ll jump down off my "green" box now.

I’d love to hear if anyone has used any of these products. I think they’re all pretty awesome!

Happy Searching/Shopping,

TheFind gets nominated — You can help!

We awoke to some great news this morning – has been nominated for a Webby Award! The
Webby’s are often referred to as the Oscars of the Internet – everyone here is very excited! We also got news late last week that TheFind was selected as a Red Herring 100 Finalist, a selection of the 100 private companies based in North America that play a leading role in innovation and technology. So, the hunt for the perfect award ceremony outfit has officially begun.

Seriously, though – start-ups are a lot of hard work and full of many unexpected ups and downs. If you’re lucky, you build a site that stands the test of time and becomes a part of everyday life. In the meantime, we celebrate all our victories – big and small.

We are working hard to provide a shopping site that really gets the job done. We want you to find what you’re looking for – and find it fast!

So what do you think?  Want to show us some love?Rh_100_finalist_logo_2


We’d appreciate it if you would vote for us in the Webby Awards. There’s a quick registration process, navigate to the "Website" icon,  then scroll down to  "Marketplace" and you’ll find us  within the "Retail" sub-category. Cast your vote and leave a comment if you’d like.

Thanks for your support!

If Had a Catalog…

We’ve received a couple of inquiries recently from people who were wondering if TheFind has a catalog. OurPhonebooks
first reaction was, "Of course we do, it’s all online!". But, obviously that’s not what these nice folks are looking for. We did some quick calculations to speculate how large a physical paper catalog would be if we made one for TheFind. Keep in mind, TheFind does not sell anything. TheFind is a discovery shopping engine that crawls through thousands of websites everyday to create amazing search results for people who shop with our search engine. With that in mind, take a moment to think about what a catalog would look like that showcased over 150 million products. That’s what we bring to the table folks. For fun, let’s break it down:

150,000,000 products divided by

12 products per page (currently, almost 9 products fit on an 8 1/2" x 11" paper — we’ll shrink ‘em down)

= 12,500,000 pages

We’re all familiar with phone books, right? Let’s say the average phone book has 1,000 pages. If TheFind created a catalog, it would equal more than 12,500 phone books! That’s quite an overwhelming catalog, don’t you think?

Shall we take a step further? For the sake of argument, we’ll say that each phone book is 2 inches thick. The Empire State Building (New York) is 1,250 feet tall or 15,000 inches tall. And our catalog would be 25,000 inches tall. Therefore, if we printed a physical paper catalog it would almost be the height of 2 Empire State Buildings! And, that my friends is the biggest reason why we don’t produce a physical paper catalog here at TheFind. So, if you want to find it at TheFind, you’ll have to navigate to to seek our what you’re shopping for.

Happy Searching/Shopping,

TheFind’s Unbiased and Comprehensive Shopping Search

Today, Matt Marshall of VentureBeat posted a story questioning TheFind’s unbiased and comprehensive business model. As you might imagine, we want to address some of these comments directly. To clarify a few things:

* Our revenue model is like Google’s – unbiased and natural listings are surrounded by clearly marked advertising spots.  Ads carry a prominent "sponsored" sign – for example:  chandelier earrings, yoga pants, prom dresses.  The unbiased/natural results cannot be bought or sold – you have to earn these through our algorithm which determines ranking.

* In order to populate the unbiased/natural results, we do 2 things:

1) take feeds

2) crawl the web

* Because some of these feeds are affiliate feeds, we do generate some revenue from them (albeit very little). Our algorithm does not bias any listings based on whether or not they are affiliate feeds.  We decided to err on the side of getting the products, and lots of merchants don’t provide feeds except via affiliate programs.  As crazy as it may sound, we are actively talking to merchants to get their feeds directly, so they don’t have to pay us via rev-share. If you are a merchant and would like to provide us a direct feed, please email us at

It is great that shoppers are being educated about shopping search results, and our mission remains unchanged: to provide an excellent and unbiased shopping experience. We are glad to see that this model is resonating with consumers who are spending an above-average amount of time at TheFind.